Tuesday, 2013-06-11

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mithro-morning people01:43
mithro-Sewar, how goes things01:50
mithro-I haven't seen anything on your blog recently...01:50
SewarI should start posting, maybe weekly or bi-weekly01:51
mithro-yes please02:27
CarlFKSewar: you will probably find it much easier to post when you are done for the day02:30
CarlFKthings are fresh in your mind then02:30
mithro-posting daily is easier then posting weekly02:30
Sewarindeed, but when I have finished 1 thing only ... I better tweet about it :D02:51
mithro-tweeting is just "microblogging" :)02:54
mithro-~seen hyades03:00
tpbmithro-: hyades was last seen in #timvideos 1 day, 13 hours, 59 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: <hyades> i got one :)03:00
iiieHey mithro- !03:57
* iiie responses eventually03:57
mithro-hey iiie03:58
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parxCarlFK are you planning to stream ChiPy this month?16:06
parxIs this the one that will be at that guy Patrick's company?16:12
CarlFKum.. I was just wondering where it would be :)16:13
parxHe was lingering around our setup last month and hinting pretty heavily that you should stream his "exciting" upcoming meetup but I wasn't sure if it was this month.16:15
parxSomething about a setting up a boxing ring.  Or maybe it was wrestling.16:23
CarlFKyeah.. that ..16:47
CarlFKI have no idea what he is planning on, and I think I'll just ignore it16:48
CarlFKHe might record some stuff on his own cameras and edit something up later... but I bet it turns into too much work and never gets done16:49
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CarlFKiiie I am going to try to set up a collector on one of the server boxes at PS1.22:30
iiie1Alright :)23:03
iiie1sorry, was in a meeting23:03
CarlFKmeh, so far is is just a single 5 min talk23:17
parx"How not to be a dick in the shop"23:22

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