Saturday, 2013-07-06

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mithroCarlFK, yeah still was playing with settings00:07
mithroshould be up now...00:07
CarlFKyep - caught the tail of Alex00:10
CarlFK"related tweets loading..."00:12
mithroYeah it looks like they borked the APIv100:16
CarlFKif you are using the same python module i was using... the update was simple00:18
CarlFKmithro something weird just happened.00:26
CarlFKstarts with the stream not filing the 'box' on
tpbTitle: Streaming for PyCon AU - Pelenary Hall (at
CarlFKand then 5-10 min later, the video player filled the box00:27
CarlFKmithro - where should I report problems?  like stream off now00:29
mithroat me00:30
CarlFKmithro stream back on.. but stalling00:31
CarlFKit's mostly on.. pauses for a few sec.. seems up now00:32
mithroit's over 4g mobile interwebs...00:32
CarlFKoff again00:32
CarlFKhmm, fade seems to be not screwing up the audio00:37
CarlFKmithro down00:52
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* iiie2 is back for the moment, anything for me to do?01:31
iiie2looks good to me01:35
* iiie2 wanders off again01:35
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mithroCarlFK, ping?07:21
mithroyou in bed yet?07:21
mithroSewar, how's stuff going?07:21
Sewara bit slow lately, need to speed up soon07:22
SewarHave you read my last post?07:23
mithronot yet07:23
mithrohow did allauth go?07:23
Sewarnice and easy, but a lot of templates to fix07:24
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CarlFKmithrotoing now08:32
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CarlFKmithro-work: i'm up14:55
CarlFK  for whoever needed a schedule to test with .. and I will be streaming that show14:59
tpb<> (at
Sewarthanks CarlFK17:02
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