Tuesday, 2013-07-09

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mithroSewar, pong!05:59
SewarRegarding revisions, which one sounds better?05:59
Sewar1. Treat everything as one object, each revision contains full copy of an EDID and all its timings. Too much duplicate data in db.05:59
Sewar2. Treat models individually, each revision contains full copy of the affected model only (one or more objects). If you want to revert a whole EDID with its timings, you have to revert them one by one.05:59
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mithroSewar, full copy probably06:42
mithroSewar, I doubt space is going to be an issue06:43
mithroDo an experiment06:43
mithroimport 10,000 objects06:43
mithroand see how it grows06:43
Sewareach row fields are serialized in json06:45
CarlFKmithro: where do I click to do a pull request of https://github.com/CarlFK/streaming-system/commit/dff6530ecbc345171f9038480fef37876b4d88ee06:57
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-Pf4> (at github.com)06:57
CarlFKor should I just use my repo ?06:57
mithrogreen button?06:57
CarlFKgreen button says "comment on this commit"06:58
mithro"Compare and Review"06:59
mithroit's a green button on the left...06:59
CarlFKah, I see it on https://github.com/CarlFK/streaming-system07:01
tpbTitle: CarlFK/streaming-system ยท GitHub (at github.com)07:01
CarlFKwhich I think is good enough07:01
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tvCommitBot[streaming-system] CarlFK opened pull request #45: use older syntax for apt-add-repository (master...master)  http://git.io/Fs6UhA07:02
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mithroCarlFK, does that work on Precise?07:04
CarlFKit works on 12.10 lts.. Is that Precise?07:05
CarlFKDescription:    Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS07:06
CarlFKCodename:       precise07:06
CarlFK4, not 10.07:06
mithro12.04 is what I have07:07
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tvCommitBot[streaming-system] mithro pushed 2 new commits to master: http://git.io/Fu-3ig07:07
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master dff6530 Carl Karsten: Use correct sources lines when calling apt-add-repository.07:07
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master 81097b8 Tim Ansell: Merge pull request #45 from CarlFK/master...07:07
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mithromerged :)07:08
CarlFKand here we go!07:08
CarlFKsudo: aptitude: command not found07:09
CarlFKwonk wonk.07:09
Sewarmithro: What do you think about "EDID Duplicate Upload Detection" at http://mohammedalhadab.com/gsoc/users-integration/07:10
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-PfG> (at mohammedalhadab.com)07:11
mithrochecksum file I would guess07:11
Sewarhashlib.sha1() should do I think07:14
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tvCommitBot[streaming-system] CarlFK opened pull request #46: Install aptitude (master...master)  http://git.io/fs9Alw07:24
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CarlFKhow is this possible: + ./40-gst-dvswitch.sh07:26
CarlFKstreaming-system/tools/setup/runall.sh: line 19: ./40-gst-dvswitch.sh: No such file or directory07:26
CarlFKahh.. plugins07:26
mithroCarlFK, we just renamed that....07:27
CarlFK"Fixing for the rename to be clearer."07:27
CarlFKso i see :)07:27
mithroto be less confusion between gst-switch and the gstreamer plugin which talks to dvswitch :)07:27
CarlFK+ cd gst-dvswitch07:29
CarlFKstreaming-system/tools/setup/40-gst-plugins-dvswitch.sh: line 21: cd: gst-dvswitch: No such file or directory07:29
CarlFKnot much testing eh07:29
CarlFKcan you fix07:34
CarlFK runall.sh: line 19: ./40-gst-dvswitch.sh07:34
CarlFKand 0-gst-plugins-dvswitch.sh: line 21: cd: gst-dvswitch:07:34
CarlFKIm done for the night07:38
CarlFKwow.. it's 2.3007:38
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mithro-phoneon the way to the airport. Will be back when we get there.07:45
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tvCommitBot[streaming-system] mithro pushed 2 new commits to master: http://git.io/6KplvA08:59
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master 2e99cf6 Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Small fix for gst-dvswitch to gst-plugins-dvswitch change.08:59
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master 52944e1 Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'08:59
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mithrohey hyades13:17
mithrowe *really* need to start having regular meetings13:17
mithroI'm sure you are probably getting stuff done through your blog posts but we do need to interact more13:18
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mithro<mithro> hey hyades13:26
mithro<mithro> we *really* need to start having regular meetings13:26
mithro<mithro> I'm sure you are probably getting stuff done through your blog posts but we do need to interact more13:26
hyadesmithro, i am having some trouble for internet13:27
hyadeshopefully in a couple of days i will get a better bandwidth connection13:28
bananadinemithro, you're here!13:28
hyadesmithro, meetings are hangouts?13:29
mithrobananadine, you have email13:30
bananadinei replied13:30
bananadinejust now...13:30
mithrohyades, hangouts are preferred but if we can't because your internet is crappy its okay to have 1 or 2 IRC only meetings13:30
mithrohyades, what is your email address again?13:31
hyades[email protected]13:31
hyadesirc meeting is good13:32
bananadinemithro, i know which one i'm executing with the command "which"13:33
bananadineand i can shift in a shell which env to use13:34
bananadineby running either the env on the one i'm portin or on the other one13:34
mithrobananadine, sounds good - might want to mention it somewhere....13:34
mithrosay a blog.....13:34
bananadineyea... i know my blogposts need more meat13:34
mithroactually documenting how to have two parallel flumotions running at one time is a good13:34
bananadinei just kinda suck at writing long stuff13:34
hyadesmithro, irc meeting when?13:34
mithrobananadine, we all suck at writing13:35
mithrowell except maybe parx13:36
mithrobananadine,  Think of your posts as a way to collect your thoughts for the day and give us an insight into your current state of mind.13:37
bananadineYeah i'll get that done13:37
mithrobananadine, you might find it easier to have a temporary file open throughout the day13:38
mithroand dump random things into it as they come to the mind13:38
mithrothen you'll be 50% done at the end of the day13:38
mithroI've found that useful myself13:39
bananadinenow i need to make the stream work, the import error i pasted on the blog comes from the flumotion-admin output13:39
bananadinei posted the full trace13:40
hyadesmithro, i am like coding some days and debugging and testing the rest of the days. So I can have only one of "What I achieved" or "What problems I'm currently having."13:42
bananadineso anyway i tried to do without flumotion-admin to see what will happen13:42
mithrohyades, coding is normally an iterative process13:43
bananadinei mean, i exported a planet file with all the components i need13:43
mithrowrite a little bit of code13:43
mithrothen test the code13:43
mithrothen write a little bit more code13:43
bananadineand i got the same error on each component having "import gi"13:43
bananadinei can paste that traceback too if you like13:44
hyadesi prefer it like first small test code, if it works then write long code and then test whole of it13:44
mithrobananadine, please go back and look at what I was saying about producing the full amount of information needed to see the problem14:01
mithrohyades, the longer you go between running/testing the code14:01
mithrothe more likely you are to have headed down the wrong track14:01
hyadesi understand :)14:02
bananadinemithro, how can i use strace successfully?14:07
bananadineapparently  "strace -f -o ~/Desktop/woo python flumotion/common/package.py" won't do14:07
bananadinebecause it doesn't import the modules from the other folders14:08
mithrohyades, if you spend a whole day coding and never run the code you are in for a headache14:11
mithrobananadine, what command are you running?14:11
mithroare you trying to trace the imports for flumotion/common/package.py ?14:11
mithrois that a valid command to run?14:11
mithropython flumotion/common/package.py14:11
mithrodoes that make sense to run?14:11
bananadinein the blog post tutorial you gave me there's "strace -f -o /tmp/woo python mycode.py"14:12
bananadineso i ran "[email protected]:~/Desktop/flumotion-porting/flumotion$ strace -f -o ~/Desktop/woo python flumotion/common/package.py14:12
mithrobananadine, strace traces a normal program14:13
mithroit's a standard unix tool14:13
mithroIE you could do a14:13
mithrostrace firefox14:13
mithrohyades, so14:29
mithrowhen should we have this meeting?14:29
hyadesyou take a call, i can easily get up early to adjust with your timezone14:30
bananadinemithro, i did "strace flumotion-admin" after running the manager and worker first, but i can't make anything of the output file14:32
mithroMonday around the same time as bananadine's meeting would be good14:33
mithrobananadine, strace outputs system calls14:33
mithrobananadine, you know what system calls are right?14:33
bananadineyes i read that14:33
hyadesbananadine, what time is the meeting14:34
bananadinei have a weekly meeting with mithro every Monday at 12:00 pm central european time14:35
bananadineBelgrade, Skopje, Warsaw14:35
bananadinemithro, i'm going to eat now an then i'll see what i can get out with "snakefood" dependency graph14:37
mithrobananadine, I'll be asleep when you get back14:37
mithrobananadine, the most interesting thing for you is when Python is calling open14:37
mithroyou can see where it is searching for the files it is trying to open14:38
bananadinethanks for the tip14:40
hyadesmithro, can it be saturday or sunday?14:42
hyadesor any other day in the morning14:42
mithroWell, I was trying to keep your meeting and bananadine's together so I don't forget them as easily14:43
mithrohence why I was after Monday14:53
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mithrohey CarlFK15:01
CarlFKhi mithro15:31
mithrobed time for me15:32
CarlFKdo you have pyconau youtube creds?15:32
mithroI can probably dig them up15:32
CarlFKI told ryan I would help him, and assuming he can figure out how to rsync the mp4s...15:32
CarlFKcool - and even if not, I can debug why he is getting auth errors15:33
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hyades_hi CarlFK19:35
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CarlFKhey hyades19:35
hyadeshave a look here19:38
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-Q4b> (at github.com)19:38
hyadesis this kind of script good as far as api is concerned19:39
CarlFKi think so19:40
hyadesalso to change the pip mode for example i will add a line like19:41
CarlFKI have never looked closely at gstswitch - so I am not sure what all is exposed.  but this looks like what I would expect to see19:42
CarlFKcmd = path isn't used, and I am guessing there is something better than raw_input()19:43
CarlFKbut i understand you are just starting19:43
CarlFKand I don't have a better idea... so ppft.19:44
hyadesyeah, this is like a script i use in general for testing purposes19:44
hyadessome unused things might be present19:44
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* iiie is a bit late, but also likes hyades's script20:56
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