Tuesday, 2013-08-06

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mithro-workiiie / CarlFK: what is the problem you are having?05:55
iiiemithro-work: the collectors aren't (weren't?) sending to the encoders.05:57
iiieI'm pretty sure it's a configuration problem05:57
iiiethis was at PyOhio, but I assume is also a problem for pycon.ca05:58
mithro-workyou know you can connect the flumotion-admin to the collectors right?05:58
iiieflumotion-admin-text yes05:58
mithro-workor the non-text admin too :)05:58
mithro-worknever used the text-admin before05:58
iiiethat eventually connected, but as I recall showed mostly hungry05:58
iiieI've been connecting by SSH and tmux, text seemed simpler05:59
mithro-workeventually connected?05:59
mithro-workiiie, probably is - but I've never used it before :)05:59
iiieI haven't connected since the pycon.ca05:59
iiiethe first few tries I didn't have a good flumotion worker planet06:00
iiieThe SSH tunnel we used for PyOhio isn't up (I made a crummy service to make a tunnel to pyvideo.org -- another place Carlk had an account)06:05
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CarlFKmithro want to ssh into the collector iiie was working on?12:59
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CarlFKwill try to stream from PS1 using local rack box.  will bring trist too, which should still work.21:58
CarlFKhttp://pumpingstationone.org/2013/08/raspberry-pi-rob-bishop-aug-6th-ps1/  in 2 hours21:58
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-gYV> (at pumpingstationone.org)21:58
hyadeshey CarlFK22:00
CarlFKhowdy hyades22:05
hyadesu are doing this today?22:06
CarlFKjust now unpacked my jeep22:11
CarlFKneed to pack for PyCon.CA!22:11
CarlFKand going to try to squeze in an event tonight22:11
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CarlFKiiie mithro  - can either of you help me get a stream up?23:51
iiiehey, I'm up for trying, if trist is on hand I've more confidence in sucess23:54
iiieCarlFK, yes23:55
iiieCarlFK, what time you think?23:56
CarlFK"i have no idea!"23:58
CarlFKscedule about now23:58
iiiefair enough23:58

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