Monday, 2013-05-27

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rihnapstorHi Sewar08:49
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parxThe official GSOC countdown clock to announcement time!
tpb<> (at
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parx90 minutes to go, kids17:29
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* aps-sids bites nails17:30
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rihnapstorhello guys18:05
rihnapstortoday results are gonna be out for gsoc :)18:07
aps-sidslongest 3150 seconds :D18:07
rihnapstorbst of luck everyone over here :D18:07
rihnapstorSewar: you there18:07
rihnapstorwhats up18:08
Sewarhappy birthday rihnapstor18:08
rihnapstorthank you Sewar18:08
Sewarwaiting is killing18:08
rihnapstorhehe you remember :)18:08
rihnapstorexactly Sewar18:08
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iiiehalf an hour!18:30
rihnapstoriiie: aer you mentoring ?18:31
iiieWe'll know in a 27 minutes. :)18:32
iiieI'm potentially mentoring yes.18:33
rihnapstornice :)18:43
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aps-sidscongrats Sewar19:07
tpb<> (at
Sewarthanks aps-sids19:07
rihnapstorhey buddy congrats Sewar  :)19:07
Sewarthanks rihnapstor19:08
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rihnapstoryour welcome19:12
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Juggerrso, who that lucky guys who were acceptet to the GSoc?19:29
rihnapstoryeah Sewar19:31
tpb<> (at
rihnapstormy and aps project on auto bug reporter were rejected19:31
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mithro-mobileI assume the GSoC notifications have gone out?19:55
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Sewaryup :D19:56
mithro-mobilewish we could accept everyone!19:57
mithro-mobileI'm in an airport flying home from Japan, so will be in and out a bit19:57
mithro-mobileif anyone wants feedback on their application I'm happy to provide it.19:58
mithro-mobilehi yocto19:59
mithro-mobileSewar: looking forward to your work.20:00
SewarCan't wait to start :D20:00
Sewarbut I'm wondring who's Roman?20:01
mithro-mobilehe's in Portland20:02
Sewargreat, so timezones won't be a problem :)20:02
mithro-mobilewhich location are you at?20:02
mithro-mobileokay cool.20:03
mithro-mobilewish everything works out that well :-)20:03
mithro-mobileCarlFK is another person you should say hi too.20:04
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mithro-mobilehe's Chicago based20:04
Sewarmaybe I met him if he streams a conference close to here20:06
iiieI'm here20:07
iiiesorry, reading20:07
Sewarhi iiie, who are you?20:08
iiieI'm Roman yes20:08
Sewarlol, meant "how" are you?20:08
Sewarmy bad20:08
iiieI'm doing alright20:09
mithro-mobileyeah, thats the plan. Carl is always after people to help out20:09
mithro-mobileso if we can get you a chance to meet them well try and make it happen20:11
Sewarthat sounds cool20:11
mithro-mobileplus conferences are a great place to test the edid grabber part20:12
mithro-mobileso many laptops to test on20:12
Sewaryeah exactly20:14
CarlFKSewar: where in TX?20:16
CarlFKmithro-mobile: I have a sleak new toshiba laptop that is going back soon - want any hdmi info off it?20:17
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CarlFKanyone know how/what data he is collecting ?20:25
Sewarthe thing about edid grabber? it collects edid data20:28
CarlFKyeah..what do I do?20:32
Sewarnothing so far, mithro said it will good opportunty to test it in a conference as there are many laptops20:34
Sewarit's part of my gsoc project, so it is far from ready20:34
CarlFKthere isn't some /sys thing I can cat?20:36
Sewarno, you can use get-edid in linux, ioreg in macosx and registry in windows20:37
Sewarthat's how the program works, then it uploads the binary edid data to the website20:37

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