Tuesday, 2013-06-04

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mithroCarlFK, I'm looking at your flashing problems now00:10
CarlFKmithro: about to try and stream!!!00:12
CarlFKraspi meeting00:12
CarlFK * Starting Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                         [ OK ]00:14
iiie0CarlFK, do we want a custom room name?00:14
CarlFKmeh, whatever is quick00:14
CarlFKmithro: hury up!  I need to capture raspi hdmi output!!! :D00:15
CarlFKjk, I don't have my board here00:15
CarlFKthought about it.. but pfft00:15
mithroI'd really like to get that working00:15
mithrowe have HDMI switching support now!00:15
CarlFKwhat's the stream url?00:16
iiie0will be /chipy00:17
tpbTitle: Streaming for ChiPy - Chicago Python User Group (at www.timvideos.us)00:17
iiie0"custom 7:20"00:17
parxyay! imma watch this00:18
iiie0should I have picked PS1?00:18
iiie0zoom out!00:18
parxgreat cam work00:19
CarlFKare we live?00:19
iiie0hardware access00:19
iiie0camera is drooping00:20
iiie0he he he00:21
iiie04 clients!00:22
* iiie0 is one00:22
parxI'm watching.00:22
mithroI'd watch if I wasn't trying to concentrate on getting these flashing instructions working00:23
iiie0my video was freexing a little bit for a bit there00:23
parxkinda quiet00:24
iiie0now on camra mic00:24
mithroTo bad aps's debug stuff didn't make this years summer of code00:24
mithroparx, can you organize a personal message to aps?00:24
parxaudio is louder, thanks00:24
parxmithro, yes00:24
parxwhat's the goal?00:26
mithroparx, we really loved his proposal and if we had the slots we would have selected him, please apply again next year, we'd be happy to work with you if you have other opportunities....?00:26
iiie0Oh, and CarlFK I figured out why the watchdog wasn't working.00:27
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iiie0I wasn't running it as root (which is assumed in the tool) because it runs service restart without root00:27
mithroyeah it needs to run as root00:27
mithroShould be in the doco I guess00:27
skay_Carl said to hop in here and say random stuff like: CarlFK, next time have your ps1 stream tell people to join #pumpingstationone, not #chipy00:28
skay_CarlFK: figure out how to turn off the twitter thingee since it is showing irrelevant stuff00:28
iiie0I can flip it (that's my fault)00:28
mithrowell, it's carl's fault for reusing the channel fro ChiPy?00:28
CarlFKpretty much :)00:29
iiie0I asked, and used what I could paste00:29
skay_Unknown Talk.00:29
skay_you could call it NERP meeting or something instead00:29
iiie0no schedule means all talks are Unknown00:29
parxOk mithro.  I can also reiterate what I said in the letter to non-accepted students about sticking around and collaborating as time allows even without the Google funding.00:29
iiie0That's a good idea though, name it for the room on no schedule00:30
skay_iiie0: in that case maybe call it Chipy00:30
mithroparx, I think more saying that he's application was great00:30
skay_or whatever, yeah what you said00:30
parxnow i understand00:30
iiie08 clients now00:31
mithrobasically - he lost out not through any fault of his own00:31
skay_I'm going to sign out now, it's a little too soft for me to follow along00:32
CarlFKthe prestenter has a headset00:32
mithrosoft as in sound?00:32
skay_I thought perhaps you didn't have good mics at ps100:32
mithroor as in not interesting enough?00:32
skay_soft — not easy for me to hear00:32
CarlFKpresenter is 1/2 talknig now00:32
skay_Ed is talking now?00:33
CarlFKEd is near the camera00:33
skay_hang mics from the ceiling00:33
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skay_ha, it's brad00:35
parxConfession time: I was going to attend NERP tonight until I found out ya'll were going to stream it.00:35
skay_parx: :)00:35
iiie0he he he00:35
skay_Brad has an okay voice00:35
skay_I can understand what he is saying.00:36
skay_Ste, no00:36
skay_CarlFK: not bad for spur of moment00:36
parxapparently CarlFK and I both brought up hdmi2usb to Ste00:36
skay_That's someone's name00:40
CarlFKmithro: the local guy that has an Atly board00:40
parxSte is a video + hardware guy00:41
skay_he is a hardware guy00:41
skay_electricial engineer?00:41
skay_He's very helpful00:41
CarlFKThe topic for #raspbian is: Raspbian -- Debian hard float for the Raspberry Pi: http://www.raspbian.org/ Logs at: http://plugwash.raspbian.org/logs/ looking for mirrors in asia, africa and south america00:42
tpbTitle: FrontPage - Raspbian (at www.raspbian.org)00:42
skay_CarlFK: did something happen to the stream or did my browser get weird and shrink down the video?00:43
CarlFKiiie ^^00:43
skay_iiie: I think it looks normal again. probably something happened in my browser when I reloaded00:44
skay_CarlFK: no twinpact?00:47
CarlFKpi is hdmi00:47
mithroCarlFK, can you see if you can duplicate Stage 100:48
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-0n2> (at github.com)00:48
mithroShouldn't need impact00:48
CarlFKmithro: in a few hours :)00:48
mithroCarlFK, great! I need to get back to doing work they pay me for00:52
CarlFKmithro: roger that00:52
mithronote I haven't added a "Troubleshooting Digilent Adept tools" section yet...00:53
iiie013 clients btw01:00
iiie08:30? so 2 hours 20 minutes from now?01:07
iiie0Had a video hichup, reloaded02:03
iiie0(my stream, not the encoder)02:03
* iiie0 applauds02:08
skay_thanks for helping :)02:09
iiie0I barely had to do anything02:09
skay_uh… thanks for friendly joshing?02:10
iiie0alright, headed home02:10
skay_bye :)02:10
iiie0CarlFK, if you want to shut down the encoder nicely you can, or you can just stop it in aws when you're ready02:12
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CarlFKpacking up02:18
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CarlFKmithro: I back home... will spend 30 min or so getting some dinner.. then up for hacking the Atlys04:08
mithroCarlFK, okay04:25
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CarlFKmithro: wifi hick-up .  did I miss anything ?05:09
CarlFKProgramming succeeded.  - yay05:14
mithroso you got through stage 1?05:20
CarlFKand 2 I think05:21
CarlFK[763435.771095] uvcvideo: Found UVC 1.00 device <unnamed> (fb9a:fb9a)05:22
CarlFK[763435.771292] uvcvideo: UVC non compliance - GET_DEF(PROBE) not supported. Enabling workaround.05:22
mithrothat sounds good05:22
mithroI need to rework "stage 2" to be better05:24
CarlFKcan I get a video stream from it if I don't have an hdmi source ?05:24
mithroyou need something to generate the HDMI signal05:24
mithrothe newest version as a "test signal"05:24
CarlFKdo I need an hdmi monito hooked up?05:24
mithrofor the bit file linked from that page, yes05:25
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mithro<mithro> CarlFK, a lot more updates to the documentation07:03
mithro<mithro> and some new bit files to play with...07:03
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mithrodammit Carl....07:35
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CarlFKim awake...13:07
CarlFKI'll try new prog in a sec13:07
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CarlFK" Really glad to learn you guys stream the presentations.  I hope this is something that will continue!  Thanks again!"13:35
CarlFKgoing to grab a bowl of cereal.. then flash.. is that wat I do to the Atlys?13:35
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CarlFKmithro: https://github.com/timvideos/HDMI2USB/wiki/Digilent-Atlys-Board%3A-Loading-Firmware14:01
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-DD0> (at github.com)14:02
CarlFKI don't see anything different14:02
CarlFK[email protected]:~/tv/HDMI2USB$ git pull14:02
CarlFKAlready up-to-date.14:02
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CarlFKmithro-: didn't you say there was new firmware?14:26
mithro-yes I did14:26
CarlFKwhere is it?14:27
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-DDh> (at docs.google.com)14:27
CarlFKneed access.. request sent14:27
mithro-CarlFK, reload14:28
CarlFKgot it14:34
CarlFK"This may take a few minutes..."14:35
CarlFKit takes 8 seconds.  That's ok, right?14:36
CarlFKdo I need to reload uvc_bulk.hex ?14:42
mithro-you want to load the hdmi2usb.hex14:42
CarlFKthis? fxload -vvv -t fx2 -D 1443:0007 -I  hdmi2usb.hex14:43
CarlFKwhat app do you use for displaying the v4l stream ?15:10
CarlFKcamorama -d  /dev/video1  => "hdmi2usb  1027x768"15:13
CarlFKwas solid white, then faded to gray15:14
CarlFK"The window "Camorama - HDMI2USB - 1024x768" is not responding."  I think thats why it went gray15:15
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parxhi hyades16:28
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hyadeshello parx16:33
parxYour blog feed is on your project page. Just wondering if you added that there or if the other admin did it.16:36
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-DG2> (at google-melange.appspot.com)16:36
hyadesyeah i added it16:36
parxHyades if you haven't noticed, you've been assigned a secondary mentor, CarlFK, in addition to mithro. Melange doesn't seem to be notifying students of such a change.16:37
hyadesany links?16:38
hyadesok got it16:38
parxHave your classes ended for the semester?16:39
hyadesparx, you are working on what?16:43
parxI'm an admin16:43
hyadesI dont know much people here16:45
parxsoon enough : )16:45
parxif you were hanging out here yesterday, you'd have seen people working remotely on streaming an event happening here in my city16:46
hyadesany more coming up?16:47
CarlFKin 9 days16:49
hyadesnice :)16:49
parxwhat about djangonauts?  I check the schedule for both, but didn't see anything for that one.16:50
CarlFKthey only meet when someone feels like putting together a meetint16:51
parxbut.. but... hosting Djangocon in just a few months!16:51
parxno ramping up of activity?16:51
iiieGoodmorning parx and CarlFK, hey hyades (what timezone are you in?)16:55
parxindia!  : )16:56
parxGood morning iiie16:56
parxiiie look for pm from me16:56
hyadesindia iiie17:07
iiiehyades: right!  Good evening!17:08
parxhyades I think we had more than one applicant from your school17:08
parxhow was word getting around?17:09
hyadesi didint know that :)17:11
hyadesthere were many ppl who applied though17:11
iiieAlright, off to being active.  Expect iiie017:13
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CarlFKiiie - I am trying to setup videos.pumpingstationone.org on pyvodeo.org box23:16
CarlFKbut I don't get how /etc/nginx/sites-available/pyvideo  tells the server to look in /srv/pyvideo23:16
CarlFKhttp://richard.readthedocs.org/en/latest/admin/install.html#nginx-and-gunicorn  "finish writing nginx/gunicorn setup"23:17
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-DMe> (at richard.readthedocs.org)23:17
CarlFKcam you rough that in?23:17
iiie1yeah, just a second23:19
iiie1can you pastebin /etc/nginx/sites-available/pyvideo ?  (I assume that's pyvideo.org)23:20
iiie1CarlFK, ^ can you pastebin the config?23:21
iiie1oh, you mean what's in the file23:21
iiie1I can either get you another file for the other domain, or help setup the first one23:22
CarlFKiiie1:  you have an account on pvo23:23
iiie1oh, I'll go look then23:23
CarlFKI also may setup one for WTD23:23
CarlFKso docs I can try to follow for that one will help proof the docs23:24
CarlFKdocs docs docs23:24
iiie1: ) WTD indeed23:24
CarlFKcrap - I left the ec2 machiens running23:24
iiie1I'll make a "push button" stop for that eventually.23:24

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