Friday, 2013-06-14

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parxI think he had to go somewhere to print recording sheets first.00:00
iiieNote to those watching at home, disk space is needed, and flumotion makes an endless log file, delete or truncate...00:01
CarlFKhelp... what do I edit on trist?00:02
CarlFKah right00:03
CarlFKIP plz00:03
iiieI got a script for starting now00:03
CarlFKI can't cut/paste from here to there00:03
CarlFKwhere in plann.xml?00:03
iiielooking (manager not worker)00:04
iiieIt's near the end00:04
iiieftwat > "for those watching at home"00:05
CarlFKstream up?00:05
iiiewe edit one of the config files for flumotion on the collector to point at the mixer and the encoder00:05
iiieno, I'll knock it over00:06
iiieThey're all hungry here00:07
iiiedid you restart flumotion?00:07
iiiedo you have any disk space?00:07
CarlFKall happy00:07
* iiie wonders what he missed00:08
CarlFKwhat do I telnet from/to from trist?00:11
CarlFKfirewall I bet..00:16
CarlFKI can't telnet 1500000:16
CarlFKfrom trist00:16
iiiehow about 880000:17
CarlFKis something listing on 8800?00:17
CarlFKor can you jsut set the encoder to listen on 80?00:17
iiieworth a try00:17
iiie8080 at the moment, switching to 80 (manager config)00:19
iiiehm, there were two http porters, one on 8080, one on 808100:20
iiieoh, hangon00:20
CarlFKI can't even ping00:20
iiietry port 80 again00:21
iiieif that works on trist's manager usr/local/etc/flumotion/managers/default/planet.xml line 134 or so change 15000 to 8000:22
iiiewell crap that's going to probably give us a different problem00:22
CarlFKnetwork guy says no firewall issues00:23
CarlFKso lets go back to 1500000:23
iiieyeah, ping doesn't work on aws (unless you go through hoops)00:23
iiiewill do00:23
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ telnet 1500000:24
CarlFK-bash: telnet: command not found00:24
CarlFKwhat else can I use?!00:24
CarlFKno love00:25
CarlFKare you sure about that IP?00:25
iiiemission i-b59966c7 running00:26
iiiedig for the domain name says
CarlFKsomething lies00:27
iiiefrom my office:00:27
iiietelnet 1500000:27
iiieConnected to
iiieEscape character is '^]'.00:27
iiieFGDP/0.1 <class 'flumotion.component.common.fgdp.protocol.ErrorResponse'> Server error: Malformed command: hello00:27
iiieConnection closed by foreign host.00:27
iiie(hello was me)00:27
CarlFKECDSA key fingerprint is 8b:0b:7a:8a:e1:91:c1:0d:67:78:0d:13:bc:0c:c0:76.00:27
CarlFKnm, I can ssh from pyvideo00:29
CarlFKI can ssh from trist to pyvdeo00:30
CarlFKwhatst the -R to tunnel?00:30
CarlFKport 150000:30
iiiessh pyvideo -NR 15000:
CarlFKk, steam?00:32
iiiewhat are you trying to do with the tunnel?00:33
CarlFKmake it more complicated00:34
CarlFKtunnel from trist to pyvideo then net to encoder00:34
CarlFKwhat does -N do?00:35
iiiedev Null for standard in00:35
iiiedon't really need it00:36
iiiewhat's trist's IP locally?00:37
*** bananadine has quit IRC00:38
iiieand it got that from DHCP right?00:39
CarlFKi think so00:39
CarlFKwhat is localhost IP?00:40
CarlFKwhat IP should I put in plannet?00:40
CarlFK127.. 1 got it00:41
iiielocalhost is, but where in the planet are you seeing that?00:41
CarlFKwhat to connect to00:41
CarlFKhow flumotion will connect to the encoder00:41
CarlFK127... 15000 to pyvideo, which should then shoot it to
CarlFKssh pyvideo -NR 15000:  i think00:42
iiieput in pyvideo's ip address00:42
iiieI think we want a different line then00:43
CarlFKnow we need something on pyvideo to bounce stuff to encoder00:43
CarlFKfa says "happy" everywhere.. I don't belive it00:44
iiieno, that's what the ssh pyvideo -NR ... does00:44
CarlFKoh, maybe I wanted -L00:45
iiiedepends on what you're after  trist <- tunnel -> pyvideo or pyvideo <- tunnel -> mission encoder00:46
iiie-L then00:46
* iiie thinks this is a little nuts00:47
iiiehungry at this end00:48
CarlFKI got a connection from trist to 1500000:49
CarlFKand on the ssh to pvo... "connection timed out"00:49
iiie: /00:49
iiie"ssh pvideo -R  2022:localhost:22" run on trist ?00:50
iiie(my line would let me into trist)00:51
CarlFKFIX IT!!00:55
iiiemight be fixed00:58
iiiedeclares win!00:59
tpbTitle: Streaming for ChiPy - Chicago Python User Group (at
* iiie sees a django shirt on the right01:00
CarlFKwhat was it?01:00
parxyou guys rock01:00
CarlFKI got $5!01:00
iiieI checked the flumotion config, and replaced with the dns domain name01:01
CarlFKoh yeah... I some how think the IP was a lie01:02
iiieafter checking that I could "telnet 15000"01:02
iiiethen I restart flumotion01:02
iiienext time around the watchdog restarting flumotion on mission it was up01:03
iiieI manually restarted the watchdog, and started the register again and it worked01:03
* iiie goes to #chipy01:04
iiieCarlFK,  is the wired mic on?01:07
parxPerfect timing.  I was watching the stream of another local event and it just ended.01:07
CarlFKon, but level down01:07
CarlFKone too many things for me to deal with :)01:08
iiieyeah, saw you  running through the room01:08
hyadesthis presentation thing is great!01:09
iiie5 clients (one is me, I'd bet on parx and a couple others here)01:09
hyadesme too01:09
parxlast time I think you brought some viewers in from #pycon-av01:10
iiieso one unknown / unclaimed :)01:10
hyadeshows this switching done?01:14
iiievideo switching is done on the mixer machine01:15
hyadesso CarlFK does it?01:16
iiiedv-switch take a couple of streams01:16
tpbTitle: DVswitch (at
iiiethere are buttons, and you choose stream one or two (or three or four, four is the most I've ever seen)01:17
CarlFKthat shows the GUI I am operating01:17
CarlFKbut don't dig too much.. it is being replaced by a new app01:18
CarlFKgst-switch - same idea, but new code base01:19
hyadesyeah :)01:19
CarlFKthat will do more then just DV01:19
iiie*now with web cams!01:20
parxwait, why'd you get $5, Carlfk?01:21
CarlFKcuz someone likes what i do :)01:22
parxSkimming off the prize money?01:22
CarlFKgood idea!01:22
iiiebreifly had 8 clients, now back to 701:22
* iiie seems to remember there being a stats url01:23
iiie..., well it's a mic01:24
CarlFKoh right.. levels!01:24
CarlFKcan you try to figure out what was wrong with using the IP?01:28
iiiesure, I'm still on the box; are we done streaming?01:28
CarlFKI am sure it is just a basic networking thing..01:28
CarlFKbut curious01:29
iiiewell, I'm able to telnet to 15000 by both name and IP (unsurprising as telnet doesn't pass host name on)01:30
iiieonly thing left to try is change out the line, restart flumotion and see if we get stream01:31
CarlFKI coujldn't telnet by IP01:33
iiiefrom trist?01:33
iiie(veyepar)[email protected]:~$ telnet 1500001:33
iiieConnected to
iiieEscape character is '^]'.01:33
iiieFGDP/0.1 ERROR already connected01:33
iiieConnection closed by foreign host.01:33
iiie(veyepar)[email protected]:~$ telnet 1500001:34
iiieConnected to
iiieEscape character is '^]'.01:34
iiieFGDP/0.1 ERROR already connected01:34
iiieConnection closed by foreign host.01:34
iiiewhat this says is I connected and then the encoder disconnected (which means it worked)01:34
CarlFKtmux - I have a few sessions going... how to I reattach to one?01:34
iiietmux attach01:34
CarlFKhow do I tell it which of 3?01:34
iiieI don't know how to list them, but if you know the name "tmux attach -t NAME"01:35
iiietmux list-sessions01:36
iiieI have a command to shutdown the encoder too when we're ready (start, stop and status)01:36
iiiefailed to mention, changing out IP address for dns name worked fine (hickup for the change, but otherwise worked)01:38
CarlFKyeah, telnet test works for me now01:41
CarlFKoh well01:41
iiieI almost suspect that you talked to the network guy and he said "no no that works" and then went and made it work.01:42
iiieprobably don't need me on trist anymore01:42
CarlFKthats a reasonble theory01:43
CarlFKor someone else here overheard01:43
iiieand decided to stop breaking the network if there really was streaming going on?  how nice!01:44
CarlFKna, I meant a network admin01:44
CarlFKbut I am not sure there are any network admins here01:45
* iiie is off trist01:45
CarlFKthe stream looks broke?01:49
iiiemight have to reload the webpage (I did restart flumotion on trist, which broke the stream for 30 seconds)01:53
iiie(it's running for me)01:53
iiiespeaking of running I'm running home01:53
iiieI'll be back on in under a half hour (if the stream is down and no one has word to keep it up, I'll turn off the encoder)01:54
CarlFKturn if off now01:54
CarlFK I am going to start packni gup01:54
iiiestopped, I should get the modified script into a pull request for you01:56
mithro-someone was after me?01:56
mithro-dammit missed bananadine01:57
iiieI mentioned you, but in the course of a story about how the streaming works01:57
* iiie fades away01:57
*** iiie has quit IRC02:04
parxI managed to get all three students on to see the set up for streaming.  Bananadine disappeared just before the iiie got the stream working.02:05
CarlFKsome magic networking problem02:11
CarlFKcouldn't telnet from collecotor to encoder...02:12
CarlFKI am guessing I transposed an IP02:12
CarlFKI was reading IPs from here and typing them into another box.. I hate that02:13
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* iiie0 is home02:29
mithro-parx, cool!02:35
mithro-thanks for doing that02:35
mithro-When does GSoC officially start?02:35
iiie0I think she said monday, I'm sure I subscribed the the calendar02:36
iiie0monday "12am"02:36
iiie0calendar of [email protected]02:37
parxCoding officially starts in less than a week, on Monday02:38
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hyadeshi mithro-05:05
hyadesi have been unsuccessfully trying to communicate over the dbus05:32
mithro-what is not working?05:51
hyadesthough i am still not finished trying05:53
hyadesmostly methods asking for information work very fine05:53
hyadesbut others which set properties generally crash it.05:54
mithro-please post to the list any time you cause a crash06:10
mithro-you shouldn't be able to cause it to crash06:10
hyadesthat faak issue: i tried installing through everything, still same problem06:10
mithro-did you install the dependency?07:13
hyadesi ran the script for installling07:13
hyadesI have checked, I have libfaac0 and libfaac-dev installed on my system07:16
mithro-find out which package builds that module and see the problem from the configure script07:19
mithro-your versions might either be too new or too old07:19
mithro-hyades, afraid I can't debug the problem for you remotely - have to get your feet wet :)07:20
mithro-hyades, could thing to learn :)07:23
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rihnapstorhi mithro-  :)13:04
rihnapstorhave one question13:04
rihnapstorare you there13:04
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parxmithro, iie0: any chance you were bcc'd on that email from bananadine just now? Don't want to fwd unnecessarily.15:13
mithroparx, nope!15:14
CarlFKmithro firmware?15:16
CarlFKiiie0:       if len(sys.argv) == 3:   RAGE!!!15:20
CarlFKyears ago at an argparse talk I said "not using it makes me angry because if you don't then I will and I hate writing code that you should have in the first place"  ;)15:22
* CarlFK hacks your sleeping head into little pices 15:22
parx"I hate [doing stuff] that you should have in the first place"   FTFY15:24
parxI think that applies to much of what you have to deal with15:24
parxfixed that for you15:26
CarlFKheh - yeah15:26
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iiie0CarlFK: ha!  noted (feedback is what pull requests are about)16:01
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iiie0CarlFK: You want argparse, you got it :)17:27
iiie0Feature creep warning though, it'll run on multiple names now17:53 start mission cd ed17:53
iiie0should probably change the file name17:53
CarlFKI was wondering if it still listed aws hosts :)17:57
iiie0without parameters it does status, which does list18:00 status mission cd ed18:00
iiie0works too, so you can get the status of just the hosts you care about18:00
CarlFKdo you know what the deal is with the .. um.. elastic IP?18:03
CarlFKwhatever costs $24/day if it isn't assigned to a host.. so wondering what the cost is when it is assigned18:03
iiie0I don't know, I can try to do some research18:05
*** iiie0 is now known as iiie18:05
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