Thursday, 2013-06-13

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mithro-parx, ping?00:22
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parxcarlfk  are you still streaming ChiPy meetup tonight?16:35
parxbananadine and Sewar:  this would be a good opportunity for you to see how it works16:37
parxhi : )16:37
bananadineis there a link for the stream somewhere?16:38
parxwhen carlfk/mithro/iiie stream something, this irc channel is the place where they communicate about it in real time16:39
parxSo you can "listen in" and ask questions.16:39
CarlFKparx: going to try.. not even sure where the meeting is yet ;/16:39
parxbananadine: the link is different depending on the event but it's probably something like
tpbTitle: Streaming for ChiPy - Chicago Python User Group (at
parxbanandine: it will be share in this channel16:40
parxcarlfk: the address and business have been posted16:40
bananadinewhen does the meetup start?16:41
tpbTitle: Welcome (at
parx7pm central standard time16:42
parxwhat is your time zone, bananadine?16:42
bananadineUTC +116:43
bananadineSarajevo, Skopje, Warsaw, Zagreb16:44
parxah thanks16:44
bananadineso, from now to then16:44
bananadinehow much time?16:44
bananadinesomething like 6 hours?16:45
CarlFKbut 6 will be when I start setting up and maybe testing16:45
parxBanaadine, so in 6 hours check in if you can16:45
bananadinegreat, i'll try and be online16:46
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SewarI saw last streaming event btw, it was great17:01
Sewarespecially letting the user change the format as he want17:01
parxGreat, you've been paying attention, Sewar.17:17
parxIt's really important for our summer coders to spend time around this channel getting to know everyone.  Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation (or share a cat gif)!  You too, Hyades.  :)17:17
parxCarlFK have you been to tonight's location before?  Where:  Open Software Integrators   119 N Peoria St. #2E Chicago, IL 6060717:31
parxPatrick is supposed to be setting up a boxing ring.17:31
CarlFKyou have an email address for him?17:32
parxidk how that's gonna work in an office!17:32
parxI don't think I do.  Call Brian?17:34
parxCarlfk: Hey, he's best buddies with Brad who hosted the last Chipy.17:37
parxYou have Brad's info.17:37
CarlFKI'll post to chipy and cc brad17:37
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parxHi iiie : )19:47
iiieHello and goodafternoon parx (and channel)19:47
iiieWhat have I missed?  Is there streaming today that I can lend a hand in?19:48
CarlFKI haven't touched trist, so it is still raedy19:48
iiie(or are there org responsibilities to be discharged?)19:48
iiieroughly what time?19:49
CarlFKmeeting starts in 4 hours.  I'll shoot for getting there in 319:49
iiie7pm and 6pm CST (CDT?)19:50
parxiiie, mithro- All three of our summer coders are going to try to tune in for setting up and streaming.19:52
CarlFKoh my :)19:53
iiiecool, not as exhaustive as setting up from scratch (nor as exhausting)19:54
CarlFKbb in 15 = lunch time19:55
* iiie still hasn't gotten to the "turn on the host" script, or the "we're done, shut it down" script either19:55
iiieyeah, lunch here too ;)19:55
parxThe official coding period starts next Monday, so we have to get everyone up to speed for everything.19:56
parxBefore then.19:56
parxCarlfk: that email address I gave you, did it work for Patrick?20:03
CarlFKdu no - no rply but brian gave me the same one20:20
* iiie is back from lunch21:12
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parxI was just asked out for drinks in the classiest way ever.21:24
parx"It wouldn't suck if you came ;-)"21:24
bananadineDoes that imply that it would suck if you didn't came?21:27
parxSound logic21:38
parxI suppose if it would suck without me, what's MY motivation for going?  hmmm...21:41
bananadineMy attempt at a joke: Are you a plug then?21:44
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parxThanks for the warning.  I don't quite get the plug part... Oh wait!  A plug stops the suction!21:59
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parxgood joke22:03
bananadineThanks, just having something to talk about while i wait for the stream22:04
parxYou guys could win brownie points by giving us the occasional good pun.  iiie is most qualified to judge.22:07
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bananadinebut is the stream gonna happen?22:54
parxCarlfk should be on his way to the venue right now22:56
bananadineok great22:57
parxOr setting up the camera and other equipment.22:57
parxHe'll pop back in here.23:01
parxiiie is responsible for much of the streaming work despite working remotely.  iiie can explain way better than I can.23:03
iiieWe have a couple of diagrams for how this works23:04
parxbananadine, hyades, sewar: I belong to another local meetup group that is streaming an event today, but theirs is starting in a few minutes.  If you're interested in the comparison, click play here
iiieObviously we have a video source, in our case that's either a camera or a presenter's laptop23:05
tpb<> (at
iiiethat gets in to the mixer (a laptop running a video mixer, for now this is dv-switch)23:06
iiieflumotion is an encoding pipeline tool, we have an instance of that on site, and a plugin for it connects to the mixer and puts the audio and video in to a pipeline (or two)  [our on site instance today will be on trist -- a laptop that you wouldn't want to code on -- keys are missing]23:08
iiiethis on site flumotion instance (trist today) is called the collector23:08
iiienext in line there is an EC2 server also running flumotion which we call the encoder23:09
iiiethe collector quickly encodes the raw audio and video that it gets from the mixer to something a little smaller (less bandwidth)23:10
bananadineand the other one encodes into what?23:10
iiiethe encoder makes a wider variety of formats available and actually send to the stream users (website visitors)23:10
iiieflash, webm, something for IOS (Apple not Cisco of course)23:11
iiieI don't know which encoder we're using today or if it's up.23:12
iiieWe haven't been completely dismantling the encoders, we've just been turning them off.23:13
iiieAs such we don't need to configure much when we need them.23:13
iiiemithro- configured them for PyCon, and we just keep using them23:13
iiieTo keep things moving smoothly there are watch dog processes on the collector and encoder23:15
bananadineWhat do they do?23:15
iiiethere is a register process on the encoder too, to register with the website (at some point this will get merged in to the watchdog and both will get into a service)23:15
iiieeach pipe line element has a status of ... hm, the ones I remember are: waking, hungry, and happy23:16
iiieif enough of the pipe line elements aren't happy the watch dog sledge hammers the service (restart's flumotion)23:17
bananadineGreat, thanks for explaining23:19
iiienp, any points that I missed?23:19
iiieThere is a configuration pusher too, but I haven't really used it.  I think there might be a way to get some of that done almost without human intervention, but we're not there yet.23:22
iiieJust checked (there's an api, we wrote a tool to check) and we don't have any of the encoders up yet.23:24
iiietime to write another script to turn on an encoder :)23:24
parxThe other stream just started.  Made me jump!23:24
parxThe last Open Government Chicago event was streamed using Google Hangout.  Wastes a lot of screen space, imho.23:34
parxI think they forgot to switch to the google account linked to the camera.23:40
* parx is bugging the organizer... again.23:41
iiieSo... is CarlFK there?23:58
* iiie grumbles about disk space, deletes the logs23:59
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