Monday, 2013-07-08

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mithrobananadine, ping?12:24
bananadinemithro, pong!12:24
mithrobananadine, sorry - I'm at PyCon AU so totally missed the reminder for the meeting12:25
bananadineooh, can we do it now?12:25
mithrogive me 10 minutes12:26
mithrobananadine, you install flumotion with "make install"12:27
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micolousmithro smells12:27
micolousNSA says so12:27
tpbTitle: Dropbox - pre-build (at
bananadinemithro, i installed it with apt get12:28
bananadinefrom the launchpad repo12:28
mithroyou installed gstreamer right?12:29
mithroflumotion is installed in a similar maner12:30
bananadinei have both installed12:30
bananadinei used flumotion12:30
bananadinebut now i tried to replace the modules on the installed one with the one i'm porting12:31
bananadinewell, only the ported modules12:31
micolousmithro: continue12:32
mithrobananadine, that is silly thing to do12:33
bananadineit's the only thing which came to mind12:33
mithroyou should installed it into ~/gst  just like you did with gstreamer modules12:33
bananadinei don't get it12:34
mithrobananadine, you understand you want to have both stable flumotion and your flumotion installed at the same time to switch between the two12:35
mithrojust like you want to have a gstreamer0.10 and a gstreamer1.0 installed12:35
bananadinehow do i install the other ("ported") flumotion?12:36
mithrootherwise how are you going to tell if the same config file works between both the old and new flumotion?12:36
bananadinethe one i'm working on12:36
bananadinei cloned from
bananadinein my Downloads folder12:37
bananadinethen i ran ./ and make12:37
mithroyou want to use12:38
mithro./ --prefix to install it to a location12:38
bananadinedidn't know that12:39
mithrotry reading --help12:51
bananadinei'm trying to completely remove the flumotion i got installed12:52
bananadineand make a fresh one12:53
bananadinei tried apt-get remove flumotion12:53
bananadinebut flumotion still stays in /usr/local/lib12:53
tpb<> (at
mithroapt-get never installs stuff to /usr/local/13:03
mithroanything installed in /usr/local/lib will be from source13:03
bananadineyou mean that got installed when ran ./
mithrowhen you did a make install13:07
bananadinein Downloads13:08
bananadinewhere i cloned13:08
bananadinei cloned from the flumotion git repo in /home/track/Downloads13:10
bananadineand then i ran ,/autogen.sh13:10
bananadineand make13:10
bananadine./ *13:10
bananadineright there13:10
bananadinethat's the one i'm porting13:11
bananadinethe other one13:11
bananadinei installed from this repo
tpb<> (at
bananadinewith apt-get13:12
mithro./ and make don't install13:26
mithroyou need to do a make install13:26
mithroI'll be free in about 30 minutes13:26
mithroyou need to manually clean up /usr/local13:42
mithrothere is no way to clean up13:42
bananadineoh snap13:45
bananadinei messed up my whole OS13:45
bananadineis there any way to restore Ubuntu?13:45
bananadineto a previous state?13:45
bananadinei think it's best if i reinstalled the whole system13:46
bananadinei "misused" apt-get and got many packages removed13:47
bananadinei wanted to use "apt-get install flumotion"13:50
bananadinebut it wouldn't do and it suggested i ran13:50
bananadine"apt-get -f install"13:51
bananadineso i did13:51
bananadineand that removed a lot of essential packages to ubuntu13:51
mithroapt-get -f install shouldn't remove packages?13:51
bananadinewell it did13:52
bananadineit actually warned me13:53
bananadinebut i didn't think it was something important13:53
bananadineso i messed up13:53
mithrowhat did it say?13:53
mithroI can't see your screen13:53
bananadinei know13:53
bananadinewell let me see if i can find what did it say13:53
bananadineAfter this operation, 543 MB disk space will be freed.13:53
bananadineYou are about to do something potentially harmful.13:53
bananadineTo continue type in the phrase 'Yes, do as I say!'13:53
bananadine ?]13:53
mithroand you didn't think that was important13:54
bananadinewell not really13:54
bananadineit didn't make sense to me13:55
bananadinei was just trying to install something...13:55
mithroAny time they make you type something13:55
mithrolike that it is importnat13:55
bananadinewell what's done is done13:56
bananadinei'm downloading the image file13:57
bananadineand i'm re-installing13:57
bananadinei'm going to waste my day on this14:00
bananadinelet's make the video meet up tomorrow same time we had planned for today?14:00
bananadine12:00 pm14:00
mithroI'll be flying on a plan then14:01
mithroreinstall should take like an hour14:01
bananadinei need to find an empty cd frome somewhere14:03
bananadineelse i got to go to a computer store14:03
mithroyou can install it on a USB stick14:03
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bananadinemithro, i reinstalled15:32
bananadinenow i'm updating15:32
bananadineafter that i'm going to do two fresh installs of flumotion15:33
bananadineone of which will be for porting15:33
mithroso where are you at?15:35
bananadineneed to restart because of the updates and drivers15:35
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bananadineok, now from the beginning15:41
bananadineshould i install both following this:
tpb<> (at
mithroyes probably15:45
mithroI haven't seen anything on your blog in a week15:45
mithroLast post was15:45
mithroMonday, July 1, 201315:45
mithroCan you please post a summary of your previous weeks work15:49
mithroI need to go now15:49
bananadinemithro i told you i was on a trip15:49
mithrowill be back tomorrow night15:49
bananadinei was gone15:49
bananadinefor like 5 days15:49
mithroYou mentioned that you would be gone from 5.07 to 7.07 ?15:50
bananadineand i sent you an additional mail15:51
mithroyour last past was 01.07 if I'm reading the dates right15:51
bananadinesaying that i had to go early15:51
bananadineso i left 3.0715:51
bananadinei had a presentation in the university15:51
mithroyou need to post this on the progress blog15:54
mithroI'll talk to you tomorrow night when I get back16:00
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