Sunday, 2013-06-09

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rihnapstorhi mithro07:41
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mithro-hey rihnapstor08:06
mithro-rihnapstor, sorry we couldn't accept your application - we just didn't have enough slots08:06
rihnapstorits  ok mithro- ,but what you didnt like about my proposal ?08:06
mithro-rihnapstor, the problem wasn't your proposal, it was very good - the problem was other things where more important to get done08:07
mithro-we had 6 proposals that where of exceptional quality that we would have loved to accept08:07
mithro-but only 3 slots to accept them (that was after begging for more slots)08:08
rihnapstorok but mithro- why didnt you alert me that the project had least preferences ?08:08
mithro-so project priority ended up deciding which ones where the most important08:08
mithro-rihnapstor, it wasn't the least preference, we had no idea how many good proposals we'd get and where they would end up08:09
mithro-as the email said, if you have some way of getting course credit or similar, we'd be happy to try and help with that08:09
mithro-be back in 1008:10
rihnapstormithro-:  whats course credit ?08:10
rihnapstorping me when you are back08:12
mithro-some universities allow you to particiapte in programs or external activities/projects and count it towards your degree08:12
mithro-I'm going to be a bit in and out08:12
mithro-so might be best to just ask questions, etc and i'll answer them ASAP08:13
rihnapstorso mithro-  how will my activity benefit me ?08:14
rihnapstorcan you explain a bit more?08:14
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hyadesmithro-: do you have some nice script of gstreamer 1.0 in python12:09
hyadesjust the basic stuff is enough12:09
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tansell__laptophyades, I don't12:20
tansell__laptopbut gstreamer guys should12:20
tansell__laptopcheck #gstreamer12:20
tpb<> (at
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hyadesthese are 0.1012:22
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mithroso interesting information at12:22
tpbTitle: Novacut/GStreamer1.0 - Ubuntu Wiki (at
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
mithrohyades, that help12:24
hyadeswent through those earlier12:24
hyadesneed something of a script if some one has written12:24
mithroask on #gstreamer13:00
hyadesi got one :)13:00
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