Friday, 2013-07-05

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mithromy computer is rebooting randomly :/00:12
CarlFKno - I haven't even tried to figure out the ffmpeg pipe to get DV00:16
CarlFKget that?00:16
mithroDoesn't dvswitch have a v4l component?00:27
CarlFKonly if DV is coming over the v4l device00:27
CarlFKman dvgrab ... also supports UVC (USB Video Class) compliant DV  devices  using        Linux  kernel  module  uvcvideo,  which is a V4L2 driver.00:29
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tpbTitle: inputs (at
CarlFKv4l2 device (like a webcam):00:34
mithroffmpeg -f video4linux2 -s vga -r 25 -i /dev/video0 -f s16le -ar 48000 -ac 2 -i /dev/zero -target pal-dv - | dvsource-file /dev/stdin00:36
CarlFKI had sync issues when I tried that with a crap webcam00:37
mithroif the -r 25 doesn't make the input frame rate your going to have a bad time00:39
CarlFKoh, I bet I needed 29.900:40
mithroyou probably want to use a gstreamer pipeline00:40
mithrowith the dvswitch module00:40
CarlFKit will send ?00:41
mithroI'm pretty sure it will00:49
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Sewarmithro-: ping?04:37
mithro-Sewar, I'm at a conference so my network access is a bit shoddy04:37
SewarRegarding login to website: 1- Independent registration. 2- Login through social sites. 3- Both.04:40
mithro-Just found out about it at the conference 2 hours ago :)04:41
tpb<> (at
Sewarnice, I was looking at
tpb<> (at
mithro-It looks like allauth might be the future04:43
Sewar"TL;DR: I tried out four different Django social authentication and registration packages. The only one that worked out of the box was django-allauth, though django-social-auth looks like it could be promising. django-allauth is the only one that supports username/password registration as well as social registration."04:44
Sewar"worked out of the box" sounds like fun to me :p04:44
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mithroCarlFK or/and iiie2 : ping?05:51
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CarlFKmithro pong07:04
CarlFK2am, not for much longer :)07:04
mithroWe are going to attempt to do PyCon AU streaming over GSM07:05
mithroI need an encoder07:05
mithrowhat is your current setup regarding then?07:05
CarlFKum... not much has changed.. want me to bring one up?07:07
CarlFKiiie2 has always done everyting on the encoder side07:07
mithroI'll poke him tomorrow morning07:33
mithrodid you have some script for starting/stopping the encoder or something?07:34
CarlFKme no.  iiie maybe07:46
CarlFKbut in general we ssh in and manually start/stop07:47
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hyadesmithro, get_preview_port is [(3003, 1, 7), (3004, 1, 8)]. What those 7 and 8 mean?09:42
mithrono idea09:44
hyadesi cant even guess these09:45
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iiie2mithro-work, CarlFK: script starts / stops encoder instance20:04
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tpb<> (at
CarlFK6am, conf starts in a few hours20:05
CarlFKplenty of time!20:05
iiie2he he he20:05
iiie2which encoder we want up?20:06
CarlFKno clue.20:06
iiie2I'd rather keep using mission for trist one offs20:07
CarlFKthe pres of ps1 has promised me an account on some rack mounted box20:07
iiie2america or one of the alphabet series?  I guess ab would probably be "best"20:08
CarlFKand pycon canada is getting their schule up now..20:08
CarlFKwith auth!20:08
CarlFKthose guys are on fire20:08
CarlFK  if you create an account and someone gives you [x]staff, you will get {"schedule": [ ]}20:09
iiie2Definitely a good start20:10
CarlFK(03:04:26 PM) taavi: yes, I know what that is ... (03:06:06 PM) taavi: yup, fix definitely incomifng20:10
iiie2thats quite responsive20:11
CarlFKthey are gods20:11
CarlFK(03:11:26 PM) taavi: CarlFK: should be fixed20:14
CarlFK(03:11:34 PM) taavi: both the 403 and content20:14
CarlFK(03:11:45 PM) CarlFK: data!20:14
CarlFKiiie2: what do you get now?20:14
CarlFK  - with no account20:14
CarlFKcurl gives me {"errors": ["Not logged in as staff. Try again?"]}20:18
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parxcarlfk are you going to this with skay?
tpb<> (at
CarlFKparx: sadly no.. I have something else that night21:03
iiie2CarlFK & mithro-work: encoder ab: (
iiie26am where?  what day?21:06
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iiie2well it's up but flumotion isn't running and the appropriate watchdog and register need to be started21:12
iiie2tmux attach will get you a session that has windows for each command ready to go (the register command needs the group name replaced)21:13
iiie2I'm off to see some sites though21:13
CarlFKiiie2: it is Saturday morning in PyCon.AU land21:15
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iiieCarlFK, what is that in chicago or pdx?  also I need an ssh key from you21:15
CarlFKit was whenever I said it :)21:16
CarlFKnow it is 7:1521:16
CarlFKright now, wherever you are.21:17
iiieCool, get me a key and you can have access to ab21:19
CarlFKtoo many things!!!21:20
CarlFKmaybe submit the code somewhere.. not sure where21:22
iiiewhat code?21:22
CarlFKi have 3 things on my stack I need to get to 'now'21:22
iiie[email protected] key added to ab21:24
* iiie needs to get around to a full command to "just do" the three commands on the box (by name)21:25
iiie"ssh [email protected] -t -- tmux attach" [Enter] [Ctrl-b, n] (fix the group name) [Ctrl-b, n] [Enter]21:28
iiieThen you should be flying21:28
iiieI'm running off21:29
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mithroCarlFK / iiie2: ping?23:02
CarlFKmithro here23:02
CarlFKwant an encoeer box up23:03
mithroyes please23:03
mithrowhich one are you bringing up?23:03
CarlFKlooks like you have a ssh key for it23:07
CarlFKI just got invited to stream next weeks Erlang meeting... "Joe Armstrong, creator of Erlang"23:29
CarlFKWen July 1023:29
mithroCarlFK, when is the next >3 days conference your doing?23:40
mithrodo you know if iiie2 has been fiddling with the config file on ab?23:40
CarlFK3 day.. guessing pycon in April.  but a bunch of 2 days.. OH in 3 weeks, Canada in 2 weeks later23:41
mithroIE, I seem to be getting static fuzz and an audio tone...23:41
CarlFKI doubt he has been touching that kinda of thing23:41
CarlFKdvswitch have pnp enabled ?23:41
mithrolooks like he did :)23:47
tpbTitle: Streaming for PyCon AU - Pelenary Hall (at
CarlFKI saw something, now error23:54
CarlFK now up!23:54

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