Friday, 2013-05-31

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CarlFKiiie: you might know something about this... Eric Holscher wanted me to pull someone's LIghtning talk.  I can't find the email that said who00:05
CarlFKwere you CCed?00:05
CarlFKMelissa Lewis has requested that her lightning talk not be posted. 00:12
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mithromorning people03:41
mithroCarlFK, ping?03:41
mithrohey Sewar03:47
mithroso has iiie talked to you about setting up a blog?03:47
Sewarno, but I read about that in the email03:48
CarlFKmithro: pong03:59
mithrocan you turn back on the server so I can move the website elsewhere?04:02
CarlFKmithro: it is on04:10
CarlFKbut it has a new IP04:11
CarlFKthat whole dynamic thing...04:11
mithroit should have a elastic IP to assign it04:12
CarlFKwell.. it's been up for a while.. I think before the last time you asked04:12
mithrocan you associate the elastic IP?04:13
mithroyou have to do that manually after you bring it up04:13
CarlFKthat that.. trying to find what you just said04:15
CarlFKassociate the elastic IP - how?04:18
mithrosee the elastic IP thing on the side?04:20 current hostname04:22
CarlFK"Select  an address  above"04:22
mithroyou click on one04:23
mithrothen it should say assoicate with an machine04:24
CarlFKi see04:25
mithrostill can't ping it04:26
mithroI can't ping either?04:26
mithrowant to just give me the current password and I can login and fix it myself?04:27
CarlFKElastic IP:
mithroI can ping it now!04:28
mithrowoot! it works04:28
CarlFKany idea what changed ?04:30
CarlFKhuh, I can ssh to it too04:30
mithromaybe it just takes 10 minutes for the ip to associate?04:31
mithroyou should give back the other elastic IP04:31
mithroas they cost a $1 per hour they are not associated with anything04:31
CarlFK54.235.95.77 ?04:31
mithrothat was used for the logs/preview I think04:32
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mithrohi hyades05:16
mithroso I'd like to go through the things we need to do05:19
mithrodo you have time to do that?05:20
mithroso you need to create a blog to track your GSoC progress05:21
mithroduring GSoC, I'd like you to post every day05:21
mithrowith status report and such05:21
mithrodo you already have a blog?05:22
mithroif so you can just create a section under that if you want05:22
hyadesya i created one http://hyades.github.io05:22
tpbTitle: Aayush Ahuja (at
mithrodoes it have an RSS feed?05:23
mithroI'd really like an RSS feed05:23
mithroanyway you can add that?05:23
hyadesi ll try05:24
mithromakes it really easy for me to follow you then05:24
hyadesi will add it05:24
mithronext, I'd like to know a general timeline of when you'll be doing stuff - it doesn't necessarily need to match the google one05:25
mithroIE if you have exams other work that needs to be done05:25
mithrowe can move things around a bit05:25
mithroknowing your other commitments will make sure that I know what to expect, when05:26
hyadesnothing as of now..holidays going on05:27
hyadestotally free05:27
mithrohaving to visit your parents for a weekend is also another example :)05:27
hyadesI will just jot down these things and send u05:28
hyadesnothing which is general, I will let u know if there is any such commitment05:31
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mithro-CarlFK, should probably change your password now06:12
CarlFKmithro-:  Xilinx Design tools -    the closest to 10gig is  All OS Vivado and SDK Full Installer                                  (TAR/GZIP - 6.2 GB)06:52
CarlFKI got  Xilinx_Vivado_Lin_2013.1_0411_1.tar 3.6G06:54
CarlFKdo you have a file name of what I should end up with ?06:54
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mithro-hyades, we should also chat on the channel09:49
mithro-as I'm pretty sure other people have the same questions09:49
mithro-CarlFK, you can delete the domain under Route 5309:52
mithro-I transferred it to my account09:52
hyadesmithro- ok10:05
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Juggerrhi mithro11:27
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iiieGoodmorning people15:58
CarlFKhi iiie16:14
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iiiehows kicks?  backscroll says you and mithro got the website sorted out16:15
iiie"how goes" if you rather16:15
CarlFKtrying to create a dvsource source to demo the audio bug16:16
CarlFKwhich resulted in some serious yack shaving16:16
CarlFKand being distracted by other email16:16
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