Monday, 2013-07-22

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hyadesmithro: meeting in sometime?07:14
mithrohyades, yes07:14
mithrojust looking through your latest round of code changes07:22
mithroIf you want the exception object07:22
mithroYou want to use07:22
mithroexcept Exception as e:07:23
mithrorather then pulling it out of exc_info07:23
mithrohyades, you also want to group the getters and setters together07:23
mithroIE the address setter and the address getter should be together07:24
hyadesof a property?07:24
mithroYour also pull the domain out and then never using it07:25
mithroI'm pretty sure Exception doesn't have a "domain" attribute07:25
mithroyour except class should be as specific as possible07:25
hyadesok...i was seeing exc_info that from gi/_glib/option.py07:25
hyadesyeah domain has no use07:25
mithroif I put a syntax error at line 127 in you'll get a connection error07:26
mithrowhat do you mean how?07:27
hyadesthis part right?07:27
hyadesconnection = Gio.DBusConnection.new_for_address_sync(07:27
hyadesthat was more of a typo07:28
hyadesit should be except GLib.GError07:29
hyadesi added it, maybe removed while testing07:29
mithrohyades, in the call now07:30
hyadesgive me 2 mins07:30
mithrohyades, the mark/check face stuff shouldn't probably be throwing a ConnectionError?07:33
mithrohyades, have to be quick today, I need to head to the airport in 30 minutes07:34
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mithro<mithro> hyades, have to be quick today, I need to head to the airport in 30 minutes07:38
hyades_im in07:38
mithrohyades, try dragging the bandwidth slider all the way down07:40
hyades_some problems07:40
hyades_ill try07:40
hyades_its full!07:41
tpbTitle: pytest-cov 1.6 : Python Package Index (at
mithrohyades, poke?07:49
hyades_im thr07:50
hyades_i can hear u07:50
mithrohyades, switch to text07:50
mithrohyades, do you have any questions about the upcoming mid-term evaluation?07:51
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mithro<mithro> hyades, switch to text07:51
mithro<mithro> hyades, do you have any questions about the upcoming mid-term evaluation?07:51
hyades__anything apart from blog post?07:52
hyades__like any  target?07:52
mithroso where do you think should be finished by then?07:52
hyades__didnt get you07:53
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hyadesalso a bit of functionality of the code..07:54
mithrohyades, what do you want to have finished by the mid-term?07:54
hyadesits like in another 10 days07:55
hyadesso can say most of exception handling07:55
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hyadesunittests i am not sure07:55
mithrohyades, btw pytest-coverage
tpbTitle: pytest-cov 1.6 : Python Package Index (at
hyadesyeah fine, i will use it07:55
mithrohyades, so what functionality do you have now?07:56
hyades1) The server processes07:57
hyades2) Test inputs07:57
hyades3) Dbus remote method calls (not tested)07:57
hyades4) Preview outputs07:57
hyadesthese four07:58
hyadesin a broad sense07:58
hyadesmithro, ping?08:01
mithroso you need to show how your tests are working08:03
hyadescoverage should be 100%?08:03
mithrofor unittests08:03
mithrohyades, you should also have integration tests08:04
hyadestill mid-term?08:04
hyadesi cannot do unittests if Exception handling is not done..08:05
mithrohyades, probably08:06
hyadesi am not sure both and integration tests can be done till mid-term08:06
hyadesi will mostly complete exception handling and unittests till then..08:07
hyadesthe unittests take time :/08:08
mithroI have to go08:08
mithroyou have 40 hours a week08:09
hyadesi will try adding08:09
hyadesi will ask you about integration tests later when i come to them ..08:09
hyadesmithro, anything else?08:12
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bananadinehey guys09:47
bananadinewhere did mithro go?09:47
hyadeshe had some flight10:06
bananadinewe had a weekly meeting scheduled for now10:08
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bananadinehi mithro, we didn't have a vido chat today13:54
hyadesmithro, achieving 100% coverage is not possible14:02
hyadesi have exceptions like OSError for which I cannot design a test case14:02
CarlFK1hyades: I don't know if it is needed, but you can write code that raises an OSError - getting that code to run in place of say f=open(x) takes some work, but at least it is possible14:08
hyadesfor these ones i have written test cases14:09
hyadesbut some things like killing a process may raise a OSError14:09
hyadesfor which I cannot have a test case14:09
CarlFK1um.. you can.. it is just work.14:10
CarlFK1here is how I override python's open function:
tpb<> (at
CarlFK1not for testing, but I could do something similar14:11
CarlFK1where is your code that kills a process?14:12
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
hyadeseven this14:15
tpb<> (at
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hyades_CarlFK, any solution?15:26
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CarlFKhyades:  server.os.kill = fake_kill15:27
tpbTitle: Paste #ekX6mkRqWS6ZzGobUDPd at spacepaste (at
CarlFKThat's the first time I have coded such a thing, so I have no idea if that is the best way or not.. just shows it can be done15:28
hyadesahh nice :)15:28
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tpb<> (at
hyadesthanks for that hint15:51
CarlFKyay :)15:53
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hyadesCarlFK, unittests should not use any other modules of my code right?20:34
CarlFKhyades: that sounds more like a goal than a rule20:36
tpb<> (at
CarlFKI think it depends on how well the code being tested is written - how isolated is each function20:37
hyadeshere i make a connection20:37
hyadesbut for making connection , i need a server20:38
hyadesand later i call remote methods, for which i gain need server+connection20:38
CarlFKso anther issue is figuring out what you do and don't need to test20:40
CarlFKlike you don't need to test that the TCP/IP stack in the OS works -  we can just assume it does20:40
CarlFKGio.DBusConnection.new_for_address_sync - someone else wrote that, you just call it, right?20:41
hyadesits present!20:41
hyadesi didnt write20:42
CarlFKfrom gi.repository import Gio, GLib20:42
CarlFKright .. so I think it is safe to assume it works20:43
hyadesso i test these in integration tests?20:43
CarlFKand if it needs testing, it should have it's own test, not rely on             gst-switch / python-api / gstswitch / connection.py20:43
CarlFKI am putting it in the same category as the network stack20:43
hyadesya similar20:43
hyadesit makes dbus connection etc.20:44
CarlFKbut you do need to test the code you wrote :  def connect_dbus(self):20:44
CarlFKyou are calling new_for_address_sync with 4 parameters20:45
CarlFKaddress, flags, none, none20:46
hyadesfor that self.address has to be set to something meaning-full20:46
CarlFKwhen you run a test, address and flags will always be the same, right ?20:46
hyadesif gst-switch-srv runs, it is "unix:abstract=gstswitch"20:47
CarlFKthats the value of address ?20:47
CarlFKwhat will the value for flags be ?20:48
hyadesand to test this, i need something at that address running20:48
hyadesits constant20:48
CarlFKagain, for a single test - you may need more than one test20:48
CarlFKwhat will the value ?20:50
CarlFKso make a fake new_for_address_sync that takes 4 parameters20:51
CarlFKlike def new_for_address_sync( p1, p2, p3, p4 ) :20:52
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CarlFKif p1=="unix:abstract=gstswitch" and p2==Gio.DBusConnectionFlags.AUTHENTICATION_CLIENT and p3 is none and p4 is none: return fake_connection()20:53
CarlFKelse: raise .. um.. BadTestParaeters or something20:53
CarlFKNot even sure you need to bother checking20:53
CarlFK return fake_connection()  is the important part20:54
hyadeswhr shud thiscode come in?20:55
CarlFKit is part of the test, so wherever that code lives.. (i think)20:57
CarlFKlook this over
tpbTitle: mock 1.0.1 : Python Package Index (at
CarlFKwell, hold..20:57
CarlFKso you have some fake_connection() function that gets stored to self.connection20:58
CarlFKlets back up a bit...20:59
CarlFKto get full coverage, you need to test     def connect_dbus(self): twice21:00
CarlFKonce that ...21:00
CarlFKphone call21:02
* hyades can sleep off any time21:30
CarlFKabvout dome...21:41
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