Monday, 2013-06-17

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mithro-hey CarlFK01:19
mithro-I've been trying to get Jahanzeb to hang out on IRC more01:20
Sewarhi mithro-02:09
SewarBased on PNPID list, using the 3-chars IDs as primary key. Just found out there's 14 duplicates among 2248 items.02:10
SewarWhat do you recommend?02:10
mithro-Don't use it as a primary key02:53
mithro-use another ID as the primary key02:53
mithro-(as in an autoincrementing number)02:53
mithro-then we can deal with trying to de-dedup at another stage02:54
* mithro- teaches Sewar bad habits :)02:54
Sewarok, I was going to use it in URL, number ids are ugly :)02:55
mithro-maybe use the slug format that wordpress uses02:58
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mithro-workhyades, not seeing any end of day posts on your blog?07:32
mithro-workhyades, last post was 07 June07:33
hyadesi will be writing today07:34
mithro-workbest to do one every day07:37
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mithro-workhyades, you need a better internet connection08:05
hyadessometimes, it resets :(08:09
hyadesdid i miss something?08:09
mithro-work<mithro-work> best to do one every day08:09
hyadesyeah surely08:10
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bananadineWhere can i find out how to start a flumotion stream using a terminal instead of the GUI wizard?12:14
CarlFKbananadine: if I understand your question: $ sudo service flumotion start12:21
CarlFKor restart if it was already started12:22
bananadineI know about those commands12:22
bananadineI want to create a full test stream which i can see in my browser12:22
CarlFKah, that.  me too12:23
bananadineBecause i want to start a stream under the new PyGst lib12:24
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bananadinemithro: Hi,  i installed the packages for the new pygst and now i'm trying to figure out how to make a stream under that.12:57
mithrobananadine, I mean have a have a flumotion config which is really basic12:57
bananadineWell i think i have a basic config13:01
bananadinethe one which comes with flumotion when i installed it13:01
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bananadineif by config you mean the configuration files : )13:09
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bananadinemithro, I'm lost. How can i set up a stream under the new pygst? I only know how to stream using the gui wizard. : )14:25
mithroyou can't "steam under the new pygst"14:40
mithroit's your job to make it work14:40
mithrothe more basic the configuration the easier it'll be to get something basic to work14:40
mithroIE remove things like the overlay14:41
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bananadineOh, ok. Then how do i do this? Do i see which modules i'm going to need for this basic config , port them and then test if it works?14:53
mithrobananadine, yes15:02
mithroanyway bed time for me15:02
bananadineThanks, i'll consult with you next time you're on15:03
bananadinegood night15:03
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CarlFKiiie - up for stream help in .. um.. 3 hours ?19:50
CarlFKshow starts in 4.. so 3 is .. a huge mabye that never really happens19:51
iiie0checking schedule...20:02
iiie0CarlFK, yes I'm up for it20:03
CarlFKnow lets see if I can beat email addresses out of the organizer dude20:03
iiie0what show?  (I can change some of the configs to have the show's URL ready20:03
CarlFKps1 ... nerp20:04
CarlFKps1 is fine20:04
CarlFKor psone20:04
CarlFKI'll fwd you the announcement that came out 10 min ago20:04
iiie0he he he20:05
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iiie0got it20:20
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iiie0CarlFK, mission is up ec2-54-234-104-186.compute-1.amazonaws.com20:28
CarlFKthat is for trist, right ?20:28
iiie0in the last 10 or so lines of /usr/local/etc/flumotion/managers/default/planet.xml20:30
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CarlFKiiie i at ps123:04
CarlFKplugging stuff in23:04
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iiie0hey (iiie0 just now)23:31
CarlFK(veyepar)[email protected]:~$ sudo service flumotion restart * Restarting Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                       [ OK ]23:31
CarlFKstream url?23:32
CarlFKparx: mind entering the 2 nerp talks int veyepar?23:32
CarlFKsoI can print the sheet over here on the printer23:32
tpbTitle: Streaming for Pumping Station: One (at
iiie0hi CarlFK !23:33
* iiie0 has streaming!23:33
parxCarlFK: ok, if I can figure it out23:34
parxiiie0 I'm watching the stream!23:35
iiie03 clients!23:35
iiie0I have the stream up, but give me a shout if the stream goes nuts (I'll hear it, but am not watching).23:37
iiie0I mention this because I'm still at work (double time!)23:37
parxCarlFK: So I'm at
tpb<> (at
parxThere's the "Enter Episode" section with mostly empty fields but has the date from the last NERP. Do I just enter the new info?23:40
CarlFKback up a level ;/23:40
CarlFKcreate a new "Show"23:40
CarlFKalso called nerp.. um. call it nerp-june-1723:40
CarlFKsomething to give me a clue 3 weeks from now23:41
CarlFKyep!  printed23:58
parxnp : )23:58
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parxI don't have the speakers' emails.23:59
iiie0(put in CarlFK's ;)23:59

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