Monday, 2013-06-10

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iiieCarlFK: re DNS gods: yes, no more lines, more on existing lines; "server_name;"  -> "server_name;"03:50
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CarlFKiiie: thanks05:43
mithrohey CarlFK05:45
mithrohow are things going?05:45
mithroCarlFK, your doing ChiPy this week?05:45
CarlFKI am editing too much video :)05:46
CarlFKI get an email "Melissa Lewis has requested that her lightning talk [video] not be posted. "05:47
CarlFKso I have been digging into all the lighting talks looking for her05:47
CarlFKI am off to bed - see ya in 7 hours05:58
mithrosee ya05:58
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CarlFKim up12:52
CarlFKmithro: new firmware?12:52
mithromiddle of this week13:07
CarlFK  " I need to convert HDMI to DVI-D with forged HDCP credentials."13:11
tpb<> (at
CarlFKwould what we are doing help?13:11
CarlFKhdmi 2 usb 2 gstswitch 2 collector to encoder 2 player 2 projector !13:13
CarlFKthat might be more twos than he wants :)13:14
mithroyou can buy them13:21
tpbTitle: HDFury3 Specs (at
mithroinfact that is the first link on the blog13:23
CarlFK  "...products bought by HT hobbyists for legal use, the very same person who are buying HD channel subscription,"13:28
tpb<> (at
CarlFKwhat is HT?13:28
mithrohome theater13:37
CarlFKah, thanks13:42
SewarJust found this www.edidreader.com13:56
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CarlFKiiie: I am guessing this is a bug in richard.. but i bet it is caused by having 2 server hostsnames so before I go poking will I want your take on a sec?15:15
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iiieCarlFK: Sure, where and what?16:22
CarlFKim stuck in a loop16:23
iiieURL redirect loop, can you get me on of the URLs?16:23
CarlFK -  I auth with persona, now says16:23
tpb<> (at
CarlFKServer Error    Something has happened on the server. Here's a link to the home page.
tpbTitle: Write the Docs Videos (at
CarlFKanything i do takes me to that page16:24
CarlFKI am guessing it is because the persona auth is for videos.writethedocs.org16:25
iiieIf I had to bet, I'd say the settings file16:25
iiieWant me to change it?16:25
iiiethe persona thing is domain specific, somewhere there is probably an option to specify more domains...16:26
iiie(in persona's integration code -- javascript or templates, I don't expect a setting in django to do it)16:27
CarlFKyeah - I don't know where to start16:27
iiieChecking the requirements file I see django-browserid (which is personas) so I'll check that.  If I don't fine anything in 10 minutes, I'll change the domain in the settings file.16:28
iiieLooks like the site reference is more of a hack and browser id / personas doesn't use it.16:31
CarlFKspeaking of sites.. I thin the site app needs soemthing filled in so that "view on site" works ?16:32
iiieso I was mostly right, changing the setting to a list!16:40
iiieCarlFK: Turning debug back off, but it should work now.16:42
iiie(works for me now)16:42
iiieCarlFK: to restart the code / gunicorn / supervisor workers "sudo supervisorctl restart wtd"16:43
iiie(I ran it, just sharing the knowledge)16:43
iiieUpdated /admin/sites/site/1/16:45
CarlFKcan you do the same for ps116:46
CarlFKhow do I give someone an admin account?16:46
CarlFKlike I don't get how persona works with that16:46
iiieadd the email address they are using as a user, or modify their user to be staff16:47
iiieusers login by persona / browser id, permissions in django.auth.user16:47
iiiemark them as staff and they can get to the admin, mark them as super user and they can change EVERYTHING16:48
iiieview on site isn't working for me16:48
iiieFixed, something was making a silly assumption about what domain name was16:49
CarlFKhow did you fix16:49
iiieremoved http:// from the start of the domain name in sites (which is valid for most apps)16:51
iiieI don't know what made the assumption16:52
iiieCarlFK: FOR PS1 (I've done it, just sharing) to restart the code / gunicorn / supervisor workers "sudo supervisorctl restart ps1"16:54
iiiefor PS1's display name, Pumping Station One, Pumpingstation One, Pumpingstation 1, Pumping Station 1?16:54
CarlFK [email protected]  user: tsaylor ... um.. do I set a password ?16:55
iiieYou can, but it won't make a difference (it isn't used)16:55
CarlFKbeats me.  whatever is there, and I'll let Tim here ask me to change it16:55
iiieThat works, I'll check their page16:56
iiieoh, I like that even more16:56
iiieps1's is working too16:57
CarlFKcrap - all that work and i see I added tim to wtd16:57
iiieI could modify the admin template's header and make a pull request to cut down on the confusion (site name in the admin would make it clearer where you are in a given tab/window)17:00
iiieCarlFK: unless you've something pressing right now, I'll be available again in a half hour.17:01
CarlFKI think I am ok - thanks17:01
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iiie1CarlFK, I eventually saw the error emails too (we are admins in the settings file after all)19:23
CarlFKhow come I don't get emailz :(20:24
iiie1error emails, check spam, I didn't configure the server email or the subject field, so... probably spam20:52
CarlFKyup, there they are20:53

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