Tuesday, 2013-06-18

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parxwhere's my stream..00:01
* parx grumbles and hits refresh00:01
iiie0                http-flv-low (at 23:33:05) in    happy for 1800s (e  0.00%)00:03
iiie08 clients in case anyone wanted the stat00:03
parxiirc you mentioned something about a stat log before00:03
iiie0yes, there should be a URL somewhere that shows the stat00:05
iiie0CarlFK, me getting what?00:05
CarlFKtalking about you00:05
CarlFKand now me00:05
iiie0Yes, but I couldn't hear what00:05
CarlFKa ER freaquent flyer kinda thing00:05
parxER?!  iiie0 are you accident prone?00:06
iiie0not usually00:06
* iiie0 wonders what ER frequent flyer is00:07
parxmaybe we should groom Sewar as your understudy, just in case00:07
iiie0passed clockwise00:08
Sewarhi :)00:19
CarlFKoh hell, the show name does matter :)00:20
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-Hac> (at veyepar.nextdayvideo.com)00:20
parxYou want it pretty?00:20
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CarlFKmeh, I don00:23
CarlFKmeh, I don't care enough.00:24
parxWould you prefer me to change it to NERP?00:24
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tpb<http://ln-s.net/-Hat> (at veyepar.nextdayvideo.com)00:38
CarlFKgood enough00:38
iiie0we're down to 5 clients01:18
parxyeah, I'm streaming something else. yes, iiie0, it is what you think01:21
iiie0Public Broadcasting!01:22
iiie0CarlFK, parx reminder on stream stats URL: http://www.timvideos.us/tracker/endpoint/stats01:24
parxcool! thanks for the followup :)01:25
* iiie0 isn't sure why chipy shows up01:25
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iiie0Streaming is back up, not sure what happened01:41
CarlFKi just now started encoding the first talk on the mix machine01:49
CarlFKlets see if the cpu can handle it01:49
* iiie0 considers updating the status page01:51
CarlFKmeh.. top showed both cores at 100%, so I stopped that01:52
mithro-workiiie, there is a pull request for doing graphing of clients connected, et01:56
iiie0mithro, cool!  I'll take a look02:11
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mithro-workiiie, it's from a pretty old version of the code02:55
mithro-workso it probably doesn't merge02:55
mithro-workand it uses things like coffescript02:55
mithro-workso I never got around to figuring out if it would work02:55
mithro-workprobably has references to streamti.me :P02:57
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-5lq> (at github.com)02:58
iiie0No worries03:13
iiie0CarlFK, any notion when to pack up?  (or take down mission -- it really is just a single command for me, I can run it when I get home)03:14
iiie0I think I'm the only streaming client left03:15
iiie0CarlFK, headed home, I'll be back on in under a half hour.  If the stream is down when I get home and I can find you I'll turn down mission03:18
CarlFKsee ha03:18
CarlFKsee ya03:18
iiie0see ya03:18
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mithro-workSewar, I recommend screenshots in your blog posts :P09:21
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SewarGreat idea, will do in future posts13:44
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bananadineSo, i started porting to gst 1.0 with the module gstreamer.py and then ported the unittest for it, but when i run the test it gives me  AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'test_common_gstreamer'14:24
bananadineCan anyone help me?14:24
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CarlFKbananadine: is this code in a git repo?14:55
bananadineI just downloaded the whole code for flumotion14:58
CarlFKwhere did you download from?14:59
bananadineAnd i ported this one module - gstreamer.py14:59
bananadinefrom github14:59
tpbTitle: timvideos/flumotion · GitHub (at github.com)14:59
CarlFKhmm, I am not sure that is a good starting point15:00
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bananadineCarlFK, what would be a good starting point?15:10
bananadineIn you opinion15:10
CarlFKwhatever the flumotion work on - what used to be called trunk in svn terms, now I think "git master"15:11
bananadinewell i got the master15:12
bananadineand i'm doing changes on my pc15:12
bananadineand i'm not going to commit those changes until i get them to work15:12
bananadinebut i can't get it to work, so that's why i asked for help here15:12
CarlFKhttps://github.com/timvideos/flumotion  how current is that ?15:12
tpbTitle: timvideos/flumotion · GitHub (at github.com)15:13
bananadinesince i see changes from a year15:14
bananadineand the last published package of flumotion on launchpad is from (2012-07-05)15:14
bananadinei'd say that's the most current one15:15
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-Hp$> (at code.flumotion.com)15:18
CarlFKI think that is where you want to start.15:19
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bananadineOk, i'm following it. I'm at the cloning part now15:25
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bananadineCarlFK, i followed the instructions and set up the environment . I still get an error on the test, so i wrote a mail to the flumotion-dev mailing list.18:54
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parxbananadine have you been spending time in #gstreamer and #fluendo?  Those channels are good places to ask specific questions.  Also, the mailing lists:20:28
bananadineI sent a mail on the flumotion-dev mailing list20:29
parxbananadine: http://lists.fluendo.com/mailman/listinfo20:29
tpbTitle: lists.fluendo.com Mailing Lists (at lists.fluendo.com)20:29
tpbTitle: GStreamer: Mailing Lists (at gstreamer.freedesktop.org)20:29
bananadineI'm going to spend some time tomorow on the other channels20:30
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