Wednesday, 2013-05-29

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mithroheyo people00:28
CarlFKhey mithro00:33
CarlFKback home?00:33
mithrowill get you an email sometime today00:33
CarlFKtake your time - I am not going to touch the board for..  about 24 hours at the earliest00:34
CarlFKdid you see the -D/-d thing?  (they renamed the switch)00:35
mithroparx, you about?01:50
parxyes mithro01:50
mithroparx, you think you could write a speal about our accepted students?01:50
mithrokinda like01:50
tpb<> (at
tpb<$> (at
mithroyour writing is like a bazillion times better then mine :)01:54
mithrowe should also pester the students to set up their blogs so we can link to them01:54
parxahaha thanks, but flattery's not needed, delegate me some paperwork01:56
parxSpeaking of... Can I help at all with the Google supplier paperwork?01:56
mithroparx, is it flattery if it's the truth?01:59
parxI added student pestering to my To Do list yesterday.  Also mentor pestering.  ; )01:59
mithroyeah please do01:59
mithroparx, I'm not sure, I haven't had a close enough look yet02:00
parxiiie pointed out something kinda important yesterday.  Channel topic directs important conversations to mailing lists (plural) but doesn't make them easy to find which is why even regulars here are not subscribed.02:05
parxThere are 3 mailing lists for projects.!members/timvideos!forum/hdmi2usb!forum/gst-switch02:08
tpb<> (at
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mithroyes that is correct02:11
mithrobtw I can make you a channel admin if you  want to fix the topic02:12
mithrohave you registered your freenode nick?02:12
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mithrodoing now02:13
mithroparx, iiie and shenki you are all admins now02:16
mithro /msg chanserv help02:16
mithrofor what you can do02:16
mithromight be a good idea to set the entry message02:16
mithroCarlFK, can you bring up the website again?02:17
mithroCarlFK, I'll then move it to a VM which doesn't cost you any money02:17
CarlFKit;s running now02:48
CarlFKbut new IP02:48
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