Sunday, 2013-07-28

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CarlFKsorry, pc9e00:01
iiieI thought I was having problems :)00:02
CarlFKlook in ~/.dvswitchrc :p00:02
iiiewill do, I still don't remember that one00:02
iiieCarlFK: is oc9e recording ?  I'm guessing not.  I'll get the other 4 up to where I have cnt200:34
CarlFKpc9e dvswitch is up00:37
CarlFKI think I terminated a screen session on cnt2 that was yours00:38
CarlFKor wait.. maybe it was created and detached, but noting was running in it00:38
iiieI'm not worried, I'm still on the box00:39
iiiesays hungry though...00:39
iiiealso installing on cnt3 (finally)00:39
iiieI don't know what too look at for the hungry.  I've looked at the worker log and it says the avatar feed is logged out, often.00:45
iiieso my expectation is that I've gotten flumotion installed fine, but the config is a little off....00:48
CarlFKWhats the avatar feed? :p00:52
iiieI don't know either, my guess is that some config bit is off, almost done installing the last two cnt3 is installed, but not configured (even poorly)00:58
iiieer I take that back, I was in the install on cnt300:59
iiienow cnt3 is as far as it can go without a good config01:01
CarlFKmeh.. I think we should throw in the towl01:02
iiieother two are almost to the same spot01:03
CarlFKwell... I guess this is a good test bed01:03
CarlFKgetting kicked out again :)01:03
iiie3 of 4 installed, 1 with the goodish config...01:04
iiiewell 4 of 4 installed01:04
iiieI'm off the boxes boss01:05
CarlFKwe are off to dinner01:07
iiiehave a good time01:07
CarlFKthanks for the hacking.. hope some good comes out of it01:08
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iiieYeah, at least I have a modified set of instructions to get it up to not configure.01:09
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bananadinehi iiie12:22
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iiieGoodday CarlFK16:56
iiieand bananadine16:56
CarlFKiiie: um.. using boto to upload to, seeems to retry 3 times, then error, and my code doesn't even trap the error right - "body doesn't have an e"16:56
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bananadinehello hello16:57
CarlFKever use boto?16:57
bananadineiiie i got rid of the problem with the parsing16:57
bananadineit was the formating of the string16:57
iiiebananadine: excellent!16:57
CarlFK    self.ret_text = "internet archive error: %s" % ( e.body ); AttributeError: 'error' object has no attribute 'body'16:57
bananadinebut still there are the other problems :)16:58
iiieCarlFK: sounds like older versions attached attributes to the exception16:58
iiieis that your code or from inside boto?16:58
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CarlFKmine.. or maybe Sheila's :p16:59
iiieright, I'd just swap in e rather than e.body17:00
bananadineso i printed the arguments from verbose_deep_notify_cb in and these are the results:17:01
bananadine'print object' prints <Pipeline object at 0x9cb0c34 (GstPipeline at 0x9ce6c38)>17:01
bananadine'print orig' prints <__main__.GstMultiFdSink object at 0x9868c0c (GstMultiFdSink at 0x98656d0)>17:02
bananadine'print pspec' prints None17:02
bananadine'print component' prints all components in the pipeline17:02
bananadine(before i fixed the issue with the video test producer caps17:02
bananadineprint component didn't print that one, but now it does)17:02
bananadinestill don't know why pspec is None17:03
iiiehm, pspec is still none, is the caps thing working or just differed to somewhere else?17:04
bananadinethe caps thing was with the video test producer17:05
bananadinei don't think it's somehow related with the pspec problem17:06
iiiehm, maybe we need to pull the pspec name from somewhere else, we have any idea what the old value (pre port) was?17:19
bananadinei need to check that17:20
bananadinein the pre-ported version i can't print out the arguments17:29
bananadineeverything runs smooth and i don't get the print out in the log17:29
* iiie grumbles, even just a > print "yes this function runs" < doesn't show?17:31
bananadinebut raising an exception shows up17:33
bananadineso actually the function runs17:33
iiiewell,  if you can raise an exception raise it with the pspec argument, see what it is17:34
bananadineoh righr17:34
iiie: )17:34
bananadineHaaa got it!17:35
bananadineso pspec changes/udpates17:35
bananadinelook at the values17:36
bananadine<GParamInt 'bitrate'>17:36
bananadine<GParamEnum 'pattern'>17:36
bananadine <GParamEnum 'sync-method'>17:36
bananadine <GParamBoxed 'caps'>17:36
iiieAlright!  Forward motion!17:37
bananadine <GParamBoxed 'caps'> is the most is the most frequent one17:37
bananadineso what is this actually?17:37
bananadinepspec - spec for specifications ?17:38
iiieI think so, pipeline specification17:39
bananadineright, makes sense17:39
bananadinebtw, got to take a shower17:39
bananadinewill be back in 15 minutes,17:39
iiieI'd try raising an exception with atributes of the pspec17:39
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bananadinei tried raising with pspec.name17:53
bananadinethat return 'bitrate' from <GParamInt 'bitrate'>17:53
iiiehm, so it's called once per property?17:55
iiiedoes the exception give a stacktrace or just the exception itself?17:59
bananadinejust the exception itself17:59
bananadinewhat passes the values on to pspec , i think that's what i need to know18:00
bananadineto know why it's given none in the ported version18:00
iiieyes, that's why we'd want the stacktrace18:01
iiiealright, new notion to try on the new code, check pspec for None, if it is none, fake 'bitrate' for pspec.name18:02
iiiesee where that gets us18:02
bananadinecan i try that later?18:02
bananadinei need to go somewhere now18:02
bananadinesome stuff turned up18:02
iiieno problem18:03
iiieI'll probably be wandering off a bit too18:03
bananadinewill you be on around 10 pm my time?18:03
bananadinei think i can be on from 10 pm my time till 1 or 2 am18:04
* iiie utterly fails to remember the offset18:04
iiiewhat time is it now your time18:04
bananadinenow it's 8 pm my time18:04
iiieyes I can be available in a couple of hours18:04
iiie11am here just a bit ago18:04
bananadinewell great18:05
bananadinecatch ya later then18:05
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* iiie0 is back online20:55
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bananadinei'm back21:19
bananadinegonna try that thing now21:19
bananadineah man21:22
bananadinecan't fake the name21:22
bananadinecuz pspec is None21:22
iiie0right, oh it gets value from the name?21:23
bananadineit's like sipping watter in a bottomless glass21:23
bananadinei tried it like this:     if pspec == None:21:23
bananadine = 'bitrate'21:23
iiie0one second, nephew in arms21:25
iiie0is pspec used other than .name?21:27
bananadineit has other atribures21:27
bananadineattributes *21:27
iiie0right but in that function?21:27
bananadinebut it'll be the same21:28
bananadinesince pspec is None21:28
iiie0pulling up the function again21:28
tpb<> (at
iiie0so I'd skip the if and elif and go with the else21:32
bananadineshall i comment those lines before the else21:33
iiie0and not, check pspec, and if None, use 'bitrate' in place of pspec.name21:33
bananadineis this fine21:34
bananadine    if pspec == None:21:34
bananadine        pspec = 'bitrate'21:34
iiie0comment / delete (you're in git, if you're uncomfortable with delete then yes comment)21:34
iiie0replace with pspec_name21:34
iiie0if pspec == None: pspect_name = 'bitrate'21:35
bananadineand comment everything before the else21:35
iiie0else: pspec_name = pspec.name21:35
iiie0yes, from if to else (57 - 65)21:36
bananadineso i need to change21:37
bananadine    else:21:37
bananadine        output = value21:37
bananadineelse: pspec_name = pspec.name21:37
bananadinei'm asking to know if i understand correctly21:37
bananadinesorry to be an annoyance :)21:37
iiie0could just delete 57 - 66 and make 56 "output = orig.get_property(pspec_name)"21:38
iiie0the idea is to not use pspec if it's none21:39
bananadinei know i know21:39
iiie0so before 56 is where the "if pspec == None: pspec_name = 'bitrate'; else pspec_name =" goes (filling in new lines for ";")21:40
iiie0er, and else: ....21:41
iiie0starting from since I can't be sure what you have in your local file21:42
tpb<> (at
bananadinewhat about21:43
bananadine    output = orig.get_property(pspec_name)21:44
bananadineshouldn't it be21:44
bananadine    if pspec == None:21:44
bananadine        pspec_name = 'bitrate'21:44
bananadine    output = orig.get_property(pspec_name)21:44
bananadineelse pspec_name = pspect.name21:44
iiie0before 65 need to deal with "pspec == None" . 57 - 66 we don't care so much about as they are making type21:44
iiie0no, you need an else, what if pspec isn't none?21:44
iiie0(which is to say almost)21:45
iiie0hm, yes if the last there goes before the second to last21:45
iiie0also I had it a little off21:45
iiie0else: pspec_name = pspec.name21:45
iiie0output = orig ... goes after the else line21:46
bananadinei ran flumotion21:46
bananadineTraceback (most recent call last):21:46
bananadine  File "/home/max/Desktop/flumotion-porting/flumotion/flumotion/common/", line 54, in verbose_deep_notify_cb21:46
bananadine    output = orig.get_property(pspec_name)21:46
bananadineTypeError: object of type `GstMultiFdSink' does not have property `bitrate'21:46
iiie0I wonder if we can check what properties out orig does have21:48
bananadinewe can21:48
bananadineoh but21:48
bananadinei don't know how much will it help21:48
bananadineit gives stuff like:21:48
bananadine<__main__.GstMultiFdSink object at 0x9868c0c (GstMultiFdSink at 0x98656d0)>21:48
bananadinei'll print that21:49
bananadineok so21:55
bananadinei tried     print "doom %s" % orig.__dict__21:55
bananadineand i got21:55
bananadinedoom {}21:55
bananadinethat means orig is empty?21:56
iiie0well, that means that dict wasn't implemented21:56
iiie0we're reading from a log or from the command line?21:56
bananadinefrom the log21:57
bananadinewell i redirect the output21:57
bananadinefrom the command line21:57
bananadineas a log21:57
iiie0print "doom %s" % dir(orig)21:57
iiie0that'll give us the keys21:57
bananadinea lot of keys...21:59
bananadinegonna pastebin it22:00
tpbTitle: doom ['__class__', '__copy__', '__deepcopy__', '__delattr__', '__dict__', '__doc - (at
iiie0alright, the other bit is to figure out where get_properties are stored...22:01
iiie0print "doom %s" % orig.get_properites()22:02
bananadinegotta do something22:02
bananadineback in 15 min.22:03
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bananadineok i'm back, sorry for the delay23:16
bananadineTraceback (most recent call last):23:18
bananadine  File "/home/max/Desktop/flumotion-porting/flumotion/flumotion/common/", line 51, in verbose_deep_notify_cb23:18
bananadine    print "doom %s" % orig.get_properites()23:18
bananadineAttributeError: '__main__.GstFdSrc' object has no attribute 'get_properites'23:18
bananadinedarn it23:18
bananadineiiie0 ping23:21
iiie0yeah back23:28
iiie0so that's a different object!23:29
iiie0put an "if hasattr(orig, 'get_properties'):" before the orig.get_properties23:32
bananadineAttributeError: '__main__.GstFdSrc' object has no attribute 'get_properites'    print "doom %s" % orig.get_properites()23:34
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bananadineso when i do a dir(orig) there's a get_properties key23:43
bananadinebut there's no attribute23:43
iiie0for the same orig or different ones23:45
bananadinethe same23:45
bananadinemaybe i should continue this tomorrow?23:50
bananadineiiie0 ? i feel tired23:54
parxIt's nearly 2am for you, bananadine, right?23:55
parxI have a little addon in my browser that tells me what time it is for you guys.23:57
bananadine: )23:57

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