Sunday, 2013-06-02

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aps-sidshi mithro01:31
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bananadinehey mithro, sorry i haven't been around09:09
bananadinei'm studying for exams on thuesday and thursday09:10
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mithro-heyo bananadine10:26
mithro-looked like you just missed me earlier10:26
mithro-when you have a moment, I'd like to discuss what we need to do from now till the start of GSoC10:27
bananadinewell if it's short i can now10:27
bananadineand then get back to studying10:27
mithro-so you need to set up a blog sometime10:30
bananadineblogspot is fine?10:31
mithro-any system is fine10:31
mithro-<hyades> what should i write about in these blogs?10:31
mithro-<hyades> (i never used to write any!)10:31
mithro-<mithro-> basically10:31
mithro-<mithro-> a) what you did today10:31
mithro-<mithro-> b) what you plan to do tomorrow10:31
mithro-<mithro-> c) what problems you have run up against10:31
mithro-<mithro-> every week you should do a "weekly summary" type post10:31
mithro-<mithro-> which is basically a "this is all the new coolness"10:31
mithro-when gsoc starts, you'll be expected to post dail10:31
bananadinedo the posts need to be lenghty or something like a list of things i did10:32
bananadineand a list of things i'll do10:32
mithro-lists are fine10:33
bananadineok cool10:33
mithro-basically its for keeping me and the other mentors informed of your progress10:33
mithro-also if we see you going down the wrong path, it'll help make sure we get you back on track sooner rather than later10:33
mithro-all code should be on github10:33
bananadinewill i add to the repo daily?10:34
mithro-multiple times a day I hope10:35
mithro-you should commit after every thing really10:35
mithro-with good commit messages10:35
bananadineand you're going to check it if it's any good?10:35
mithro-hopefully, when I have time10:36
mithro-if it hasn't been committed, it doesn't exist10:36
mithro-committed and pushed10:37
mithro-you should make good use of branches too10:37
mithro-IE if you fix a bug in the middle of doing something else10:37
mithro-fix it on a branch and commit it there10:37
bananadinewill do10:37
bananadinei'm going to get back on reading up code from thursday10:39
bananadinethat's when i finish my exams10:39
mithro-you'll also be expected to be on IRC once GSoC starts10:41
mithro-don't have to be on it all the time10:41
bananadinei'll be on most of the time10:42
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mithro-if you ever need help, please to ask here or #fluendo or even #gstreamer10:43
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* Sewar looks around16:38
CarlFKhey Sewar - I am 1/2 here17:36
SewarI wonder if you saw my code and have any notes17:38
SewarJust started a blog at mohammedalhadab.com17:40
CarlFKare you around for the next hour or so?17:47
CarlFKcool - need to image the drive of a new laptop, then can use it to test stuff17:51
CarlFKwell, can use it for a laptop...17:52
CarlFKbut want to make the image before I ever boot it17:52
Sewarbe back in ~1 hour17:56
* Sewar is back18:44
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