Wednesday, 2013-06-19

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mithroSewar, that is a lot of stuff for working with django auto-gen forms in 2 scoops of django I believe15:33
mithrotake a look at
tpbTitle: Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1.5 (at
mithrolooks like the forms section is used as a preview so might not even need to get it :P15:35
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Sewarnever heard of that book, thanks15:41
mithrohopefully your using django 1.5 :P15:42
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Sewaryeah, 1.5.1 ;)15:43
mithroSewar, so you hosting it anywhere yet?15:43
mithroI can we look at it? :P15:43
mithroyou might want to look at the stuff we did for deploying the timvideos stuff15:43
SewarI run dev-server, last time I posted the link in public I realized how DEBUG exposes env vars15:45
SewarI will post screenshots when I finish forms pages15:46
tpb<$$> (at
mithrothat describes how we do a production deployment of a django site15:47
mithroSewar, you'll have to draw little screen pictures for the resolution stuff15:48
mithroYou know with the x/y stuff marked15:48
Sewaryou mean little thumbnail with the same aspect ratio?15:50
tpb<$A> (at
mithroSewar, or something like that15:51
mithroBTW you should also set up lint targets so your code is all formatted using pep8 and similar15:52
Sewaroh, right, I really should15:53
mithroSewar, this make file might be a good start15:53
tpb<$E> (at
mithroit also has bits for doing selenium tests15:54
mithroSewar, I assume your pushing to github regularly too?15:54
mithro - here?15:55
tpbTitle: sewar/edid_db_website ยท GitHub (at
Sewaranything not there ... does not exist16:02
mithrookay great16:03
mithroadded to my watch list16:03
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