Tuesday, 2013-07-23

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mithro-workmorning people01:51
CarlFKhi mithro-work01:57
mithro-workCarlFK, where are at with the Atlys board? You just get a black screen atm right?02:02
CarlFKmplayer showed green, which you said was "no picture"02:03
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mithro-workhello hyades04:38
mithro-workhyades, getting 100% coverage is definitely possible04:38
hyadesyeah got it for server.py04:39
mithro-workhyades, for all code04:39
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hyadeslook at this:04:39
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-YxX> (at github.com)04:39
hyadeshere should i mock Gio.DBusConnection.new_for_address_sync04:40
mithro-workyes correct04:40
hyadesyeah then its possible :)04:40
mithro-workin unittests that should be mocked, in integration tests it shouldn't be04:40
mithro-workhyades, that is the major difference between unit and integration tests04:42
mithro-workin unittests you shouldn't be calling external depedencies04:42
hyadesand if there is any dependency, we mock it04:43
mithro-workhyades, in unittests, yes04:44
CarlFKmithro-work: any opinion of the various moc libraries ?04:48
mithro-workCarlFK, not hugely04:49
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bananadinehello mithro-work11:32
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bananadinemithro will we have a weekly video chat?12:06
mithrobananadine, sorry yes12:06
mithrobut it'll have to be later in the week12:06
bananadineoh ok12:06
bananadineis friday good for you?12:06
mithrohow about tomorrow or Thursday?12:45
bananadinesame time as we used to have on monday?13:06
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hyadeshey CarlFK18:39
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iiie0Hey hyades, how are you today?19:32
hyadesiiie, morning for you too?19:41
iiie0nearing one pm here (PDT)19:41
iiie0We have one mentor, one student and one admin in CDT, one mentor in PDT, one admin in Australia, which takes us to 5 different time zones between the 3 mentors and three students :)19:49
* iiie0 goes to lunch19:50
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hyadesiiie0, hehe nice!20:10
tpbTitle: [Python] try: self.connection = Connection( address=self. - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)20:24
hyadesis such a thing needed ?20:24
hyadessuch kinds of except and raise20:25
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iiie0In case someone checks the scrollback... what the code does is catch an exception and then raise it again.21:18
iiie0All that does is not call connect_dbus if there is a value error in the setup, but connection error is caught too.21:19
iiie0So no I'd say that it doesn't help as it still raise the same exception.21:20
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CarlFKiiie0:  if there isn't a try above it, the stack will stop at the raise, right ?21:21
CarlFKthe stack dump21:22
iiie0raise in an except raises the caught exception, try ... except is the only place a bare raise will work21:22
CarlFKso th stack dump will go all the way to where the real error is?21:26
iiie0It should yes, same as "raise e"21:26
CarlFKok, never mind me21:27
CarlFKAll that does is not call connect_dbus if ....21:28
hyadesthen no use of ?21:28
CarlFKthat won't happen if you remove the try, right?21:28
hyadeseverything inside the try handles exceptions pretty well21:29
hyadesso only two possible exceptions can come out of that try block21:29
iiie0er, no, two exceptions go to the except and then are raised again, all others "bubble up" without first running the shown except block21:33
iiie0if the except said pass then yes those two exceptions would be ignored and the rest raised21:33
hyadesi cannot think of a test case which will make it go into except :)21:34
iiie0dbus broken on the the box, any of address, bus_name, object_path, or default_interface not existing on self, or if there is logic in Connection.__init__ anything that could raise ValueError there21:35
* iiie0 breaks things from time to time21:36
CarlFKiiie0: but there isn't anything in the except block, so don't both cases bubble up just the same ?21:36
iiie0yes externally they'll look the same, the try ... except does nothing functional21:36
CarlFKthat's what I was wondering.. I think hyades too21:37
iiie0right, sorry, meant by it doesn't help21:38
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CarlFKyou can't make it to PyOhio this Sat, right ?21:41
CarlFK4 rooms, Danial Peters and me are the only one with any experience21:41
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hyadesmy crap internet21:44
hyadeslogs so useful for me :D21:45
iiie0CarlFK, no way too much going on22:29
iiie0CarlFK, I'm up for helping out some with streaming though22:31
iiie0on that note, I have to run22:31
CarlFKsee ya22:31
iiie0hyades, yeah I love the logs22:31
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* hyades goes to sleep before its morning22:32
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