Monday, 2013-06-03

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mithroHey guys01:53
mithroI recommend everyone read this01:53
tpb<> (at
mithroCarlFK, you should too ;)01:53
parxAnd probably me too01:59
parxHi Sewar02:04
SewarI wonder if you have notes about my code.02:05
parxSewar, I don't right now, but the others might.  I do have a quick question.  Have you received an email from Melange/Google notifying you about your mentors?02:06
Sewarno, but I saw them in the list02:07
parxWe recently added a secondary mentor to your project: CarlFK.  I never know what Melange is going to do, so I try to follow up.02:07
Sewaroh, wait ... I mixed you and iiie :o02:07
Sewaryeah, I saw him in the list alongside with Roman02:08
iiieiiie: here!02:08
Sewarhi iiie02:08
parxSewar, I saw your blog : )02:09
parxHyades is using github for his blog.02:10
SewarMy blog is made by Pelican, which generates static files, I can host it on github but I already have vps and domain ...02:11
iiieI saw your blog, and found the link to code, I haven't gotten much through it though02:12
parxBanandine may be using blogspot, but we don't have a url yet.02:12
iiieSewar: anywhere is fine02:12
parxCoding officially begins 2 weeks from tomorrow!02:13
SewarI want to win some time, especially since Fall starts August 26, 1 month before gsoc ends02:14
parxhave you talked to mithro about your possible summer course?02:17
parxhe was traveling so he may have to get back to that email02:17
parxwe'll have to remind him02:17
SewarI will pm him the details02:18
parxSome things that mithro told another student that he'd like to know about in advance: "if you have exams other work that needs to be done," "having to visit your parents for a weekend is also another example"02:21
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parxmithro, setting me as admin didn't take. I can't set channel topic.07:19
mithroparx, you need to give yourself oper priveledges before you can change the topic07:21
mithro /msg ChanServ OP #foo bar07:21
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o parx07:22
mithroor use  /msg ChanServ topic #foo bar07:23
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o parx07:27
mithroyou can get help via07:28
*** ChanServ changes topic to "Getting Started - | Code - || mithro around - 11am till 11pm at UTC+10:00 || For important discussions use mailing lists:"07:28
mithro /msg Chanserv help07:28
parxit's ok, iiie was just playing around giving and taking away my operator priv07:29
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parxmithro, all 3 students have now created blogs15:20
CarlFKiiie: up for helping stream in 4 hours?18:50
iiieCarlFK: Checking my calendar, but probably19:02
iiieCarlFK: Yes19:02
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CarlFKlet me mow the lawn, then Ill start prepping19:57
parxCarlFK, iiie: Is streaming for the yoga thing or NERP? or other?20:43
* iiie0 doesn't know either :)21:06
CarlFKlawn mowed21:19
parxthought so21:19
parxI was just telling skay yesterday that we could monitor your basement for water using your Pi and suddenly that's part of the agenda for tonight's NERP!21:20
iiie0he he he, and here I was learning more about gstreamer for ham radio21:35
CarlFKhey look, trist is till packed from when I brought it home from chipy so I haven't broken its config21:37
CarlFKor would that have been node?21:37
iiie0will still need updating21:37
CarlFKupdating ?21:38
iiie0trist is the collector which has to point at an encoder21:38
iiie0the encoders are off (or were) so we still have to update one line21:39
CarlFKah right21:39
tpb<> (at
CarlFKec2conn = ec2.connection.EC2Connection(AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY)21:40
CarlFKwhere does ec2 come from ?21:40
iiie0from boto import ec2 I think21:40
tpb<> (at
iiie0hm, those aren't quite the same are they...21:42
iiie0never the less I was right, from boto import ec221:43
tpbTitle: An Introduction to boto’s EC2 interface boto v1.9 (r1485) (at
CarlFKyep - working now21:44
CarlFKmission preview and www all started22:31
CarlFKmeeting starts in 1.5 hours, I should pack and go22:31
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iiie0CarlFK, I assume you're gone, but I don't have an API key / secret set for aws anymore (my VM had a run in with me needing drive space)23:08
iiie0sorry, should be the other channel I guess23:09
CarlFKstill here - packed, about to run23:14
CarlFKI'll api yo uwhe nI get there23:14
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parxhi mithro23:41
mithroHows Portland and Chicago?23:46
iiie0Portland is a little warm today23:48
iiie0we've been running the AC a little since the afternoon, but it would be tolerable without23:49
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