Sunday, 2013-06-30

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parxhi rihnapstor18:18
rihnapstorhey hi18:18
parxI know GSoC limited the number of orgs you could apply to this year.  Any chance you got in with one?18:19
rihnapstorhey parx,sorry, I was looking for woodland shoes online,yeah,thats ok,I will try to be more strong on my proposal and deliver the bset of what I can.18:43
parx: )18:45
parxYour proposal was for an automatic bug reporting system.  We didn't end up with anyone working on that.18:46
rihnapstoryou viewed it parx ?18:47
rihnapstorok so what you want me to do ?18:47
parxI looked it over a bit, but I wasn't one of the people evaluating it.  I'm an admin, not a mentor.18:49
rihnapstorok,thanks,where did I make mistakes or anything you felt like 'needs an improvement'?18:52
rihnapstorin my proposal18:52
parxiirc you asked mithro for constructive criticism a while back.  Did you guys ever talk about it?  He might've been pretty busy.18:55
rihnapstorI tallked about it with mithro,but he didnt stay up  for long.18:58
rihnapstorok so what you want me to do now ?18:58
parxnothing... just saw that you were back in this channel, just seeing what's up18:59
rihnapstorand mithro also talked about university related stuff.I didnt understand it clearly, you have any idea about this ?18:59
parxI'm not the one you want for feedback on technical stuff. But I can tell you that formatting problems can really detract from a proposal, things like: there should always be a space after a period.19:01
parxhmm, I wasn't there for that conversation with mithro19:01
parxIf you can show me what he said, I can try to help explain.  Send me a private message if necessary.19:04
rihnapstorthat was a bug of melange editor,I tried formatting a lot,it made no difference.My half of the page appeared in bold letters.19:06
parxMelange has been a bit problematic19:11
parxmaybe Melange needs the bug reporting system19:11
parxthx for the handy link, rihnapstor19:14
rihnapstorhaha :)19:14
parxok, I'll explain.  Sometimes, universities will give a student course credit for work done _outside_ of school.  That course credit would count towards the number of credits you need to graduate.19:17
parxKind of like a off-campus independent study or co-op.19:18
rihnapstorgot for that what I need to do? parx.thanks for explaination btw :)19:19
rihnapstorI mean how do I achieve it ?19:20
rihnapstor excluding gsoc?19:20
parxIf you can talk your school into giving you credit for working (unpaid) on a TimVideos project (not as part of Google Summer of Code) we will file the paperwork and work with you.19:22
parxPaperwork = signing off that you did certain work, are in good standing, etc.19:22
parxI haven't done this before so I don't know how to streamline the process or what the equivalence is per credit hour.19:24
parxfyi Sewar, some students arrange to get course credit for their GSoC work (again, see my caveat above)19:26
rihnapstorparx: I think thats very useful.It will be useful for my master;s degree which I plan to take the course later.It will be useful to keep it handy.19:26
rihnapstorwhere do I start ? parx  :)19:27
Sewarnice parx, I will talk to my advisor and school department and see what they think19:28
rihnapstorhey Sewar how are oyu man ? :)19:28
Sewarhi rihnapstor, I'm fine, what about you?19:28
rihnapstorm good :)19:28
parxLook in the GSoC student manual.  Talk to your advisor.  Direct questions to the #gsoc irc channel.19:28
* Sewar wishes to get credit for math courses :D19:32
rihnapstorok parx :) thanks a were informatic :) since its a weekend #gsoc is really empty.I will surely discuss this with gsoc officials.19:32
parxhaha I'm afraid you'll still have to head to Calc 2 next semester, Sewar19:33
parxrihnapstor before you ask them questions, look at the student manual, look at the student mailing list archives, and your school's website19:33
Sewaryeah, too bad, thanks for letting me know about this parx19:34
Sewar"student mailing list" is private19:34
parxhmmm maybe you & sewar can look into it together19:34
rihnapstorso Sewar you mean I dont have access ?19:35
Sewaryeah, if I find some info in the list I will redirect it to rihnapstor19:35
Sewaryes rihnapstor19:35
parxyay teamwork!19:35
rihnapstorthanks Sewar  :)19:35
parxsewar, share with the other 2 summer coders too, while you're at it!19:35
Sewarsure :)19:36
rihnapstorparx: It will be great if you can mention this point in #timvideos IRC header.19:38
rihnapstoror mailing lists:)19:39
parxhey, good idea19:42
parxhey, another chance to delegate!19:42
parxwhy don't you guys put something together and share it with the TimVideos mailing list?19:42
parxyou'll soon know more than me about this whole course credit thing19:42
rihnapstorthat is also beneficial :)19:46
rihnapstorgtg :) see you guys soon20:15
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