Monday, 2013-08-05

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mithro-workhyades, ping?07:20
hyadesmithro-work: pong07:24
hyadesmithro-work: meeting?07:28
mithro-workdo you want to attempt the video stuff or just do a text chat?07:29
hyadeswhatever, my bandwidth isn't great at this time07:32
hyadesit ends up sadly :(07:32
mithro-workYour biggest problem seems to be getting a repoducible gst-switch set up at the moment?07:32
mithro-workI haven't had a chance to try and replicate your results yet07:33
hyadesit takes lots of hours to set up once and then in the end I get a segv or something07:33
mithro-workdo you think you are ready for someone to follow your instructions?>07:34
hyadesfor building?07:34
hyadesit works in my system, but i am not able to reproduce it in a VM07:34
hyadesi am lso talking to duzy about it07:35
tpb<> (at
mithro-workI'm just pulling up your blog again07:35
mithro-workwant to check something07:35
hyadesmithro-work: if you can somehow setup gst-switch, the api will work07:36
mithro-workwhat is the best way to comment on these scripts?07:37
hyadesclick on the link below07:37
hyadesand then comment07:37
mithro-workI'll do that after the meeting07:38
hyadesone more i wanted to ask07:38
hyadesi will be installing gstreamer from src07:38
hyadescurrently i am using Gst from Gi.repository07:39
hyadesso how do I do install this from source07:39
mithro-work~seen bananadine07:39
tpbmithro-work: bananadine was last seen in #timvideos 3 days, 16 hours, 48 minutes, and 6 seconds ago: <bananadine> good night mithro07:39
mithro-workso bananadine has had to deal with this himself07:40
tpbTitle: Novacut/GStreamer1.0 - Ubuntu Wiki (at
hyadesthe page here refers to gir packages07:40
hyadesi asked the same on #gstreamer, they told me to use gobject-introspection07:42
mithro-workgobject-introspection == "gir"07:42
mithro-workso gir basically "generates" a python binding from a xml file07:43
mithro-worka .typelib or .gir file07:43
mithro-work(one is the compiled version of the other)07:43
mithro-workso you need to make sure it's loading from your  typelib/gir file rather then the system one07:44
hyadesany idea where i can expect to find these files07:45
mithro-workdo you know about ?07:46
tpb<> (at
hyadesnot much07:47
mithro-workit's a nice quick way to find out the contents of a package07:47
mithro-workor find out which package contains a file07:47
hyadesso i will need those typelib files first07:48
mithro-workThey are created by compiling gstreamer with the gir stuff installed07:49
hyadesthis package - gir1.2-gstreamer-1.007:49
mithro-workIf you go to07:50
tpb<> (at
mithro-workyou'll see the source package which creates that package on the side07:50
mithro-workwhich then leads you to07:50
tpb<> (at
mithro-workand libgirepository1.0-dev07:51
mithro-workthen when you compile gstreamer you'll get something like07:53
mithro-workand now I can't find it07:57
hyadesso with the gir1.2-gstreamer-1.0  and  gir1.2-gst-plugins-base-1.0 packages I should be able to generate those typelib files somewhere07:58
mithro-workchecking for gobject-introspection... yes07:59
mithro-workhyades, no you mis-understand07:59
mithro-workgir1.2-gstreamer-1.0 and gir1.2-gst-plugins-base-1.0 are packages containing the gir files gstreamer produces07:59 i need gobject-introspection07:59
mithro-workIE they are your system gstreamer07:59
hyadesgobject-introspection and libgirepository1.0-dev should do?08:00
mithro-work$ find | grep typelib08:01
mithro-work$ find ~/gst/stage -name *.typelib08:02
hyadesokay and how do i link these to python?08:02
mithro-work"link these to python" makes no sense08:02
mithro-workyou mean how to you get python to load these files?08:02
hyadesadd them to PYTHONPATH08:03
mithro-workthese are not python modules08:03
mithro-workthey are GIR/typelib files08:03
hyadesso i need to generate the python bindings from these?08:04
tpbTitle: GObjectIntrospection - GNOME Wiki! (at
tpbTitle: PyGObject - GNOME Wiki! (at
mithro-workthere is something like a GIRPATH08:08
mithro-workor something08:08
mithro-workbut I can't find it now08:08
mithro-workexport GI_TYPELIB_PATH=~/.Builder/girepository-1.108:08
tpb<> (at
mithro-workyour using that right?08:10
mithro-workit sets up the GI_TYPELIB_PATH correctly?08:10
hyadesi was using it08:10
mithro-workbtw - this kinda looks cool - Fakegir: Bring autocompletion to your PyGObject code!08:10
tpbTitle: strycore/fakegir · GitHub (at
hyadeslooks great08:12
hyadesGI_TYPELIB_PATH is hwere you will find your typelib files right?08:20
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mithro-workhyades, you still about?09:22
hyadesmithro-work: yes09:33
mithro-workI forgot to go through the following;09:33
mithro-work * What are your plans for this week?09:33
mithro-work * With looking back with the mid-term do you want to adjust any of your final goals?09:34
hyadeslast week, i spent most time of time in installation process, so I wasnt able to write unittests for a few things09:35
hyadesand i just have one integration test, which I will need to work on09:36
mithro-workso your plan is to spend this week working on testing and finish working on the installation process?09:38
mithro-workhyades, have you asked anyone to try following your install process?09:38
hyadesit doesn't work on my VM09:39
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tpbTitle: Seg fault · Issue #34 · duzy/gst-switch · GitHub (at
hyadesmithro-work: earlier i was using the gst-uninstalled script. But it takes lots of time through it. I was able to successfully build on my system using this new method09:46
hyadesthis one requires lesser time, but I end up getting this seg fault in both cases09:46
hyadesif the method was wrong, then it should'nt have worked on my system also09:52
hyadesmaybe some dependencies, which i am unable to figure out09:52
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bananadineping mithro-work10:07
mithro-workbananadine, pong10:07
bananadinei came back yesterday morning but i was resting the whole day10:08
bananadineanyway, video chat?10:08
mithro-workbananadine, seen private messages10:11
Sewarmithro-work: do you have any plans for deploying? private server? Heroku?10:28
mithro-workSewar, CarlFK was suggesting Heroku10:28
mithro-workSewar, but I was unsure about the database side of things10:32
SewarHeroku uses PostgreSQL10:33
mithro-workSewar, that should be fine - but I think the problem is that the DB is not free?10:36
mithro-workDev - 10K rows - FREE                  Basic - 10M rows - $910:37
tpbTitle: Choosing the Right Heroku Postgres Plan | Heroku Dev Center (at
mithro-work10k rows is pretty limiting10:45
Sewarmithro-work: yeah, so may just look for another solution, like a vps?10:46
mithro-workI have a server we could deploy on otherwise10:46
Sewarthat sounds great10:46
mithro-workBut I could use some help hoisting the old stuff hosted on it off it10:48
Sewarwhat kind of stuff?10:48
mithro-workSewar, let me check10:49
SewarI can host it on my vps too10:49
mithro-workhyades, do you think you could get jh-build to build gst-switch?10:49
hyadesi looked at the link10:49
hyadesi will look deeper into it10:50
mithro-workjh-build seems to be the preferred development environment for gnome/gstreamer developers?10:50
mithro-workSo, it looks like I'm stuck with the stage script at the moment10:52
mithro-workit says10:52
mithro-workchecking for GST... no10:52
mithro-workconfigure: error:10:53
mithro-work      You need to install or upgrade the GStreamer development10:53
mithro-work      packages on your system. On debian-based systems these are10:53
mithro-work      libgstreamer1.0-dev and libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-dev.10:53
mithro-work      on RPM-based systems gstreamer1.0-devel, libgstreamer1.0-devel10:53
mithro-work      or similar. The minimum version required is
hyadesdoing what?10:54
mithro-workStill digging into it10:57
mithro-workhyades, when it's trying to build gst-switch10:58
hyadesyou set the path?10:59
mithro-worklooks like things go pear-shaped when gstreamer package installs but then the other pacakges don't10:59
mithro-work    if  [[ ! -f $stage/bin/gst-launch-1.0 ]] ||10:59
mithro-workSewar, so the host is for Thousand Parsec11:14
mithro-workthe things on that server are11:14
mithro-work * The Thousand Parsec website11:14
mithro-work * The Thousand Parsec code repository11:14
mithro-work * The Thousand Parsec media repository11:15
mithro-work * IRC logs for all the channels11:15
mithro-work * Thousand Parsec wiki11:15
mithro-workEverything apart from the logs should really end up at11:16
tpbTitle: thousandparsec (Thousand Parsec) · GitHub (at
mithro-workI think the wiki mostly ended up at
tpbTitle: thousandparsec/wiki · GitHub (at
Sewarso the wiki is mediawiki, requires php and mysql11:22
SewarI don't see the website at github11:22
Sewarwhat kind of space and bandwidth required?11:27
mithro-workSewar, the wiki was mostly converted to ikiwiki11:48
mithro-workSewar, using tools in my repository11:48
tpbTitle: mithro/media2iki · GitHub (at
mithro-workikiwiki and github wiki are pretty similar11:49
mithro-workSo we just need to check if the wiki has everything11:55
mithro-workand then just turn off the old one11:55
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CarlFKiiie: did you have some ideas/time to get streaming working on whatever dist I have installed on those twinpact boxes?15:14
CarlFKor should I just install lts on them - which is easy enough, not sure why bother with anything else15:14
CarlFKmithro  stream in 5 days - 'same' format as pycon15:16
tpb<> (at
CarlFKbut video only in       Colony Ballroom and Terrace - nothing in St. David15:17
mithroTwinPact boxes?15:23
CarlFKoh, the collector boxes that sit up front at the podium15:25
iiieCarlFK: as far as I know we're down to configuration problems on the collectors.15:27
iiiethese are the same boxes that we had problems with for PyOhio right?15:27
CarlFKhow soon could you poke at them today?15:27
CarlFKthey are still in my car, will unload them soon15:27
CarlFKsooner if you can poke at them15:28
iiieI wouldn't prioritize it too much (it'll probably be a while here)15:29
iiieSadly I still don't know what the configuration problem is, might try running the config pusher as a next step.15:30
* iiie wanders off again (laundry and shower....)15:30
CarlFKdo we have something a collector can connect to that generates a test stream so I don't have to bring up dvswitch ?15:31
iiieWe had either a gst something command or a configuration of video test stream yes (changes out the part of the config I'm sure we have problems with for a test pattern)15:35
iiieThe downside for that is we don't muddle through fixing the config, but do have a test stream (for the config change); I don't know if there is a test output that can be feed in to the feed / flow / atmosphere? with a config on the collector that would also take dvswitch15:37
CarlFKk - I can bring up dvswitch easy enough16:24
CarlFKwell, better than .. whatever you described16:25
iiieyeah, alright, off to my office (~30min)16:33
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