Thursday, 2013-07-11

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Sewar»» iiie hasn't seen CarlFK00:06
Sewar<iiie> right, well if you see Carl tell him I'm on the road00:06
CarlFKiiie2:   trist uo00:08
CarlFKall the processes are happy...00:14
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iiieCarlFK, hello!00:28
CarlFKon my phone..00:28
CarlFKany chance of dropping the fps to like.. 2?00:29
iiieum, hm00:30
CarlFKer, wait not phone..00:30
iiielooking at config (has copy)00:30
iiiemaybe!  trist manager config <property name="framerate">25/1</property>00:32
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CarlFKI think the crap wifi is better than the 2 bars of 3g01:05
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mithro_workCarlFK, why not both!02:25
CarlFKmithro_work: I was thinking the audio and video streams could go on different paths02:29
mithro_workCarlFK, probably a bad idea02:29
mithro_workCarlFK, I'll get around to getting someone to write this multipath reliability tunnel thingy02:30
CarlFKtalk over02:35
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mithro_workSewar, ping?05:16
Sewarmithro: pong!05:20
mithro_workSewar, you should try the #django for that weird problem you are having05:20
Sewartried yesterday, no response05:21
mithro_workhow long did you wait?05:21
mithro_workIt is likely to take 24 hours05:21
Sewaras you see, I'm on IRC 24/7, excluding during netsplits05:22
mithro_workyeah cool05:23
SewarThis is the query generated by ORM:
tpbTitle: Snippet #233996 (at
SewarIi gives the same weird output, since I don't understand those 'LEFT OUTER JOIN' I'm not sure if it's the correct query or not.05:26
Sewarbtw, I added comments section to my blog, so you can comment there too.05:27
mithro_worktry #sql for help with LEFT OUTER JOIN05:36
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mithro_workhi bananadine12:57
mithro_workhow goes things today?12:57
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mithro_workHi hyades12:57
mithro_workhow goes things?12:57
hyadeshi mithro_work12:58
bananadinehi mithro_work12:59
hyadesbrb 5 mins12:59
bananadinei'm asking around #gstreamer13:00
bananadinemithro_work, is it fine to replace 'factory = registry.find_feature(name, Gst.TYPE_ELEMENT_FACTORY)' with 'factory = registry.lookup_feature(name) in this method
tpbTitle: flumotion - Flumotion core (at
mithro_workI have no idea13:08
bananadinethe people at #gstreamer don't know how to get the GType in pygi13:10
bananadineand i can't find out in the porting guides13:10
mithro_workWhat does the old documentation say about that?13:17
mithro_workIE what does find_feature do verse lookup_feature13:17
bananadinefind_feature -> "Find the pluginfeature with the given name and type in the registry."13:22
bananadinelookup_feature -> "Find a PluginFeature with name in registry ."13:22
bananadinewell this could work13:22
bananadinewithout the type13:22
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mithrobananadine, probably want to assert the returned type is a TYPE_ELEMENT_FACTORY...13:43
micolous_mithro: i'm just finding some slides for you13:43
mithromicolous_, awesome!13:44
bananadinemithro, it works fine with lookup_feature13:44
micolous_goggle docs does odp import right?13:44
bananadineanyway now i'm stuck on something else13:44
mithromicolous_, probably not13:44
mithrobananadine, yes but you'll probably get weird bugs in the future where it doesn't return a TYPE_ELEMENT_FACTORY and it'll waste time later13:45
bananadineadd_event_probe is now add_probe and it takes 4 arguments13:45
tpbTitle: flumotion - Flumotion core (at
bananadineadd_event_probe took only two13:45
tpb<> (at
mithrowhat are the two new arguments?13:47
bananadinemy guess would be 'GDestroyNotify destroy_data'13:48
micolous_mithro: sent13:48
bananadineand 'GstPadProbeCallback callback'13:48
mithrobananadine, don't guess look up the old documentation and compare13:49
tpb<> (at
bananadineoh well13:50
bananadinecallback is not new then13:50
mithrobananadine, I thought not13:51
bananadineso 'mask' and 'destroy_data'13:51
bananadinemask should be event13:54
bananadinei mean, event type13:54
mithrobananadine, well previously they got all events right?13:57
mithromicolous_, your not doing great on the text contrast there yourself :P13:57
mithrobananadine, so you want a mask that does that right?13:57
bananadinethe thing is previously the method handled which type is the probe13:57
micolous_ mithro how is #fff text on #000 background low contrast :P13:57
micolous_the "colours" slide is meant as tongue in cheek :P13:58
bananadineso it was 'add_event_probe'13:58
mithromicolous_, it's not #fff text on my computer13:58
mithrobananadine, okay13:58
mithroso do that :P13:58
micolous_mithro: weird :\13:58
mithromicolous_, it's like a dark gray13:59
micolous_all the full text is in the notes13:59
micolous_because i don't write slides with lots of text13:59
micolous_because they're bad13:59
mithromicolous_, yes I know13:59
micolous_it was funny, uni did a presentation on "good presentations" and it was itself an example of bad powerpoint use (and included the meme of the Ferris Bueller scene with the economics class)14:00
mithroI seem to have lost the old PyConAU sponsorship document14:02
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mithroSewar, your new blog posts are looking good!14:37
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bananadinemithro, for this ->
tpb<> (at
bananadinei get get_pipeline_string(): 'tuple' object does not support item assignment15:23
bananadinei know that tuples are not changeable15:23
bananadinebut how did it work before15:24
bananadine'structure_from_string' converts 'struct' to a tuple15:26
bananadine"A gst.Structure is a collection of key/value pairs"15:27
bananadinethat doesn't sound like a tuple15:27
bananadineok so it's a tuple15:35
bananadinein pygi15:35
bananadineand the first element is the structure15:35
micolous_i plugged my xbox360 into the capture board for shits and giggles15:56
micolous_i think that the board is copying my TV's DDC information :P15:57
micolous_which means it'll be trying to do 1080p30 with 3D mode available and stuff like that15:57
micolous_though the xbox menus will all be 2D15:57
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micolous_managed to get it to behave with the xbox, but it required navigating menus with a broken display of the 480p input, then setting the res manually16:17
micolous_the chroma appears misaligned, but i'll have some screenshots shortly16:18
micolous_i still need to update the board to newer fw16:18
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micolous_ < shots of hdmi2usb with an xbox360 connected to it17:28
tpbTitle: hdmi2usb xbox360 2013-07-12 - Imgur (at
CarlFKI see a car17:29
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micolous_that's an xbox game17:29
micolous_the chroma is off slightly17:30
micolous_but otherwise working nice17:30
CarlFKwhat sort of fps are you seeing ?17:30
micolous_well the capture device reports 15fps at 1024x76817:30
micolous_xbox is doing [email protected]17:30
micolous_xbox says 50Hz is unsupported17:31
micolous_whenever you set a screen resolution it will try both17:31
CarlFKI have one too, but don't have a good hdmi .. chain... like I have a ras-pi for a source (fine) but I don't have an hdmi monitor17:31
micolous_ah ok17:31
micolous_i notice that the atlys makes the xbox think it is connected to a computer monitor (DVI) instead of a TV (HDMI)17:31
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CarlFKdid you see my script to flash the atlys?17:32
iiieGoodmorning all (10:30am Pacific)17:32
micolous_640x480 i get passthrough to the TV but there are display issues (
tpbTitle: 640x480 inputs cause corrupted display · Issue #30 · timvideos/HDMI2USB · GitHub (at
micolous_1024x768 my TV isn't getting passthrough17:32
CarlFKhi iiie17:32
micolous_it's 03:02 here17:32
micolous_i think i saw that17:32
micolous_at the moment i'm just running everything by hand17:33
micolous_but chained the two flashing commands17:33
CarlFKI wasn't sure if you were using the IDE or whatever the main wiki page might imply you need to17:33
micolous_ djtgcfg prog -d Atlys -i 0 -f hdmi2usb.bit;  sudo fxload -vvv -t fx2 -D 1443:0007 -I hdmi2usb.hex17:33
micolous_that's what i run17:34
CarlFK where did you get djtgcfg from?17:34
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micolous_the links on there17:35
tpb<> (at
CarlFKI got lost trying to figure that out17:36
CarlFKI am trying to simplify the whole process so onboarding a new person doesn't make them run away17:36
micolous_i had the advantage this week of being in the same room as Tim17:37
micolous_but he left me to get it setup myself using only the wiki and i managed17:38
micolous_as a "test" :)17:38
micolous_i found a couple of documentation errors17:38
CarlFKdjtgcfg ... the author told me not to use the one Tim says to use17:38
micolous_i thought it was a different fxload?17:39
CarlFKmaybe that is what I am thinking...17:39
CarlFKlike I said, I got pretty tripped up trying to figure out what was really needed17:39
CarlFK"You can download fxload from "  thats the one that pbatard said "wat?!  omg, don't use that"  (basically.)17:40
tpbTitle: pbatard/fxload · GitHub (at
micolous_ah ok17:41
micolous_i know not to usse the one in apt17:41
micolous_so i built from source17:41
CarlFKwell, I think the one in apt may be ok17:41
CarlFKbut the command line switches aren't consistent.. which I think is what lead to the "too old" conclusion17:42
micolous_anyway, i best be off to bed17:50
micolous_ < bonus of hdmi2usb capture of foxtel for xbox 36017:51
tpb<> (at
micolous_so even works in video apps on the xbox17:51
micolous_which i thought would have HDCP...17:51
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CarlFKisn't that dependant on the source media ?17:52
micolous_i thought it would be17:52
micolous_i thought foxtel would turn on HDCP17:52
micolous_either it doesn't, or the hdmi2usb firmware supports HDCP17:52
micolous_i'll see if i can get hold of a playstation 3 on the weekend because i'm pretty sure that's always-on HDCP17:53
CarlFKsee ya17:54
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