Wednesday, 2013-08-07

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CarlFKI need to find the hostname of the box I setup the collector on00:01
iiieavahi-browse-domain -ratp00:08
iiie; )00:08
iiieI'm going to kick up mission in a minute00:08
iiieavahi-browse-domains -rat00:10
iiie..., p is for parseable00:10
CarlFKavahi-browse-domain: command not found00:11
iiieit'll tell you all avahi / zeroconfig enabled services on the local domain00:11
iiiemight have to install some avahi tool00:12
CarlFKtrist is up00:12
CarlFKgive me an ssh so you can tunnel in?00:12
iiiestarting mission00:14
CarlFKoh boy, started!00:19
CarlFKgive me a mission IP or something00:20
iiieyeah mission is registered as psone00:20
CarlFK      <property name="host"></property>00:20
iiieyeah on second00:20
CarlFK(veyepar)[email protected]:~$ sudo service flumotion restart * Restarting Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                       [ OK ]00:22
CarlFKf-a Components: all happy00:22
CarlFKI get a single frame?00:23
iiieencoder is happy too00:23
iiieI can restart flumotion on the encoder00:24
CarlFKoh, I had to hit play00:25
iiiehe he, well I restarted it00:25
iiieawesome! up and running!00:26
CarlFKI hear it is choppy00:26
CarlFK /j #pumpingstationone00:26
iiieyeah, video was choppy for me for a second there too00:27
iiieAnd it's just the two of us on.00:28
CarlFKI am sure the problem is the switch that trist and pc9e are plugged into00:28
CarlFKwhich I don't really understand.. if it is 10mbs, I would expect it to be way worse cuz that is only 1/3 what it needs00:29
iiieis it a smart switch?00:29
CarlFKso here is a bad idea... bring up the local collector box that probably has a 2nd switch between it and pc9a00:30
iiieMight look at the stats.... 100 vs 10, full or half duplex00:30
CarlFKsmart.. um.. beasts me00:30
iiiehe he he00:30
CarlFK[   51.780920] e1000e: eth0 NIC Link is Up 100 Mbps Full Duplex, Flow Control: Rx/Tx00:31
CarlFK[   51.780929] e1000e 0000:00:19.0: eth0: 10/100 speed: disabling TSO00:31
iiie: / hm  are we sure there aren't any other switches in our path?00:32
CarlFKyep - I can see the wires00:32
CarlFKcat5 and I think cat 600:32
iiieonly other thing I can think is the switch is too smart for it's britches and is throttling00:33
CarlFKit is close enough I could hit it with a stick or something00:33
iiiehm, the cat5 / cat6 makes me think maybe the cable has issues?00:35
iiieare they your cables?00:35
CarlFKit's the switch00:35
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mithro-workSewar, ping?03:41
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Sewarmithro-work, pong05:41
mithroSewar, can we deploy the somewhere temporarily today?05:47
mithrohey hyades05:47
mithro <- Can you fix the images on the side?05:47
tpbTitle: Aayush Ahuja (at
mithroSewar, I'll point there when you get it up05:48
Sewarmithro: Regarding The Thousand Parsec website, is there some kind of export, do you just want it to be github pages (in markdown)?06:11
Sewar is empty so I don't know how to check if the repo is up-to-date06:11
tpbTitle: Recent changes - Thousand Parsec Wiki (at
hyadesmithro: how did you earlier built gst-switch?06:18
mithro-workjust using the stage script06:36
hyadesno PATH is set? Just ./scripts/stage?06:45
mithro-workI'm on ubuntu Lucid06:47
hyadesyou had all gstreamer plugins already built on your system?07:04
mithro-workscatch that I'm on precise08:10
mithro-workI don't have gstreamer1.0 installed at all as precise is too old08:10
hyadesyou were doing with the master branch?08:48
mithro-workhyades, no09:23
hyadesi links files correctly?09:32
hyadesduzy said the script was more of a helper script09:32
hyadesand it never links gstreamer files properly for me09:32
hyadesi get missing blah, missing blah everywhere09:33
mithro-workI just did a ./script/stage after removing everything in ~/gst/stage and it all worked09:35
hyadesyou were running ~/gst/stage/bin/gst-switch-srv right?09:42
hyadesthis is what I get by doing just that
tpbTitle: [Bash] [email protected]:~/gst/stage/bin$ ./gst-switch-srv ./tools/gstswitchserver.c:125: - (at
mithro-workhyades, so it looks like the video mixer element is never built?10:20
hyadesits mostly because if I just run ./scripts/stage,  I never link the plugins10:22
hyadesi specify no PKG_CONFIG_PATH10:22
mithro-workcan you completely remove ~/gst/stage10:24
mithro-workthen run the command and put the complete output log somewhere?10:25
hyadesi will do that :)10:29
hyadesmithro-work: the stage script never clones gst-plugins-bad from duzy's repo10:33
mithro-worksure it does10:33
hyadesi was looking at the code, but didn't find it10:34
mithro-workit looks like you are right10:34
mithro-workhyades, this is probably working because I already had gst-switch and gst-plugins-bad checked out10:35
hyadesokay, I am trying out something very similar10:36
hyadesinfact the same10:36
mithro-workheading home11:17
mithro-workmay be back later11:17
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mithroSewar, your static files are not being served13:02
hyadesmithro, the log of the installation13:08
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
mithroSewar, edid.tv13:10
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*** hyades_ is now known as hyades13:17 should go to your site now, you need to set it as an alias to edid.co13:29 will probably take 24h to set up13:30
mithroconfigure: *** Plug-ins without external dependencies that will be built:13:34
mithrounder that "videomixer" is there13:34
mithromake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/hyades/gst/gst-plugins-good'13:35
mithromake: unrecognized option '--enable-experimental'13:35
hyadesthis is raring log13:38
hyadesprecise also gives same. What is this exactly?13:44
mithrohyades, I think the --enable-experimental is the problem13:44
hyadesVersion: 3.81-8.2ubuntu213:48
hyadesfor make13:48
mithrothat is what is causing the make / make install to fail13:48
hyadeswhere do I get this version of "make"13:49
mithrothe problem isn't a version of make13:50
mithrothe problem is that --enable-experimental is somehow ending up on the make command line13:50
mithrowhen it shouldn't be13:50
mithroreplace line 15413:51
mithro    make && make install13:51
hyadeswhich file?13:51
mithrohyades, try this patch -
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
mithrobananadine, have you had any luck?13:54
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bananadinei'm cornering the problem14:05
bananadinemithro, so every component starts up nicely till the http streamer14:06
bananadineso i'm looking at it for the problem14:06
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
bananadineit should be here somewhere14:09
mithrobananadine, what problem are you getting?14:09
bananadine(flumotion-job:20335): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_mini_object_ref: assertion `mini_object != NULL' failed14:09
bananadineand i tried just with audio and just with video as you told me14:10
bananadinegot the same error14:10
bananadinemithro, so what do you suggest?14:33
bananadinewhich debugging method will work best in this case14:33
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mithrobananadine, try and figure out where in the code the error is coming from15:09
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bananadinethat's what i'm doing all along15:27
bananadineso i got those two modules i showed you earlier15:27
bananadineand i' raising exceptions15:27
bananadineto see where the exception gets raised before the error15:28
bananadinewhen i put it at the start of the streamer class15:28
bananadineit get's raised and the error doesn't show up15:28
bananadinewhich would mean that i'm right about those 2 modules15:29
mithroyou should be able to point to a line number15:37
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mithronot just a whole file15:37
mithroyour trying to track down the code in python which causes the error to occur so you can figure out why it's occuring15:40
mithroanyway I'm off to bed15:40
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