Wednesday, 2013-06-05

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CarlFKhi mithro02:03
CarlFKiiie1:  im back home02:03
iiie1morning mithro!02:03
iiie1CarlFK, I've been reading upstart bits, thinking of running you gunicorn there02:04
CarlFKiiie1: think away, but I would like to get ps1 and wtds up using the current configs02:08
iiie1er, what do you mean current configs?02:08
iiie1Something somewhere kicks off a couple of scripts that run as will02:09
iiie1That's the bit I'd be replacing.  The "something somewhere"02:09
CarlFKtry to match what is there so if something breaks Will won't say "why did you do that?"02:09
iiie1I can match the rest02:10
iiie1nevermind, found it02:10
iiie1he's using supervisor, but then why the scripts?...02:11
iiie1doesn't matter, can and will copy02:11
CarlFKyay :)02:11
iiie1so, what's going up full copies of the live
iiie1you're asking about putting up ps1 and wtds (video.THING) what goes there?02:12
iiie1or what do you want to get when you go there?02:13
mithroyouuuuu tubes....02:13
* iiie1 suspects he's asking the question poorly or just plain wrong02:13
CarlFKI need empty db's , create an api key and Ill push youtube/archive stuff into it02:14
iiie1sure, empty databases, fine, but all the same code / files?02:15
iiie1Is there a doc for setting it up?02:15
iiie1oh, that's what you linked earlier isn't it?02:15
tpb<> (at
* iiie1 goes and looks at pyvideo's config for database sanity02:16
iiie1you got to the nginx config, where is the code for richard?02:19
CarlFKgit :)02:20
iiie1yes, did you clone it or setup the directory structure?02:20
iiie1(I'm not seeing that)02:20
CarlFKall I did was cp the config, edit.. and wonder how it works02:21
mithroCarlFK, so how do you feel about the streaming stuff at the moment?02:21
mithroand did you test the HDMI2USB any further?02:21
CarlFKmithro: streaming.. I can create and config a collector, but kinda fuzzy on trouble shooting02:21
CarlFKand really have no idea what is going on in the encoders/whatever02:22
CarlFKI get the logical flow02:22
CarlFKbut not the implementation02:22
iiie1he he he, I get how to run and trouble shoot the encoder and collector, but getting video in is almost black magic ;)02:23
CarlFKhdmi2usb - looking for docs02:23
mithroCarlFK, whats missing from the docs at the moment?02:24
CarlFKdjtgcfg prog -d Atlys -i 0 -f hdmi2usb.bit   <- where to get that02:24
mithroEven have a cabling diagram now02:25
tpb<> (at
mithrowhat happens after djtgcfg?02:25
CarlFKand I think the alternate instructions should be either removed or moved somewhere02:25
CarlFK"Programming succeeded."  and then lsusb shows new IDs02:26
CarlFKdmesg shows a video device02:26
CarlFKbut xawtv or camorama can't get any frames?02:26
mithroYou should have to do a fxload before the lsusb shows different stuff....02:26
mithroso you finish stage 2 and finish stage 3?02:27
mithro[Stage 0] - Flash the Cypress FX2 chip with firmware suitable for flashing the FPGA102:28
mithro[Stage 1] - Flash the Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA with HDMI2USB firmware02:28
mithro[Stage 2] - Flash the Cypress FX2 chip with HDMI2USB firmware (nothing happens until you complete the following steps)02:28
mithro[Stage 3] - Pull USB plug out of the computer, plug the USB plug back into the computer, the HDMI2USB device should appear.02:28
CarlFKheh - where is stage 2?02:28
mithrofixing numbers now02:29
mithrookay fixed, reload02:30
CarlFKstage 2 step 2 has odd formatting/markup02:35
CarlFKand after 1,7  because the app says "This may take a few minutes.."  I would add "will only take about 8 seconds"02:37
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CarlFK  that is where fxload should come from02:41
tpbTitle: libusbx/libusbx · GitHub (at
mithrowhat is wrong with02:42
mithro ?02:42
tpbTitle: pbatard/fxload · GitHub (at
CarlFKpbatard was alarmed02:42
CarlFKlet me dig up the emal02:43
CarlFKOh man, are people actually using that old code?02:44
CarlFKThis is no longer maintained and has been superseded by the fxload app in the libusbx directory.02:44
CarlFKjust fwd you the whole thing... I thought I already had02:45
mithroIt's a wiki page02:46
mithroyou can edit it02:47
CarlFKcan I edit it directly, or do I fork it?02:47
mithroedit it directly02:48
mithrologin to github and an edit button will appear02:48
CarlFKI am logged in as CarlFK, i see no edit button02:48
CarlFKI see "Page History" which is about where I would expect Edit02:49
mithroCarlFK, reload?02:56
CarlFKthere we go02:57
CarlFKI'll edit it once I actually get it working02:57
CarlFKwith the new firmware, do I need an hdmi signal to get a video stream ?02:58
mithroan input yes02:58
CarlFKbut no output?02:59
mithroyou can switch it into test mode if the CDC port is working03:00
mithrothen you wouldn't need a HDMI input03:00
tpb<> (at
CarlFK[840969.652842] cdc_acm 2-1.2:1.2: This device cannot do calls on its own. It is not a modem.03:00
mithroThat is fine03:01
mithroit should still appear as either03:01
mithro/dev/ttyUSB0 or /dev/ttyACM003:01
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CarlFK[email protected]:~/tv$ ls /dev/ttyU* /dev/ttyA*03:02
CarlFKls: cannot access /dev/ttyU*: No such file or directory03:02
CarlFKls: cannot access /dev/ttyA*: No such file or directory03:02
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mithrologging an issue now03:04
CarlFKAtlys has 2 hdmi ports labeled "hdmi in"  which should I use?03:05
mithrosee the cabling page03:05
tpb<> (at
mithrothat make sense?03:08
CarlFKI have to make a pi boot chip03:11
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mithrolooks like that firmware is borked03:21
mithrologging yet more bugs03:21
mithro~seen haydes03:41
tpbmithro: I have not seen haydes.03:41
mithro~seen hyades03:41
tpbmithro: hyades was last seen in #timvideos 10 hours, 29 minutes, and 49 seconds ago: <hyades> there were many ppl who applied though03:41
mithroparx, you about?03:42
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iiie1CarlFK, you still here?05:04
mithrohey hyades05:09
mithroI wanted to say - I registered edid.co05:09
mithrothat was meant for Sewar05:17
iiie1ah!  Cool05:19
mithro~seen banadine05:50
tpbmithro: I have not seen banadine.05:50
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parx2what's up mithro?  btw, that student's nick is bananadine not banadine06:25
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parx"Bananadine is a fictional psychoactive substance which is supposedly extracted from banana peels."06:27
mithroparx, do you have time (plus the will power) to do some work on the website?06:27
parxwhat sort of work?06:28
mithrotwo things06:30
mithro a) add a news section06:30
mithro b) fix the nav bar to be fly out06:30
mithro  c ) anything else you want :)06:34
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parxmithro I'm heading to bed now, but I'll say that I'm willing to try to help but I'm not sure I'm up to the task. I might mangle things.07:06
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mithrohyades, yes gst-switch only supports gstreamer-1.007:18
hyadesi was getting some problems with a test stream i created, getting a screenshot.07:19
mithrodid you have a read of the page I linked on your last email?07:21
mithrookay great07:22
hyadesthis is some pixel related thing07:30
tpbTitle: imgur: the simple image sharer (at
mithrocan you post this to the list with the information?07:30
mithromy guess is that the format you are sending is not the same as the format you started gst-switch with07:32
CarlFKmithro   i fell asleep .. I should raelly gt to bed07:34
mithroCarlFK, no worries07:34
mithroI should have better bit files for you tomorrow07:34
CarlFKsee you in a few ours :)07:34
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mithroCarlFK, -  I've been watching the Google I/O videos, at they are barely better then what you do08:35
mithroIE I've seen videos with sound problems, bad fades, etc08:37
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CarlFKmithro im up13:18
CarlFKgood audio is hard :)13:18
mithro-yes I know13:18
Sewarwoohoo, nice domain there mithro13:34
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CarlFKiiie: wake up!15:17
CarlFKiiie:    missing something here...  19     sudo chown $USER15:17
iiieCarlFK: -R15:37
iiiesudo chown -R $USER $SITE_ROOT15:37
iiieChecking, I was more tired than now15:38
iiiesudo chown -R $USER "$BASE_DIR"15:39
iiieCarlFK: that last one15:39
CarlFKif basedir is /a/b/c will that chown a and b ?15:41
CarlFKand does it need to?15:41
iiieno, c, not a and b, it's recursive down not up15:44
iiiebut since there is a check that base dir doesn't exist -R is over kill , since it didn't exist a second ago15:45
iiiesudo chown $USER "$BASE_DIR"15:45
iiieI'll add more if statements so that the blocks are dependent on their variables existing15:46
iiiethe SQL section never got fixed when I added PACKAGE_NAME either...15:47
iiiemostly useful thought right? ;)15:48
CarlFKand I like your use of <<USEFUL_THING15:48
CarlFKI have always used EOT15:48
iiieI sometimes use EOT or EOF, but generally it's easier for me to read 5 minutes later, and I do, so it's for future me as much as anyone else :)15:49
CarlFKyeah, eot always bugged me but I never knew why15:50
* iiie considers turning it into a fab deploy15:50
iiiedo you use fabric?15:50
CarlFKI keep wanting to do some chef or puppet but that takes effort..15:51
iiieI'd use them, but only for configuring the parts that aren't site specific (I quite like fabric for that)15:52
iiieI should have queued my linode migration much earlier, I pulled the trigger before 1am (PDT) and it's still 100th...15:54
iiiedown from 500 something15:54
iiiethe idea was to have it happen in the dead of night, luckily they sites are all low to no traffic15:55
CarlFKcan you wing out a list of packages?  like nginx, python-postgrez?15:57
CarlFKpython-psycopg2 python-virtualenv16:01
iiiefor apt?  "apt-get install nginx python-psycopg2 python-virtualenv python-pip" python is implied, and almost always installed anyway16:01
CarlFKdoes't pip come with virtualenv?16:01
iiiethe rest should be in the requirements file16:01
iiiegood question, checking16:01
iiieno, only recommended, not depends16:02
CarlFKI think it is "in" the package16:02
CarlFKIN I TELL YOU!!!16:03
CarlFKI think I need more coffee16:03
iiieyeah, python-virtualenv also includes a pip, I'm not realy sure what's up with having a recommended package16:07
CarlFKguessing they got merged in core dev land and the package maintainers missed it16:08
iiieThere might still be differences for the different states16:10
iiielike using installed pip if it's there, and easy-installing pip if it isn't16:10
* iiie was finally going to leave for the office, but has to search for his phone16:12
CarlFKyour script broke my box16:15
CarlFKjk - but there is someething wrong with the mkdir16:15
CarlFK+ SITE_ROOT=/srv/psone16:16
CarlFK++ basename /srv/psone16:16
CarlFK+ '[' '!' -d '' ']'16:16
CarlFK+ sudo mkdir -p ''16:16
CarlFKah, there is no BASE DIR16:16
CarlFK 10 SITE_ROOT="$1"16:17
CarlFK 11 SITE_NAME="$(basename $SITE_ROOT)"16:17
CarlFKthat didn't do what you wanted.. I wonder why...16:17
CarlFKer, yes it did.16:18
CarlFK+ SITE_NAME=psone16:18
CarlFKI am guessing BASE_DIR should be SITE_ROOT16:18
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CarlFKhey I have an idea.. we should install postgres too :)16:23
skayI so with I could go to the meetup mentioned in this blog post that I suggested they try out mithro's streaming stuff16:25
tpb<> (at
skaywimper wimper16:25
iiieyes BASE_DIR should be SITE_ROOT, yeah postgres will help16:26
skayiiie: you are in the same timezone, you could drive down and help, right?16:26
skayjust a hop skip and a jump16:26
iiieskay: he he he, checking your link16:26
iiieSF bay area!16:27
iiiethat's only 2 or so hours by plane16:27
skayjust a hop skip and a jump AND they hjave a  meeting16:27
skaysad trombone16:27
skayiiie: I would suggest to join a band, because all those bands have litle planes. but maybe not, considering Buddy Holley and Stevie Ray Vaughn16:28
iiiecloser that you guys driving to the mouth of the mississippi16:28
iiiewho was flying?16:28
skaythat wasn't me, that was CarlFK and xfxf16:28
skayI don't know. it just seems that no one should be on a small plane who is also a loved rock star16:28
iiieif I had easy access to a plane and used it a fair amount, I'd probably get a license16:29
skaythat would be so cool, right?16:29
* iiie saved by not being a rock star, loved or not16:29
iiiesure, or an upgraded ardueno copter!16:29
* iiie imagines someone piloting the "interesting bits" by remote over the internet, by consensus16:30
skayoh! I found out there was a brain navigated copter16:30
skaybut it is in the early stages so not for us16:31
iiielike an emotive controller?16:31
iiieheadband electrodes?16:31
tpbTitle: Toy helicopter guided by power of thought : Nature News & Comment (at
tpb<> (at
iiievery cool16:32
iiiehe he he, that looks familiar16:33
CarlFKyeah - sorry I didn't point you to it16:33
CarlFKthats the setup for nodepdx on ec216:33
iiieI like large chunks of mine better of course ;)16:33
CarlFKyeah, this one isn't as .. um.. elegant ?16:34
CarlFKtest -d $LOGDIR || mkdir -p $LOGDIR16:34
CarlFKbetter golf score16:34
CarlFKnot sure that makes it a better script sore16:35
iiieI do like upstart, if it's there, but I made it close to what was there already16:36
iiiemaking the log dir on fail is cool too yes16:36
iiiemy secret key gen depends on django, and makes the key the same way start project does :)16:37
iiiemultiple sites on the same box though, come on people plan ahead!  : D16:38
iiieCarlFK: git-core also needed16:40
* iiie wonders what the release cycle on richard looks like16:40
* iiie will look when he gets into the office, it's going to be a hot day16:41
CarlFKwhat is postgresql-9.1  if it isn't -server?   is that the client libs and cli?16:41
CarlFKwill just started doing stable releases a few days ago16:41
iiiecommon / everything, the second one is server16:41
iiiedev branch16:41
iiiereleases look like what?  why isn't this on pypi?16:43
CarlFKdu no.. till node pvo was the only instance, so pfft16:44
iiieso I doubled that?  :p16:44
iiiegrowing population!16:44
* skay goes back to lurking16:45
iiiesee 4 as the next sequence number16:45
* iiie wonders if ps1, node, and wtd want to be added to "Who's using richard?"16:46
iiie404 commits16:48
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CarlFKiiie: wat?   35 psql -P $PACKAGE_NAME $PACKAGE_NAME19:43
CarlFKhow tested is this?19:43
CarlFK+ psql -P psone psone19:44
CarlFK\pset: unknown option: psone; psql: could not set printing parameter "psone"19:44
iiieCarlFK: that wasn't tested, alternately it reads "break if I can't connect to the database" -P or -W for password prompt19:55
iiiesry, lunch calls19:56
iiieback again, on alt in a second21:11
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