Saturday, 2013-07-13

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CarlFKiiie: ping04:01
iiieCarlFK: pong04:02
CarlFKcan you check out what skay is asking about in #django?04:02
CarlFKI missed what she posted, but it has something to do with django-profiles and current / dev django (i guess)04:03
iiieYes, 1.5 replaces User rather than using auth_profile04:05
CarlFKshe isn't actually upgrading anything - she is starting to hack together a little demo site for her work04:07
iiie"a rising tide raises all boats"?04:07
* iiie I like sharing knowledge04:08
CarlFK: {{ clrfformset.management_form }}
tpb<> (at
CarlFKwhat does that do anyway?! lol04:20
iiiemanagement form for formsets, form count04:34
iiieor should be04:34
iiieoff to grab dinner04:34
CarlFKsee ya - thaks04:36
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hyadesmithro CarlFK what is encode_mode?07:31
hyadesits just added to the introspect. I cannot see any implementation of it in the code of gst-switch07:32
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hyadesmithro, ping08:53
mithrohey hyades08:53
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hyadesi need some info08:57
hyadesfirstly what is encode_mode08:57
hyadesits mentioned in the introspect but has no implementation08:58
hyadesin the code of the gst-switch08:58
hyades    "    <method name='set_encode_mode'>"09:00
hyades    "      <arg type='i' name='channel' direction='in'/>"09:00
hyades    "      <arg type='b' name='result' direction='out'/>"09:00
hyades    "    </method>"09:00
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mithronot sure09:30
hyadesand some time back i had raised a issue in the gst-switch about the warnings i am getting09:30
hyadesanything related to that?09:31
hyadesthese warnings are only enabled in the developmental 1.1.1 version09:31
hyadesof gstreamer09:31
hyadesthe entire thing works good, but sometimes I have to debug by putting some print statements, which I cannot do due to these warnings09:33
mithrohyades, those warnings occur once off rather then multiple times, right?09:41
hyadesthey are like some 5-6 times a second09:41
hyadesso i can just find them on my terminal screen09:41
hyadesthats why i cannot use print for debugging :(09:42
mithroyou know about "grep -v" right?09:52
hyadesman grep saying it shows non-matching lines09:54
hyadesthese warnings are to stderr09:55
hyadesi even piped stderr to /dev/null, but it doesn't work09:56
hyadesif i pipe everything to a file, only print statements come09:57
hyadesalso, I have tried running gst-switch-srv in gst-debug-disable and --gst-debug-level=0 modes. None of these work10:23
mithrohyades, "abc 2>&1" well redirect the output of stderr into stdout10:26
mithrohyades, please read up on stderr verse stdout and pipes10:27
hyadesmithro, its good now :) thanks10:32
hyadesim putting stderr to null now10:33
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mithroctcp ping does nothing13:01
bananadinehey mithro13:02
bananadinedid you see what i wrote here yesterday?13:02
hyadeschecking connectivity13:02
mithrobananadine, yes13:03
mithroyou need to figure out the difference between when you run it in flumotion and when you run it locally13:03
bananadinei know that much, what can i use to find out?13:04
mithroyour brain? :P13:06
mithrothere is nothing automatic for this13:06
mithroSo, what have we looked at before?13:12
mithrowhen previously trying to track down import problems13:16
bananadinethat was with gi13:16
bananadinegtk2reactor was givint it a 'None' value13:16
bananadineso it won't get imported13:16
mithrobut before there13:19
mithrowe looked a whole bunch of different things13:19
bananadinewe looked at the strace output13:20
bananadinepython didn't look for gi in the right place13:21
bananadineso it couldn't find it and gave an import error13:21
bananadineand now it looks for GstNet in the wrong place13:22
mithrobananadine, your missing the whole part where we did things like13:23
mithroprint sys.modules13:23
bananadinewell i did print sys.modules for this too13:23
mithroand did you find anything?13:27
mithrohow does it compare to the interactive verse in flumotion?13:27
bananadineoh you know what13:29
bananadinei should print sys.modules in the interactive13:29
bananadine 'gi.repository': <module 'gi.repository' from '/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gi/repository/__init__.pyc'>,13:31
bananadine 'gi.repository.GstNet': <gi.module.DynamicModule 'GstNet' from '/usr/lib/girepository-1.0/GstNet-1.0.typelib'>,13:31
mithroyour looking for differences right13:31
bananadinethe difference is13:31
bananadinei have this line with GstNet in the interactive13:31
bananadinebut i don't in flumotion13:31
mithroyes, now you need to figure out why13:37
mithrohow does gi.repository find the module?13:37
bananadinewith help from the __init__?13:39
bananadineas i understand '/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gi/repository/'  does the job13:41
mithrowhat is in that file?13:43
mithroseems to do something to meta_path13:43
mithrohave a look into that13:43
tpbTitle: 28.1. sys — System-specific parameters and functions Python v3.3.2 documentation (at
bananadinein that file i see two methods for getting the specified version of the module13:45
bananadineIE gi.require_version('Gst' , '1.0')13:45
bananadinethe other is get_required_version13:46
bananadineand it also force loads GObject13:46
mithrodunno if your version of that file is different to mine....13:46
bananadineit's GstNet-1.0.typelib13:47
bananadinei get the modules from the importer13:48
bananadinebe back in 15 min, got to go pay some bills13:49
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rihnapstorhello guys!18:16
CarlFKhi rihnapstor18:20
rihnapstorhey hi18:21
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