Friday, 2013-07-26

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mithro-workparx, awesome!02:03
mithro-workparx, do you know if Carl has any longer then 3 day conferences coming up?02:07
parxI originally suggested inviting Sewar as convenient for PyTexas (in 3 weeks), but that conf is off the schedule now.02:07
parxPyconCanada is in August02:07
parxCarlFK will be doing that with all Canadian staff, I am told.02:08
mithro-workI'd like to get Jahanzeb over to a conference02:19
mithro-workI guess the distance from canada to the UK isn't too bad02:22
parxSomething about work permits...02:33
parxIf the distance from here to you wasn't so bad, I'd offer you a root beer float right now, mithro.02:33
* parx takes a swig02:33
parxThe main PyCon next March will be in Canada but will not be exclusively Canadian-staffed.02:37
mithro-workif we haven't gotten him out before then I think that would be a good option02:37
parxIf I see an opportunity I'll say something : )02:41
parxHope Jahanzeb 's passport is in order!  As you know, there isn't always much advance notice.02:42
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mithro-workSewar, poke03:49
Sewarmithro-work: pong03:50
mithro-workSewar, so parx just pointed out you are missing a LICENSE file in your website repository03:52
Sewaryeah, I was going to ask about that03:54
Sewarwhat license you suggest? gpl2?03:54
mithro-workSewar, your choice between Apache 2 or GPL 203:55
SewarI don't know the difference03:56
mithro-workApache2 is a "you can do anything you want with it"03:56
mithro-workGPL is a "Share and share alike" license03:56
Sewarso Apache2 is like BSD03:57
mithro-workYeah, Apache2 is basically a more formal BSD with patent protections03:57
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bananadinemithro ping08:15
mithrobananadine, pong08:18
bananadineI want to understand what does 'depay' stand for in the code08:19
bananadinehere's one instance of it
tpb<> (at
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mithroI figured out GstIntRange problem08:37
bananadineWhat is it?08:52
mithrobananadine, pygst doesn't yet support the full set of gstreamer GType values08:54
bananadineso i can leave that one out?08:56
JahanzebHi parx08:59
JahanzebThanks for the email.08:59
JahanzebYea canda sounds great09:00
Jahanzebi have never been there09:00
Jahanzebi am based in UK at the moment.09:01
bananadinemithro i'm going to take a shower and i'll come back09:06
bananadinei'm trying to fix the callback functions09:06
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bananadinemithro, i'm back09:46
bananadinethese callbacks are tricky09:47
bananadinea lot of what was must be changed09:47
bananadineto fix the 'verbose_deep_notify_cb' error     value = orig.get_property(
bananadineAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name'09:52
bananadinei need to see where the function is called, so i did that09:52
tpb<> (at
bananadinebut what is self.pipeline.connect ?09:53
bananadinei can't find Gst.Pipeline.connect09:54
bananadinethere is no such function09:54
mithrolook at 15509:59
bananadineso that function calls "_setup_pipeline"10:01
bananadinebut i still don't understand where 'connect' comes from10:01
mithrobananadine, what do you mean?10:15
bananadinewhere is the function named 'connect' defined?10:17
bananadineso i can figure out why pspec is a none type10:17
bananadinepspec is an argument in "verbose_deep_notify_cb" and i have10:21
bananadine        sig_id = self.pipeline.connect('deep-notify',10:21
bananadine                                       gstreamer.verbose_deep_notify_cb, self)10:21
mithrobananadine, you understand that registering a callback is different from when it's called?10:41
bananadineno, how11:08
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bananadinemithro-work ?14:00
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bananadinemithro ?14:33
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CarlFKiiie iiie0 mithro we have wired20:38
CarlFKat least i was told we will, may be up now.. trying to figure out where to plug  in20:39
parxHi CarlFK20:40
CarlFKhi parx!20:43
parxEverything go ok last night?20:43
CarlFKpretty good20:44
CarlFKSewar: my cell isn't working !!! grumble20:44
parxuh oh20:44
parxHave you collected him from the airport?20:45
CarlFKfound him :)20:47
CarlFKhe is here with me now20:47
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iiieCarlFK, he22:21
CarlFKbox has nets22:24
* iiie looks at nets, sees some holes22:26
iiiecan you run "sudo service ssh_tunnel_pyvideo restart"22:27
CarlFKrestart errored with "stop:missing job name", but stop and start seemed to work22:31
iiieI just wanted it started, I thought I tested restart22:32
iiiein -iiie22:32
CarlFKi saw that... :p22:33
iiiewall can be useful22:33
iiiealright, what's next?22:33
iiiehm, streaming 4 rooms, so four encoders up?22:34
iiieI'd go with alphabet ones (ab, cd, ef, gh)22:35
CarlFKit will take me a bit to get the collectors up22:37
CarlFKI have the main room mostly setup22:38
iiiecd i-45ba4137 pending22:38
iiieef i-49ba413b pending22:38
iiiegh i-c3aa51b1 pending22:38
iiieab i-3db1734f pending22:38
iiienow running22:38
CarlFKsee if you can ssh to cnt2.local22:44
CarlFKhmm... why no dvsource installed...22:45
CarlFKoh god.. I am going to stick a usb wifi stick into a desktop22:46
iiie; /22:46
iiieno wired network?22:46
* iiie hasn't checked on the webserver22:50
iiieare the rooms setup?  What are they?22:50
CarlFKwired yes, access code only on server22:50
iiieI see with my little eye... serv, cnt2, TGY, TGY-[2-7], pc9e22:54
CarlFKthere are 2 nics in cnt2 right now22:56
CarlFKcan you set routing / gateway to the wlan0 one?22:57
CarlFKbut not break our local eth0 one ;/22:57
iiieer, what?22:58
iiieI see eth0, eth1 and wan022:59
iiieYou want the gateway to be wlan0 ?22:59
iiieCarlFK, you're physically nearish cnt2 incase my running network manager's cli doesn't quite work right?23:03
iiiesays it's connected to wireless right now23:05
CarlFKdon't break NM23:05
CarlFKboth eth0 and wlan0 should be connected,23:06
iiie10 address means internal, vs eth0 has 164 which could be routeable23:06
iiiethey are23:06
iiie"nmcli con" gives me a list23:06
CarlFKthe wired connection hits a web "enter user/pw" screen23:07
CarlFKthe wifi does not23:07
iiieah, hm23:08
iiiealright, ready for the fun?  I need you near cnt2,
tpb<> (at
CarlFKnever mind. codes have arrived23:13
CarlFKI am rebooting23:13
iiiehe he he, cnt2 has time zone PDT23:14
CarlFKcan you help me remember to get the 4 mixers fixed?23:20
CarlFKit is on the recording sheets to check.. but life gets bad when I forget23:20
iiieer sure, anymore info on that?23:20
iiie"what's broke boss?"23:20
CarlFKcnd2 should have a normal net connection now23:30
CarlFKcan you try and get my collector installer to work? ;/23:30
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iiiesure, point me at it23:31
tpb<> (at
CarlFK# To bootstrap, run the following # lines:23:32
iiiessh tunnel didn't come up again, can you run "sudo service ssh_tunnel_pyvideo" on serv again23:32
CarlFKgit is installed23:32
iiieto be clear want me to run through the linked setup on cnt223:37
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iiieCarlFK, do you remember what the SSL certificate in building custom flumotion is for?  (Can I use localhost, or should it be cnt2 or cnt2.local?)23:56
iiiemithro, mithro-work alternatively do you remember off hand?23:57
iiieI'll just assume localhost will work23:59

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