Monday, 2013-06-24

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mithro-workhey people07:12
mithro-workhyades, ping?07:13
hyadeshey mithro-work07:13
hyadesnice ping!07:13
mithro-worknice ping?07:14
hyades 0.39 second(s)07:14
hyadesmithro-work: i had tried everything possibly to install it.07:15
mithro-workDid you see my comments?07:16
mithro-workYou also need to work on your bug reporting skills07:16
mithro-workthere is vital information in the parts you skipped over07:16
hyadesin the error I get while trying to install?07:17
mithro-workalways include the full log07:18
hyadesAnyways, I get errors even when I install gstreamer, the plugins(except gst-plugins-bad) from
tpbTitle: git repository browser (at
hyadesand the bad ones from duzy's repo07:20
mithro-work"errors" isn't a useful thing to say07:20
mithro-workplease explain exactly what the problem is07:21
mithro-workand the steps you took to get there07:21
hyadesand I should post these where?07:22
mithro-workpaste bin, blog, website, drop box, where you paste them is not really of consequence07:22
hyadesi will just retry and post the error logs07:24
mithro-workI'll beat good error reporting into you yet07:36
mithro-workhyades, you have to remember we can't read your mind, time travel or access your computer07:42
hyadesmithro-work: it asks me to run "make clean-cruft"07:47
mithro-workwhat asks you07:47
mithro-workyour cat?07:47
mithro-workand what where you doing at the time?07:47
hyadesi have installed gstreamer, gst-plugins-base, good, ugly07:47
hyadesnow trying to install the bad one from duzy's repo07:48
hyadesi did autogen and then did make07:48
mithro-work"installed" means nothing07:48
mithro-work"I have run make install after running ./ with --prefix of XYZ and now I have files in /abc"07:49
hyadesfor gstreamer i did ./autogen07:50
hyadesafter that I did make, then sudo make install07:51
mithro-workhyades, just ./autogen.sh07:51
mithro-work*details matter*07:51
hyadesit did not add any option till now07:51
mithro-workif you didn't give it any arguments then it's going to be installing to the wrong location07:51
hyadesinstalling into ~/gst/install07:56
mithrohyades, again "how"07:56
mithrohyades, "I ran ./ --prefix=~/gst/install" and then did a "make install" only to find it created a ~/gst/install directory in the current location07:58
mithrohyades, "does bash not expand the tilde? It is really strange that ~ directory appeared"07:59
hyadesI am in gstreamer08:01
hyadesand i did ./ --prefix=/home/hyades/gst/install08:01
mithrohyades, gstreamer cloned from where? At what revision? on what branch?08:01
hyadesfrom instructions given here08:02
tpb<> (at
tpbTitle: git repository browser (at
hyadesmithro-work: If I don't provide any prefix or any option, wont it install to a default location?08:06
mithro-workit will install to /usr/local08:34
mithro-workwhich is 100% not what you want08:34
hyadesI am now installing to my ~/gst/install08:34
mithroyour using ~/gst/install to seperate ite from the auto ~/gst/stage ?11:20
hyadesmithro: while installing the plugins11:24
hyadesis there any option to specify where the gstreamer has been installed11:24
mithrogstreamer won't detect plugins installed to a different location11:24
mithrosame as the others11:24
hyadesI used --prefix option for autogen11:25
hyadesi went to gstreamer, did autogen --prefix=/home/gst/install11:26
hyadesand then did make and make install11:26
hyadeswhat should i do to install gst-plugins-base in the same place11:26
mithro--prefix is part of "automake/configure"11:35
hyadesyeah..doing same11:36
hyadesis there something as a "gst-head" or some environment variable which needs to be fixed?11:37
hyadesas that directory11:37
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hyadesmithro: just got everything working now :)14:19
hyadesusing the uninstalled gstreamer script14:20
mithrouninstalled gstreamer script?14:21
tpb<> (at
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