Tuesday, 2013-07-16

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mithro-workCarlFK, get anywhere?01:43
CarlFKno - I somehow went backwards.01:44
CarlFKhdmi ports behave as expected01:44
CarlFKpower up, get atlys test pattern on monitor01:44
CarlFKupload firmware, get grid? test image on monitor01:45
CarlFKhook up rpi, hit the D? button, see the pi's video on the monitor01:45
CarlFKbut I don't get an image on the /dev/video device01:45
CarlFKI do get "1024x768"  and maybe 15fps01:46
CarlFKand now my dhcp server isn't working01:46
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CarlFKim running up and down stairts - server in the basment, just checked a tablet that is up stairs,  dhcp worked.. but the dvswitch box .. even the pxe isn't making anything show up in the dhcp log01:57
CarlFKcrap - i seem to have lost the ethernet port on one of my laptops02:14
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JahanzebHi CarlFK10:28
Jahanzebwhich firmware you are testing with10:28
Jahanzebtry https://github.com/jahanzeb/HDMI2USB_prebuild10:29
tpbTitle: jahanzeb/HDMI2USB_prebuild ยท GitHub (at github.com)10:29
Jahanzeband if its still not working can you also try one from archive so that i can see where might be problem10:30
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mithrobananadine, I don't think your GstNet "fix" is right10:56
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bananadinemithro, why10:56
bananadineimporting works everywhere now11:00
mithrobananadine, if you remove those lines does it stop working?11:00
bananadinemithro that's why i put those lines, so importing GstNet works everywhere11:13
mithrobananadine, so you haven't found the real problem11:14
mithrowhat you have found is a random method for stopping the problem occuring11:14
mithroyou still don't know *why* GstNet it not importable without those lines?11:14
mithrobananadine, understand the difference?11:16
bananadinethat's the boot file11:16
mithrothe boot.py file is nothing special11:16
mithroit's just a python file like anything else11:16
bananadinewell i don't see it11:18
bananadinei can't look into it deeper that that11:18
mithroyes you can11:19
mithrowhy can boot.py import it11:19
mithrobut not the other file?11:20
bananadinei assert it in boot to sys.modules11:21
bananadineand boot is one of the first modules that runs11:21
bananadinewell it's not the assert...11:42
bananadinebut still boot is one of the first modules11:42
SewarWhat's the border between unittest and Selenium?12:09
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mithroSewar, what do you mean?12:39
mithroA Selenium test is *not* a unittest12:39
mithroeven if it uses the unittest.py module12:39
mithrounittests have no external dependencies12:39
SewarWhen do I use unittest or Selenium?12:39
mithrobananadine, so that means something happens between boot.py and when gstnet is imported later that causes it to fail12:40
Sewarand not overlap, testing same thing in both ...12:40
Sewar"Selenium is especially useful for testing javascript. unittest is for python" from #django12:41
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mithro-workSelenium is what I'd call an "integration test"12:49
mithro-workso it's quite confusing12:50
mithro-workso there is the unittest.py module12:50
mithro-workand the concept of a unittest12:50
mithro-workand these two things should not be confused12:50
mithro-workbecause unittest.py is used for all types of tests, unit tests, integration tests, etc12:51
hyadesmithro-work, even i'm listening :)12:51
mithro-workUnit tests are all about testing very small "units" of code12:52
mithro-workthey should be fast12:52
mithro-workthey should not have external dependencies12:52
hyadesmithro-work, is such a thing a unittest?12:52
tpbTitle: [Python] from server import BaseServer import pytest class TestClass(object): - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)12:52
mithro-workIn Python "real unittests" are often best done via the doctest module12:53
mithro-workhyades, yes it looks that way - I'm not sure it's really that useful12:53
mithro-workIE ports values should be things like12:54
mithro-workports = [-1, 1e6, None, '200', {}]12:54
mithro-worktesting a couple of valid inputs makes sense though12:54
mithro-workSewar, poke?12:55
hyadesso you mean like if i put a port say 80, which will be in use almost always, it should throw an exception12:55
mithro-workhyades, nope - 80 is a perfectly valid port number12:55
Sewarthat makes sense12:55
mithro-workhyades, what happens if you give it -1?12:55
mithro-workSewar, unittests generally look at a single function12:55
mithro-workor single class12:55
hyadesit passes this port onto gst-switch-srv12:55
mithro-workhyades, does -1 make sense? what about -3?12:56
hyadesim getting the point12:56
mithro-workhyades, "I don't know" is something you don't want to be in the position of12:56
mithro-worktests help you make sure that you *do* know what will happen12:57
mithro-workunittests have a major problem12:57
mithro-workif doesn't matter if all the functions work in isolation12:57
mithro-workif they fail when put together12:57
mithro-workyour still screwed12:57
hyadesso should the code have exception handlers which do not allow such ports to be entered12:57
hyadesor something else?12:58
mithro-workhyades, possibly12:58
Sewarok, so Selenium should be used to run multiple operations at one session12:58
mithro-workso integration tests are about looking at system as a whole12:58
mithro-workmaking sure that a person can login12:58
mithro-workwould be an integration test12:58
mithro-workthe closer your integration test is to how a real user would operate the better12:59
mithro-workhence why selenium makes a lot of sense12:59
mithro-workbecause it doesn't matter if your system works if you send user/password as arguments12:59
mithro-workif the fields don't exist in your webpage your not going to be able to send them12:59
mithro-workSewar, make more sense?13:00
mithro-workThe problem with integration tests is that there is pretty much an infinite number of ways to use any normal app13:00
mithro-workso you break it down into "work flows"13:00
mithro-workIE "login into the system"13:00
mithro-workor "create a new entry in the system"13:01
mithro-workto do the second you probably need to be logged in - but testing that you *can* login shouldn't really be part of that test13:01
Sewaryeah, I already do the same in unittests, for setUp() objects13:03
SewarsetUp()'s objects (eg. EDID)13:03
mithro-workso on the note of testing13:03
mithro-workif your tests are flaky they they shouldn't exist - flaky tests are *worse* then no tests13:04
mithro-workflaky tests are ones which pass most of the time but sometimes randomly fail13:04
Sewarthat makes sense13:05
mithro-worka) they give you false confidence13:05
mithro-workb) you never know if your code is broken or the test is broken13:05
mithro-workso there is a trade off between creating tests and making sure they are not flaky13:06
mithro-workdepending on external services is one way to make your tests flaky13:06
mithro-workfor example, if your login flow needs to talk to facebook13:06
mithro-workit's going to be flaky because occasionally facebook will be done13:06
mithro-workmake sure your test suites don't require any internet access13:07
mithro-workbecause needing network access is one way to make your tests flaky13:07
mithro-workand it is really easy to accidently do13:09
mithro-workI know from experience :)13:09
mithro-workhyades, does that help at all?13:10
mithro-workIt's really hard to test error cases in integration tests13:13
mithro-workbut really easy in unittests13:13
Sewarunittests to make sure every part works as expected, and integration tests to make sure things are still coupled together13:14
* Sewar goes to sleep13:15
bananadinemithro-work, GstNet.NetTimeProvider.new(clock, None, port) doesn't work, i need to put an address in place of None13:17
bananadinewhat should i put?13:17
mithro-workbananadine, I have no idea13:17
mithro-work<mithro> bananadine, so that means something happens between boot.py and when gstnet is imported later that causes it to fail13:18
bananadineoh i needed to go out for something so i didn't notice you wrote13:18
bananadineflumotion-manager, flumotion-worker and flumotion-admin13:22
bananadineall call boot13:22
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mithro-workbananadine, that is not the point13:26
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bananadinemithro-work, i don't know what could it possibly be13:28
mithro-workbananadine, neither do I, but you have a range to work with13:28
mithro-workkeep dividing that in half13:28
mithro-workuntil you workout where the issue is13:28
bananadinei thought the issue was that the flumotion manager and worker use boot.py and there was no GstNet in boot.py  and that caused the problem13:31
hyadesmithro-work, i will be needing custom exception handlers13:47
mithro-workbananadine, no13:47
mithro-workhyades, what do you mean?13:47
hyadessuppose if i put port -2, then some exception should be raised13:48
hyadessomething like ValueError13:48
mithro-workhyades, correct13:49
bananadinemithro-work, i can't do that now14:05
bananadinei want to fix this14:05
bananadineWARN  [ 9285] "producer-video"                 feedcomponent     Jul 15 15:12:57      Setup failed: failure <type 'exceptions.TypeError'> at flumotion/component/producers/videotest/videotest.py:53: get_pipeline_string(): 'tuple' object does not support item assignment (flumotion/component/component.py:586)14:05
bananadinehere's the difference between the old gst and the new14:14
tpbTitle: gst In [3]: gst.structure_from_string('aha') Out[3]: (at pastebin.com)14:14
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-Uh7> (at github.com)14:16
bananadineand the error points here14:16
bananadinemithro-work ?*14:32
hyadesmithro-work, testing everything will be huge! woah14:37
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CarlFK magic.  atlys is working again22:52
CarlFKso is the laptop eathernet port that went out to lunch22:53
iiiewelcome back ethernet port!  how was lunch?22:57
CarlFKyou ever do pxe boot?22:58
CarlFKlike you know how the nic eprom has a tcp/ip stack, dhcp client...22:58
CarlFKand I wasn't trying to flash it22:58
iiienot successfully22:58
CarlFKyeah.. so it has all that.  most do.22:59
iiieah, so setting is off and it can't both use and boot?22:59
CarlFKit was still on22:59
CarlFKanyway... pxe didn't work, boot into ubunutu, ifconfig showed a port, link light was on, but dhcp requests didn't show up in the dhcp server log23:01
CarlFKpower cycled.. different cards, power cycles the switch..23:02
CarlFKturned it off, went to lunch, turned it back on, now it works.23:02
iiieit was tired, and like you said, it needed a lunch23:15

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