Wednesday, 2013-07-24

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mithro-workparx, ping?04:14
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mithro-workhyades, regarding monkeypatch - okay guess it's fine then05:06
hyadesi will add a string argument to raise GLib.GError05:11
mithro-workhyades, great05:19
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bananadinehi mithro-work, you there?09:38
bananadinecan we have a video chat now?09:44
bananadinebecause i'm going on a trip in 2-3 hours09:44
bananadineand i'll be back tomorrow evening09:44
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mithrobananadine, give me 15-20 minutes09:46
bananadinemithro, i'm ready when you are10:29
mithrojust a moment, I need to use the loo10:30
mithrobananadine, okay10:33
bananadineshould i start a chat10:35
bananadineand invite you10:35
bananadineor you'll do it?10:35
mithroI'm in the one from the meeting invite10:36
mithrobananadine, take a look at
tpb<> (at
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CarlFKiiie0: mithro - I am setting up the PyOhio boxes.. ever considered how to keep an ssh session alive, or reconnect when it drops, so that there is a tunnel from the outside world to a box on the lan?18:35
iiie0..., yes18:35
iiie0use a while loop, run it as a service18:36
iiie0make sure keep alive is used on the connection (so that the process dies)18:36
CarlFKgot a sec to set that up now?  I can get you coonectd to the box somehow18:37
CarlFKthis assumes there will be some sort of connection, and I haven't heard yes/no about that18:38
iiie0sure, I'd need access to both boxes (or the assurance that the key for the on site box will be authorized for the off site one)18:38
CarlFKpyvideo box?18:39
iiie0he he he, I can't work magic, there does have to be an internet connection ;)18:39
iiie0pretty sure I have access there, yes that works.18:39
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iiie0CarlFK: in case I wander off before I get access here is the resource that I'd use to make the service
tpb<> (at
CarlFKoh.. what ssh can I run on the box now to boot strap a tunnel ?18:46
iiie0ok, I lied, that does look like magic18:46
iiie0port forward 22 off to pyvideo on ##2218:47
iiie0oh, what command, hang on18:47
iiie0on the box "ssh -LNn 2322:localhost:22"18:50
iiie0Nn is Null and no term18:51
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ ssh -LNn 2322:localhost:22 [email protected]18:51
CarlFKBad local forwarding specification 'Nn'18:51
iiie0right, order matters18:54
iiie0"ssh -NnL 2322:localhost:22"18:54
CarlFKi guess I am connected18:55
iiie0and I have it backwards anyway...18:55
iiie0"ssh -NnR 2322:localhost:22"18:57
iiie0R for remote18:58
iiie0CarlFK: "ssh -NnR 2322:localhost:22"18:59
CarlFKconnecte  d18:59
iiie0is an amazon box?19:02
iiie0hm, I'm getting connection refused19:02
iiie0ssh [email protected] -p 232219:02
CarlFKvideo is ryan :)19:03
* iiie0 sighs19:03
iiie0alright, still connection refused is not public key denied or wrong password19:03
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hyades__some stream right now?19:19
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CarlFKhyades__: no - maybe in 3 days19:20
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