Tuesday, 2013-07-02

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CarlFKhell.. left the atleys power supply at home00:17
iiieany compatable options?01:00
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CarlFKtried to use another PS, but it was only rated at 1A, which isn't enough - stock one rated at 401:31
CarlFKboard would come on for about 5 seconds, then the power light would go out and a red light on the PS would come on01:32
CarlFKI didn't have the ffmpeg to feel dvssitch either01:57
CarlFKwe found Power!02:22
CarlFKSti checking it out!02:22
mithro-workCarlFK, any chance you could get Sti on this channel?02:48
mithro-workI'd love to discuss how to develop a automated test framework02:49
mithro-workso that we don't run into the problems like we did last night02:49
CarlFKI was going down that path..03:11
CarlFKman compare...        compare input-file input-file [options] output-file03:12
CarlFK       compare  -  mathematically and visually annotate the difference between      an image and its reconstruction.03:12
CarlFKso grab a frame of test pattern, save to current.png, compare to reference.png... difference should be 003:13
mithro-workwell jpeg is going to make that hard03:20
CarlFKdifference should be <~0 :)03:22
mithro-workthat looks interesting03:38
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-LHY> (at www.markertek.com)03:38
mithro-workhttp://www.markertek.com/Tools-Test-Equipment/Video-Test-Equipment/Quantum-Data/95-00065.xhtml seemsw to the the top of the range equipment03:39
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-LHZ> (at www.markertek.com)03:40
mithro-workbut doesn't support automagical control03:40
tpbTitle: Quantum Data - 780 Video Test Instrument (at www.quantumdata.com)03:40
CarlFKoh right.. um.. the box running the test can generate the test image to display on the local hdmi port03:50
CarlFKwhich also means we can test the latency03:50
mithro-workCarlFK, true - latency should be ~1-2 frames03:52
mithro-workCarlFK, that also doesn't test marginal signals03:54
Sewarhi guys03:59
tpbTitle: dpaste.de: Snippet #233071 (at dpaste.de)03:59
CarlFKmithro - is the testing you are thinking of for development, or production .. like at show time?04:01
mithroDevelopment mainly04:01
mithroIE make sure the device firmware continues to support previous features04:02
mithrobut there is no reason we couldn't extend it to show time04:02
mithroIE If we had a system which generated a test signal it could be useful as part of the setup to check things...04:04
Sewarhi mithro04:12
CarlFKyeah, I like that idea04:21
CarlFKeven if it only tests a subset of the possible problems04:21
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CarlFKhi gang13:53
bananadineCarlFK can you help me set up a planet file?13:57
CarlFKbananadine: I only know how to set the 2 hostnames on a collector box13:59
bananadinewell someone who understands how to configure a planet file will show up14:01
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CarlFKbananadine: try the flumotion channel14:20
bananadineyea i did14:20
bananadinelike an hour ago14:21
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Sewarhttps://us.pycon.org/2013/schedule/conference.json return 404 which breaks streaming-system installation15:22
CarlFKjust a sec...  I'll find you a new one...15:23
CarlFKthere are 2 shows coming up that use the pycon codebase but they haven't setup the scheule yet - should be any day15:27
CarlFKdo you need it now?  like I can find a copy of pycon;s and stick the static file on my server15:28
SewarI just need to get the website running, even old data.py will do15:29
CarlFKare you working on that now?15:30
CarlFKPyOhio is in 25 days, PyCon.CAnada is in 6 weeks - both are working on their schedule now so should be up in a few days15:31
SewarI will update the interface using bootstrap15:31
Sewarok, maybe mithro-work have some old data.py lying around somewhere15:32
CarlFKis that a yes or a no?15:34
Sewaryes, I will work on the interface only for now15:34
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