Friday, 2013-06-28

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mithro-workiiie2, did you sort out bananadine?03:47
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parxhi hyades05:15
hyadesi just looked at your mail05:16
parxgood, just reply via email05:16
parxIt's after midnight here.  I'm about to walk away and eat an icecream bar.05:17
parxBut first, I have a quick question05:17
parxjust curious, did you ever try CarlFK's suggestion about seeking help in #git and #github irc channels?05:18
hyadesyeah..went there05:18
hyadesthey told me look at the git revert man page05:18
hyadesi was doing something like05:19
hyadesgit revert --hard <commit>05:19
parxok, just wanted to emphasize that #timvideos is not the only place to ask for help, and maybe sometime not the best place to ask for help05:19
parxice cream calls, and then bed05:20
parxgoodnight!  have a good flight!05:20
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iiiemithro, mithro-work re: bananadine sorting, not entirely; we did prove that the pre-port code swallows exceptions whole.  We didn't get all the way back to what calles configure_pipeline or parseProperties (names from memory, something close).  The old code did it, the new version seems to lack that magic.06:39
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bananadinehi mithro, can you check my last commit?14:36
CarlFKmorning bananadine14:43
bananadinehere aint morning14:44
bananadinemore like afternoon :)14:44
bananadineactually no14:44
bananadineactually yes :D14:44
hyadesCarlFK, good morning14:45
CarlFKcoffee time here14:45
CarlFKhi hyades14:45
hyadesthough its almost night here :D14:45
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bananadineHey, do i need the Gstreamer SDK installed?15:24
iiiebananadine: shouldn't need to have the GStreamer SDK no pretty sure are the needed packages16:18
tpb<> (at
bananadineiiie yea i thought so16:18
bananadinejust asking anyway :)16:18
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CarlFKhmm, my cam light was on, now it isn't17:09
CarlFKon again!17:09
CarlFKah, had to close tabs that had video playeers in them17:11
parxready to do a video chat in 15min?17:55
parxbananadine thanks for chatting! :)17:56
bananadineaw shucks, it was good getting familiar with you people :D17:58
iiiebananadine: happy to chat with you too18:00
Sewar"There was a saying, RT(something)M. I can't18:02
Sewar remember that third letter." lol18:02
parxread the fucking manual or alternately, read the "fine" manual18:03
Sewarnice way to avoid hinting to that word, in gsoc-students list18:03
bananadineCarlFK, check this later: the path i think i found where the http streamer gets a hostname. ->  imports which has the  method configure_pipeline ->  which calls which in turn calls parseProperties and in parseProperties there's the code for the hostname18:08
tpbTitle: flumotion - Flumotion core (at
parxinvite sent sewar18:10
parxcarlfk is telling a story18:10
parxwhen you and banandine get to know him, you'll see that he tells lots of stories18:12
parxthis one is about dancing robots and his grudge against them18:13
parxsewar, any chance you have a headset?18:14
parx(I have you muted)18:14
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parxSewar thanks for meeting with us!19:56
Sewarthank you for his meeting20:34
Sewarit was great knowing you guys20:34
parxSewar, I forgot to say this in the meeting, but you are totally welcome to suggest/request a video chat any time in the future.  Sometimes communicating by only text drags out the confusion, but face-to-face conversation can help us all understand each other more quickly.20:43
Sewarnice, will keep that in mind :)21:07
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