Monday, 2013-07-15

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Sewarmithro: ping?07:24
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hyades_mithro, mithro-work dr?07:45
mithro-workhyades, oops...07:48
mithro-worklet me go grab a room07:48
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bananadinemithro, ping09:33
mithro-workbananadine, pong09:34
bananadinemeeting in half an hour?09:35
mithro-workheading to a room now10:00
mithrobananadine, okay10:04
bananadinei'm in10:05
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CarlFKmithro - I am about to try to hook the hdmi2usb to dvswitch... if any success, then use it in production in 8 hours13:52
mithroCarlFK, how?13:52
CarlFKwith that ffmpeg pipe13:52
CarlFKunless you have any other ideas13:53
CarlFKill try them too13:53
CarlFKdod you mention gstreamer ?13:53
mithroCarlFK, micolous_ needs to finish writing it first :P14:01
mithroCarlFK, what firmware are you using?14:01
tpbTitle: jahanzeb/HDMI2USB_prebuild · GitHub (at
CarlFKum.. good Q14:02
CarlFKthe one in the main git repo14:02
mithrothat is old14:02
mithroin the middle of re-organising the repositories14:02
CarlFKthen get it updated... please14:02
mithroprobably be a week or two before it all settles down14:03
mithrobe back in 20 minutes - walking home14:03
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mithroCarlFK, back14:24
mithroCarlFK, elena is working on a case for the prototype boards14:24
CarlFKoh oh.. please tell me you will use usbB connectors14:25
CarlFKI have had a few of the little usb connectors fail on me..14:25
CarlFKi think the outer housing of the jack (device side) gets worked open so it doesn't hold the plug in snuggly14:26
CarlFKreminds me of the small firewire connectors, only those things are shipped lose14:27
mithroCarlFK, case14:31
CarlFKcase has holes for connectors, right ?14:32
mithrosure, but there is always going to be a microusb connector inside the case14:32
CarlFKwhy can't it be the larger connector ?14:33
mithrobecause we are not desoldering the microusb connector from the board14:35
mithro----> the prototype boards14:35
CarlFKoh... this is a case for the whole atlys board14:35
CarlFKyeah - never mind that14:36
mithroCarlFK, yes14:39
mithroso you don't destroy it while waiting for the real board14:39
CarlFKyeah - I wonder if I should screw the board into the plastic case the board is shipped in14:42
CarlFKand add some velcro ties to keep the hdmi cables from yanking the connectors around too much14:43
mithroCarlFK, any luck or should I go to bed?14:54
CarlFKoh hell.. got distracted14:58
CarlFKgive me 10 min here14:58
CarlFKcan you give me the URLs to the 2 files I need?14:59
CarlFKso I can do this: # wget -N
tpb<> (at
mithroThey are in the repository , which only has the files you need now15:06
tpbTitle: jahanzeb/HDMI2USB_prebuild · GitHub (at
CarlFKwget -N
CarlFKwget -N
CarlFKthose, right?15:08
tpb<$c> (at
tpb<$d> (at
mithrobut they are likely to change in the near future15:11
mithroso I wouldn't depend on them being stable15:12
CarlFKdo you know where djtgcfg came from?15:13
CarlFKI have it in /usr/local/bin/djtgcfg - no idea how it got there15:13
mithrothe Digilent tools15:13
CarlFKfile name?15:13
CarlFKI have a bunch of tar/gz files and stuff15:14
tpb<> (at
mithroTo use this method you must have the Adept 2.XX.XX Utilities installed and Adept 2.XX.XX Runtime installed.15:14
CarlFKyou donfile name?15:14
CarlFKyou dont know the file name do you :)15:14
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mithrothat page has links to them15:15
CarlFKI need to  run this on another box - my dev laptop's eithernet jack is 1/2 broken, so it falls out15:15
CarlFKI bet it doesn't15:16
CarlFKI have a feeling it was one of the files behind a registration wall15:16
mithroI just clicked them15:17
mithroand it downloaded fine15:17
CarlFKdo you have a url I can wget ?15:17
CarlFKI have digilent.adept.runtime_2.10.2-x86_64.tar.gz   digilent.adept.utilities_2.1.1-x86_64.tar.gz15:18
mithroinstall them15:18
tpb<$t> (at
mithroCome on Carl, not really that hard to click a link or two :P15:19
CarlFKthats how I eneded up with 26 fiiles in my tv dir15:19
CarlFKffmpeg -f video4linux2 -s vga -r 25 -i /dev/video0 -f s16le -ar 48000  -ac 2 -i /dev/zero -target pal-dv - | dvsource-file /dev/stdin15:28
CarlFKI should do -r 29.89 right ?15:28
CarlFKyeah... (replace 'pal-dv' by 'ntsc-dv' if wanted. Note that -r25 is wrong for ntsc, has to be something like -r30 or some such)15:29
mithrothe input is only going to be 15fps15:30
mithroI have no idea how ffmpeg will deal with that...15:30
mithroTo force the frame rate of the input file (valid for raw formats only) to 1 fps and the frame rate of the output file to 24 fps:15:31
mithro                   ffmpeg -r 1 -i input.m2v -r 24 output.avi15:31
mithroI wonder if -target pal-dv sets the correct framerate15:32
CarlFK[video4linux2 @ 0x1897300] The V4L2 driver changed the video from 640x480 to 1024x76815:33
CarlFK[video4linux2 @ 0x1897300] The driver changed the time per frame from 100/2989 to 2/1515:33
CarlFKand then locked up15:33
CarlFKtop shows ffmpeg  90-95% cpu15:35
CarlFKand nothing is hitting dvswitch15:35
mithroCarlFK, so ffmpeg is probably stupid15:35
mithroCarlFK, and doesn't like the fact that the V4L2 driver didn't return data in for format requested15:35
CarlFKit was working with my laptops wecam /dev/video0.  switched it to video1, nothing on dvswitch15:35
mithroCarlFK, can you kill ffmpeg and see if you get output with luvcview?15:36
mithroyour laptop's webcam probably supports a wide variety of video/frame rates15:37
CarlFKluvcview -d /dev/video1 .. black screen15:38
CarlFKmplayer did give me the test patteren15:38
mithrobut it's not anymore?15:39
CarlFK  ioctl querycontrol error: Invalid argument Set Saturation up error15:39
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKcorrect - mplayer won't play it either15:40
CarlFKv4l2: ioctl set format failed: Device or resource busy15:40
mithroCarlFK, power cycle the device and check that mplayer is giving you the test pattern15:42
CarlFKill have to reload firmware, right ?15:42
mithrowe could program the flash with the firmware15:43
mithrothen you wouldn't need to do that15:43
mithrobut at the moment I'm not ready to make that call15:43
CarlFKv4l2: unable to open '/dev/video1': No such file or directory15:43
CarlFKI am guessing something locked up the v4l driver15:44
CarlFK[email protected]:~/tv$ ls /dev/video*15:44
CarlFK/dev/video0  /dev/video115:44
mithroyour power cycles the device and reflashed?15:44
CarlFKyes.. I think I ran mplayer too soon15:45
CarlFKluvcview gives me the test pattern15:45
CarlFKnow mplayer works too15:46
CarlFKffmpeg ... -s vga I wonder why that is there15:48
CarlFKI has test pattern in dvswitch!15:49
mithroI think you just want to remove the paramters are the front15:49
mithroffmpeg -f video4linux2 -i /dev/video0 -f s16le -ar 48000  -ac 2 -i /dev/zero -target pal-dv - | dvsource-file /dev/stdin15:49
CarlFKload average: 5.64,15:50
CarlFKcould hardly type15:50
mithrocan you paste the ffmpeg output somewhere?15:51
mithroscaling 1024x768 raw video to pal-dv should be pretty trivial....15:52
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
mithrowhat is consuming all your CPU?15:56
CarlFKmy HD is .. "on" guessing swapping but top doesn't show kswapd or whatever15:56
CarlFKit seems to have settled down now15:57
mithrooutput from top?16:00
CarlFKwhere the hell is the "new paste" button?16:01
mithro"new paste" ?16:01
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
mithro 1852 carl      20   0  919m 130m 8512 S   52  3.6 608:30.12 compiz16:02
CarlFKim jsut whining.  can't figure out how to quicky go from to a new empty16:02
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKyeah - I always wonder about compiz16:02
mithrowhere is ffmpeg on that?16:02
mithrowhy are you even running compiz?16:03
CarlFKbecuase ubuntu installed it i guess ;/16:03
mithroit can be installed16:05
mithrobut just disable visual effects in the appearance tab16:05
mithroit all good then?16:06
CarlFKI just hooked up a pie  hoping to get something moving so I can see how much lag there is16:07
CarlFKin System Settings, Appearance doesn't have "visual effects" - I have seen that option somewhere...16:07
CarlFKi'll worry about that later16:08
CarlFKI have pi output in dvswitch16:09
CarlFKand swapping/maxed cpu.. getting top with ffmpeg now16:13
CarlFKonce firefox comes back I'll paste it16:15
mithrocheck your memory usage16:15
CarlFKwith free or ps or?16:16
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKif you need to get to bed I think I can take it from here16:20
mithrono way ffmpeg should be using 45% of your memory16:29
mithrowow, looks like gstreamer can't produce dv files!?16:33
CarlFKyears ago when I tried to use that ffmpeg command to hook a web cam to dvswitch, it got out of sync with reality prety quick  - I am guessing it is feeing a buffer faster than it is reading from it16:33
mithrodvswitch is reading pal-dv right?16:34
CarlFKeither pal or ntsc16:35
CarlFKit uses what ever the first source uses16:36
mithroadd a -t to dvsource command line16:36
mithrowhat happens if you try to stream a nstc stream to a system which had pal connect first?16:36
mithroffmpeg -f video4linux2 -i /dev/video0 -f s16le -ar 48000  -ac 2 -i /dev/zero -target pal-dv - | dvsource-file -t /dev/stdin16:37
CarlFKdvswitch throws a ! icon over the thumb.. and I think jsut adds/drops frames to sync it with whatever fps the first source uses16:38
CarlFKdvsource-file: invalid option -- 't'16:39
CarlFKUsage: dvsource-file [-h HOST] [-p PORT] [-l] FILE16:39
mithroyour dvsource-file doesn't match trunk16:40
mithroyou might give mencoder a go too16:40
mithro mencoder  -vop scale=720:576 -oac pcm -ovc libdv16:40
tpb<> (at
mithroanyway I need to sleep16:42
tpb<> (at
CarlFKsure - thanks for staying up16:43
CarlFKsee ya16:43
mithrogood luck I guess16:44
mithroI'd try a much newer ffmpeg16:45
CarlFKgood idea16:45
CarlFKI can dedicated a  box to just the atlys board16:45
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parxCarlfk  NERP is tonight.  Have you finally trained Ed to give you all the right info in the right form up front?18:35
CarlFKI  have to forwad you that conversation ...18:37
parxhaha: )18:37
parxhaven't gotten it18:42
CarlFK Rachel Clark <[email protected]> I wonder who that is?18:43
CarlFK "Rachel Dean" <[email protected]>,   sent18:43
parxuhh, he didn't quite supply the items on your list18:46
CarlFKthen he says18:48
CarlFK> I'm doing right now. I can't get the pix out of my phone. (Nexus4 -> ubuntu 10.04). I'll try another computer in a minute.18:48
CarlFKlol what?!18:48
CarlFKhe just sent out an announcement mail.. it's better....18:50
parxI got that18:50
parxMaybe if you add numbers to your vertical list it will help people to realize "Oh there are three items on this list.  I have to provide three things."18:52
CarlFKI am skeptical :)18:53
parxme too ; )18:53
CarlFKhave you figured out if you want to go to Ohio?18:54
CarlFK  July 27-28  same place as last year18:55
tpbTitle: PyOhio | Welcome (at
CarlFKhow helpful.18:55
CarlFKSee you in Columbus! - there we go18:55
iiieI see 5 tracks
tpbTitle: PyOhio | Conference Schedule (at
CarlFKiiie: did you see/hear/read I got the board to talk to dvswitch18:58
CarlFKyeah - but no recording in the 5th18:58
CarlFKso just for 4!18:58
CarlFKand AV is kinda provided ... well... equipment and some guy in another office18:59
iiieno, awesome transitional18:59
iiiehm, so they give us room audio?18:59
CarlFKI am not sure it makes my life any easier19:00
iiieMeans that the volunteers have to deal with a little less19:00
iiiebut yeah if it doesn't work there isn't anything to do...19:00
CarlFKI seem to remember "yeah, we have heard that hum before.  can't hear it over the PA, so no one has bothered to fix it"19:01
* iiie wonders if gstream will let us post process audio with low, high, band and notch filters?19:02
CarlFKso I end up running the mics into my mixer, then a cable back to their PA19:04
iiiehe he he19:04
parxtrying to get hold of my friend so I can give you an answer, Carlfk19:15
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