Sunday, 2013-05-26

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SewarCarlFK: Are you using debian?04:33
CarlFKyou know anything about the Atlys?04:33
Sewartried compiling fxload04:34
CarlFKDid you see a post from me about "your instructions are worst than Fosters" ?04:35
Sewarfor some reason /usr/include/libusb-1.0/libusb.h have no libusb_error_name but it's in upstream libusbx sources04:35
CarlFKI thought i sent it a few hours ago,but can't find it in my sent folder04:35
Sewarwhere is that?04:35
CarlFKdon't know ;)04:36
SewarI think you're mixing me with somebody else!04:36
CarlFKyou mentioned fxload which is what I am struggeling with right now04:37
SewarI saw your message earlier today, that's all04:38
SewarUpgrade libusb to latest package or recombile it yourself04:38
Sewarthat may solve the problem04:38
CarlFKI got the latest version of libusbx from git://
CarlFK/home/carl/tv/libusbx/examples/.libs/lt-fxload: invalid option -- 'D'04:40
CarlFK"Note: the fxload version that ships with Ubuntu, Debian and possibly other Linux distributions (0.0.20081013-1) does not support the -D syntax as above.'04:41
Sewardid it compile? make exited successfully?04:41
Sewarif you get it from and compile and install it04:43
tpbTitle: pbatard/fxload ยท GitHub (at
CarlFKhmm. I had to tweek  that one to make it compiele, I shoujld try that again04:44
Sewaryeah, maybe you can try updating libusbx package first and then recompile04:47
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CarlFKhmm...  this didn't error:04:50
CarlFK[email protected]:~/tv$ fxload/fxload -vvv -t fx2 -D 1443:0007 -I ./HDMI2USB/release/R1/pre-build/uvc_bulk.hex04:51
CarlFKI guess now I should hook the board up04:51
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CarlFKhmm.. plugged the usb into the board, fxload....  I don't see anything happening05:04
CarlFKimpact -batch download.cmd06:09
CarlFKI don't get where that command comes from06:10
CarlFKim off for the bed07:36
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rihnapstorhi there mithro :)10:13
rihnapstorI updated my proposal with 2 more diagrams few days ago that  I had missed.10:15
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aps-sidshey mithro13:22
aps-sidsAny spoilers about gsoc allotments? ;)13:22
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Sewar26 hours to go ...16:39
CarlFK26h till ?16:40
Sewargsoc announcement16:40
CarlFKmithro: do you have any time to help me get the board working?  no hurry, so don't let it eat into your fun time16:41
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