Friday, 2013-06-07

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mithroiiie, you can use the videotestsrc and audiotestsrc to generate stuff01:25
iiiemithro: sure, but what CarlFK was after was a loop01:30
iiiethe videotestsrc's doc says pattern, which I took to be static01:31
mithrothere is a "static" one which is non-static01:31
iiieCarlFK's the spec, he wanted loop, I did try to point him at streams first.01:32
iiiebut I couldn't find one that seemed a sane solution (I would like to get this working on local vm again though)01:33
* iiie blames running out of disk01:33
* iiie has much larger disk allocated now01:33
mithroyou just use the looper config01:36
mithrostart up the flumotion wizard01:37
mithroand generate an example config with a loop01:37
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CarlFKiiie: are the 2 new richard setups ready to go live?16:57
iiieI'd say yes.  I haven't changed them since my last message I sent on them.16:59
iiieThey have databases, nginx answers16:59
iiieThe site titles might need changing, I don't know (did you get the hosts line I sent?)17:00
CarlFKI didn't know you had set them up.. i was trying to get your script to work so I could run it ;)17:01
iiieheh, script was me DOCUMENTING what I'd done :)17:01
iiie<- is a sysadmin irl17:02
iiiefor /etc/hosts "" (sadly not copy and pasted)17:04
CarlFKthat's for my box so I can test, right ?17:05
iiieyes, also that's the IP address for the A records unless you'd rather CNAME records to ?17:05
CarlFKna, pvo may go to some PSF server some day17:07
CarlFKwhich seems like such a good idea technically, but then I think of the people and get a headache :)17:07
CarlFKand not the server people, but the ones between now and that.17:08
iiiethen A records is the way to go (headaches are bad)17:08
CarlFKcan I has admin?17:10
CarlFK Iguess I can add myself..17:10
CarlFKim already on the box17:10
iiieI already did?17:11
iiieI don't know how to access the admin though17:12
iiieI added you as super user to both17:12
iiieI added me to, though that's silly since I don't know where the admin is17:12
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CarlFKonce again I am agksting over where to store the api key...17:59
CarlFKI don't have a good feel for how veyepar data relates to the .. um.. hosts? that I work with18:00
CarlFKbut as long as I don't #comment anything out in a config file.. I guess I am doing ok18:00
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* iiie thinks that per organization / show in the database is the best option18:34
* iiie recalls that they've been in the settings file so far18:34
iiiebut only from conversation, I haven't seen it18:35
CarlFKI just moved a bunch of stuff out of veyepar.cfg and pw.py18:38
iiieto where?18:38
CarlFKmostly client table.. one to show18:39
CarlFKI have kinda realized that veyepar.cfg is where I put stuff when I am too lazy? to figure out where it goes in the db18:40
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CarlFKarg.. a field I moved into client.. I need it in Show too.18:48
CarlFKI think Client:show is really some sort of super/sub class like thing18:48
iiieoverrides in show I thought?18:52
CarlFKI keep confusing myself what overrides what18:55
CarlFKwhen I try to think about the data.. cuz some data is a little different than others18:56
CarlFKbut then I think about the.. um.. code/implementation   and conclude that I should look to Show first, if empty look in Client18:56
CarlFKthat will always work for what ever data I need to store18:56
CarlFKbut so would putting everything in one big honking flat record.. which makes me think it is not a good reason18:57
iiiethis is committed?  I'll take a look and post a gist19:00
iiieSo much for big talk19:05
iiieThe way you have client_name set is almost the way I'd go19:06
iiiewe're talking the IDs right?19:07
CarlFKright now Richard Category key (which is .. um.. the human readable name.. grumble)19:08
iiie richard_id ?19:11
tpb<> (at
CarlFK   Pycon US 2013 is a category, so is ChiPy all of them19:11
tpbTitle: (at
CarlFKIDs aren't leaking into Show19:11
iiieWhat is leaking into Show?19:12
CarlFKI am thinking what I really need is 1/2 of the field in Client, the other half in show, and cat the two together to form the CategoryKey19:12
CarlFK  those19:13
tpbTitle: - Categories (at
iiieLook, give me a concrete example and I can get you a gist.  I don't see category in Client or Show, unless it's category_key in client #LN3919:14
CarlFKor.. what *I* really need to do is hijack, fork the code and get rid of categories and just use tags19:14
* iiie remembers an issue tracker on tags being not great on richard19:15
iiiethought that might have been "the data is crap" not "the feature doesn't work"19:15
CarlFKthe use case for category isn't too well defined19:15
CarlFKand personally I think it fits the Tag thing just fine19:16
CarlFKtag all the pycon2012 with that.19:16
CarlFKand "maybe" if you want some special stuff.. add a "tag type"19:16
CarlFKor priority to push some to the top of the tag list19:16
CarlFKjust pushed the cat-key in show19:17
CarlFKbut there is no code to support it19:17
CarlFKand I have to run for an hour19:17
iiiesee ya19:18
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iiieCarlFK: when you get back
tpb<> (at
CarlFKhmm.. I get that21:18
CarlFKfor something that is only being used once, (like there is only one bit of code that needs to grab the value from the db and send it to the Richard)  not sure I like spreading the code out21:19
CarlFKexcept I am thinking I need to have everything start at the lowest level (episode) and walk up the tree till it finds a value21:20
iiieNot liking the code spread out?  The question is "what is the category key for this?" the place for the data is a whole mess of places, but you want the code to check each of them where ever it needs to?  That's distributing the logic a bit isn't it?21:25
iiiedata relationship as opposed to business logic (if it were business logic it goes in the view or template tag, or context manager ...)21:27
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