Wednesday, 2013-06-26

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SewarI have Timing model, it have "identification" aka order which is an integer unique field, I won't let the users change it manually, insead would offer them buttons to rearrange timings in place, sounds right?00:08
mithro-workI read that as the "(Tim) ing" model :)00:08
Sewarlol :D00:09
mithro-workSewar, sure I guess :P00:09
mithro-workI'm not sure I understand all the implications, but I assume you've at least got a partial understanding so happy to just to what you suggest00:10
Sewarsure, I will implement it that way and see how it goes00:13
mithro-workSewar, SGTM!00:21
Sewargreat :)00:23
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hyadesmithro: can you give some feedback07:05
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mithro-workyes sure07:25
mithro-worksorry got distracted by the work I actually get paid to do :P07:25
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mithro-workwhat do you want feedback on?07:34
hyadesis everything going good?07:34
mithro-worka) We need to organise a weekly meeting07:37
mithro-worklet me look at your blog07:40
mithro-workhyades, random things07:40
mithro-workyou should use07:40
mithro-work"terminate" and "kill"07:40
mithro-workrather then s.end() and s.brute_end()07:40
mithro-workany except: should re-raise the exception07:41
mithro-workhyades, always good to use things which are already defined07:41
mithro-workhyades, make sure you code is pep8 complainant07:41
hyadesre-raise the exception ??07:41
mithro-workat the moment07:42
mithro-workwhen you to07:42
mithro-worktry: except: you loose what cause the exception to occur07:42
mithro-workif you put a "raise" in the except, it will cause the exception to continue propograting up07:42
mithro-workbut I actually think you want a try/finally rather then a try/except in your example07:43
mithro-workpath = '/home/hyades/gst/master/gstreamer/tools/.libs/'07:43
mithro-workthat is bad07:43
hyadesyeah i need to change that07:43
mithro-workprobably best to give the server a path07:43
hyadesi've coded it but its commented for now07:44
hyadesand can you explain how audio is fed to the server?07:46
hyadesas a separate pipeline on port 4000?07:46
mithro-workhave you seen07:49
tpb<> (at
mithro-workshould be clear from that then?07:50
hyadesthe server is fine, but the UI end is not clear07:51
mithro-workI never noticed that :P07:51
mithro-workGuess it shows how much I care about audio :P07:52
mithro-workeach audio is converted to a video07:52
mithro-workso they are just video inputs for the GUI07:52
hyadesi was just trying to add a audio source on port 4000 while the ui was running07:53
hyadesbut the ui crashed07:53
hyadesI maybe doing something wrong07:53
hyadesserver was still fine07:53
mithro-workgive it another try?07:54
mithro-worklog output?07:54
hyadesone sec07:54
mithro-workagain that doesn't give me anything which is useful to tell you what is happening07:54
mithro-workremeber all the things I was talking about the other day? They apply here :)07:56
hyadesso first i ran gst-switch-srv07:57
hyadesthen gst-switch-ui07:57
hyadesin gdb07:57
hyadesand added this gstreamer pipeline07:57
hyadesgst-launch-1.0 audiotestsrc freq=110 wave=10 ! gdppay ! tcpclientsink port=400007:57
hyadesthis is what i get07:58
tpbTitle: [email protected]:~/gst/master/gstreamer/tools/.libs$ gdb gst-switch- - (at
mithro-workcan you log a bug about the following08:12
mithro-work(gst-switch-ui:11231): GStreamer-WARNING **: gstpad.c:4503:store_sticky_event:<gdpdepay0:src> Sticky event misordering, got 'segment' before 'caps'08:12
mithro-workit shouldn't crash08:12
mithro-workbut the problem is caused by08:12
mithro-work0:00:10.006664508 11231       0x6b3470 ERROR           GST_PIPELINE ./grammar.y:670:priv_gst_parse_yyparse: no element "monoscope"08:12
mithro-work./tools/gstaudiovisual.c:221:error: missing element: monoscope08:12
mithro-work./tools/gstaudiovisual.c:221:error: missing element: (null)08:12
mithro-workas the output shows....08:12
hyadesthese gstreamer-warnings come everywhere08:13
hyadesmaybe because it the development version08:13
mithro-workWARNINGs mean that something is doing the wrong thing08:14
hyadesthe gst-switch-srv shows these warnings08:14
hyades(gst-switch-srv:11304): GStreamer-WARNING **: gstpad.c:3908:gst_pad_push_data:<gdppay1:src> Got data flow before stream-start event08:14
mithro-workthen you should log bugs about it08:14
hyadesand this08:15
hyades(gst-switch-srv:11583): GStreamer-WARNING **: gstpad.c:3677:gst_pad_chain_data_unchecked:<tcp_sink:sink> Got data flow before stream-start event08:15
mithro-worklog bugs about that08:15
hyadesin the gst-switch mailing list?08:16
mithro-workissues on github08:16
hyadeshow do i disable the github markdown while posting?08:27
mithro-workYou don't08:36
mithro-workyou use ``` quotes to make it a code segment08:36
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mithro-workhyades, what else do you want to know09:45
hyadesnothing else for now :)09:45
mithro-workhyades, general feedback on progress09:52
mithro-workhyades, I think the fiddlying with the build stuff took longer then I expected09:52
mithro-workplease updated documentation09:52
hyadesand coding progress?09:53
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mithro-workhyades, I'm not really sure how far you are along11:06
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mithro-workhey bananadine14:25
bananadinedo you use @mithro-work when you're at work?14:26
mithro-workmithro-work is my desktop computer14:26
bananadinei got answer from twisted14:27
bananadinei should use gtk3reactor14:27
bananadinebut the tests got skipped because i didn't use this command14:27
mithro-work+1 all the things!14:27
mithro-work"this command" ?14:27
bananadinetrial -r gtk3 yourpackage14:27
bananadineit's needed to specify which gtk trial is going to use in the command14:28
mithro-workgot a link to that?14:34
tpb<> (at
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bananadinethose are the changes14:35
bananadineand to run Trial using gtk3 the command "trial -r gtk3 yourpackage"14:37
bananadinefor example "trial -r gtk3 flumotion.test.test_component_feedcomponent"14:38
bananadineand it returns a successful test run14:38
bananadinebut some test cases do not support running with gtk3reactor14:39
bananadineso i just use "trial yourpackage" on them14:39
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bananadineexample "trial flumotion.test.test_component_httpstreamer"14:39
mithro-workwhy don't they work with the gtk3reactor?14:39
bananadinei guess because this is in the test "from twisted.trial import unittest"14:40
bananadineand not this "from twisted.internet import gtk3reactor14:40
mithro-workbut didn't the original import the gtk2reactor?14:41
mithro-workso that should be importing the gtk3reactor now right?14:41
bananadinei changed the __init__ to import and install gtk3reactor14:42
mithro-workbananadine, so shouldn't that then require an -r gtk3?14:43
bananadinefor some of the tests it does14:44
bananadinebut the test for http streamer requires a default reactor14:45
bananadinewell it's fine as long as the test show successful14:52
mithro-work*why* does it require the default reactor?14:54
bananadineit could be14:58
bananadinethe flumotion testsuite14:58
bananadinetestsuite.py14:58 has these:14:58
bananadinefrom twisted.internet import reactor, defer, selectreactor, pollreactor14:58
bananadine    supportedReactors = [selectreactor.SelectReactor, pollreactor.PollReactor]14:58
bananadinei did it15:00
bananadinesee here15:00
tpb<> (at
bananadinenow to the twisted.internet import i added gtk3reactor and i also added gtk3reactor in the supportedReactors list15:02
bananadinei'm going to commit and push that to my git so you can see15:02
tpb<> (at
bananadineand now -r gtk3 works on every test :)15:05
mithro-workbed time like 1 hour ago for me15:12
mithro-workso I'm going to go now15:12
bananadineok cool, night15:14
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parxhi CarlFK21:41
CarlFKhi parx21:42
parxYou're not at Scipy, right?21:42
parxThat form you filled out yesterday- let me know if you ever get anything back on that.21:50
* Sewar wonders who is Rachel21:50
parxoh, and since you seem to know all the conferences, CarlFK, know anything about this one?
tpbTitle: Community Leadership Summit | About The Event (at
parxiiie it's in Portland ;)21:55
CarlFKnever heard of it21:56
parxI was at a data meetup last night. One of the organizers is going and highly recommended it.21:57
CarlFKyou should convince them to fly us out :)21:58
parxI was with the local data meetup organizers, not the conf organizers.21:59
parxThis is a spinoff of the Ubuntu community.  No connections?22:00
CarlFKI know someone who works on Ubuntu-One - but that's pretty far from a spinoff conference thing22:01
CarlFKbut it you are interested, track down an email.. I am sure you can find someone interested in video22:02
CarlFKif they bite, cut/paste this into an email
tpbTitle: Meeting Venue Requirements (at
CarlFKI bet there are spelling mistakes - let me know if you want edit privs :)22:03
parxIt's a free event, but they have sponsors.22:05
CarlFKare we available to record something tomorrow:? :D22:06
CarlFKfriend just pinged me...22:06
CarlFK"...meetup for freelancers? (Developers, designers, copywriters, etc.).   VentureShot (744 N. Wells St.) at 6pm."22:06
CarlFKsounds like fun22:07
CarlFKLets see if he will answer the questions better than "we have a clip on mic"22:07
CarlFKI swear to god that is what came back from ChiPy's next host.22:07
* iiie reading22:08
parxinteresting conf in PDX22:08
iiiehe he he22:10
CarlFKi am about to cut/paste that to the local guy.. any glaring things I should touch up?22:11
parxCarlFK I think tomorrow's a skeptical salon.  We haven't had one in a while, so the other thing would have to be pretty interesting.22:11
CarlFKk - I'll cc you just so you see the process of trying to get someone to tell me where I can park22:12
parxYou want me to edit it for typos? :D22:12
parxyeah I could use a good laugh, CC away22:12
CarlFKrecycling ?22:13
iiie 3rd to last block, "Rycyceling for bottles."22:13
tpbTitle: Meeting Venue Requirements (at
CarlFKparx: see if you can figure out how to create an account on chipy.org22:13
parxThat's not the only typo.22:14
CarlFKthen I can click [x]admin an you can go nuts22:14
* iiie goes back to work ;)22:14
CarlFKiiie you should too22:14
CarlFKthe django admin is pretty22:14
CarlFKthis is work - lol22:14
parxrather, the delegation of that work22:15
CarlFK[x] Designates that this user has all permissions without explicitly assigning them.22:37
CarlFKrefresh, see if you have an admin option under your name in the upper right corner22:37
CarlFKyou put a . in your user name? that's weird :)22:38
parxMe? I got some error message. I didn't think anything worked.22:39
CarlFKyou have an account anyway22:39
parxok, I see the admin stuff22:41
CarlFKfind pages -22:41
parxOh, for the . I think Google was being a jerk and made me put more than one character22:42
CarlFKpages is Flatpages22:42
parxah... ty22:42
parxfixed spelling errors22:46
parxThere's no spellcheck thingy on the site, but "check spelling" is available from the rightclick menu.  Underlines errors in red.22:48
CarlFKyou done editing?  I want to add somethign22:50
CarlFKnever mind..22:50
parxyeah, I just hit the glaring errors22:50
CarlFK"how many people" is not a venue thing...22:51
CarlFKdamm.. there is a brown line metra stop close..23:03
CarlFKI may try to El in.. I have done it before23:04
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parxCarlFK do you know anything about this meetup group or the nature of the event beyond the email thread you forwarded?23:33
parxI think this is it
tpb<> (at
CarlFKnever heard of it till Chad pinged me23:35
parxNo content, no presentation, not even a specific industry.  It's just a round robin discussion and drinks for "We want designers, copywriters, photographers, developers, electricians,  magicians, musicians, and, well, frankly anyone who's got experience in  the domain of being your own boss."23:35
parxIt's a happy hour.  Not sure of the point of video & streaming that.23:37
CarlFKI know Chad - he bought me a beer once to thank me for my efforts -23:38
CarlFKhe isn't an idiot, so Im willing to risk it beinig pointless23:38
CarlFKgrumble - Chad replied to just me with similar concerns :)23:40
parxThey did this same exact meetup last week.23:41
parxoops sorry , not last week23:42
parxthinking about something else23:42
CarlFKVideo All The Things  - almost a good company name23:47
parxneeds " ! "23:47
parxtry again, for effect23:47
CarlFKVideo All The Things  - almost a good company name!23:48
parxall wrong23:48
parxVideo All The Things!23:48
parxnow that works23:48
parxDid Chad change his mind? Or are you going to decline?23:50
CarlFKstill going foward.. you shoujld see in a few min23:51

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