Saturday, 2013-07-20

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hyadesmithro-work, ping06:33
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hyades_mithro-, ping06:51
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mithro-hyades_, pong - I may be in and out quite a bit06:51
hyadesi removed many unnecessary things from code06:52
hyadesi am putting in some exception handlers06:54
mithro-hyades, okay great06:55
hyadesone thing i found: if i pass a negative port to gst-switch-srv, its still running!06:55
hyades./tools/gstswitchserver.c:707:info: Listening on localhost (
hyadesand if i pass --video-input-port=None it doesn't raise an exception in python06:59
hyadesso i cannot catch anything06:59
hyadesfrom try...except07:00
hyadesso do i put manual checkers?07:00
mithro--1 is special07:03
mithro-it means select a random unused port07:03
hyades./tools/gstswitchserver.c:707:info: Listening on localhost (
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bananadinei want to get rid of these issues
tpb<> (at
bananadinei can't think up a way13:50
CarlFKbananadine: ask the gstreamer community - I am sure there is a mail list15:19
CarlFKalso when you post errors/stack dumps, post the URL to the line of code in your git repo15:20
CarlFK File "/home/max/Desktop/flumotion-porting/flumotion/flumotion/common/", line 176, in event_is_flumotion_reset15:21
CarlFKI wold like to be able to look at that block of code - I assume anyone who wants to help would to15:21
bananadinei post the whole methods15:21
bananadinei mean, where that method starts15:21
CarlFKthe what?15:21
bananadinefor instance i posted this link
tpb<$H> (at
bananadinereferring to 'event'15:22
CarlFKline 17615:23
CarlFKah, I see you posted line 17415:23
CarlFKI was looking for 17615:23
CarlFKgood enough15:23
bananadinewell i want to show the bigger thing15:23
bananadinenot just one line of code15:23
bananadineit might look sloppy i know but yea..15:24
bananadinebtw how do you think the gstreamer community might help me with these issues?15:24
CarlFKand it is worth a try15:25
bananadineyes but how?15:25
bananadinethat's what i asked haha15:25
CarlFKI always start with the irc channel15:26
bananadinewhat should i ask them? because i suppose i'll need to be more specific with them15:26
bananadinei'll need to find a gstreamer related cause15:26
CarlFKin this case #gstreamer - link to your blog post, and in #gstreamer ask where you can get help15:27
bananadineactually it's a big channel15:27
bananadinesomeone will show up who can help15:27
CarlFKdon't think of it like you are asking for help fixing a bug in gstreamer (which sounds like what you are thinking?15:27
bananadineno no15:27
CarlFK"gstreamer related cause"  sounded odd15:28
bananadinewell what i meant is15:28
bananadinei can't ask them something which has nothing to do with gstreamer15:28
CarlFKwell, wrong.. but.. :)15:28
CarlFKI think this has enough to do with streamer15:29
CarlFK            self.try_start_pipeline(force=True)15:29
bananadineyeah in this case it has15:29
CarlFKthat's a gstreamer pipeline constructed out of gstreamer components15:29
CarlFKand the new components are different.15:30
bananadinei was thinking earlier about self.pipeline15:30
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bananadineand where is self.pipeline.connect from15:30
CarlFKand when I am stuck, I will often just say "I don't think this the the right place to get an answer, but maybe someone knows where the right place is?"15:30
bananadinei'll show up on #gstreamer monday15:31
bananadinedidn't plan to do anything major this weekend15:31
bananadinejust snoop around15:32
CarlFKI would ask now15:33
CarlFKmost likely you will be given a mail list to post to15:33
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CarlFKwhoops, must have hit ^w15:34
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CarlFKmost likely you will be given a mail list to post to, which may take a few days for the right person to read and respond15:35
CarlFKand if you don't want to run the risk of getting help right now (which can take up time you don't have) then just find the mail list15:36
CarlFK'everyone' has a mail list15:36
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rihnapstorhi there20:28
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