Sunday, 2013-05-19

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rihnapstorhi there mithro11:44
rihnapstoryou were on vacation ?11:48
mithroI am on vacation11:49
mithroin Japan11:49
rihnapstorohh Japan :) nice stay there11:49
rihnapstorI made some changes to the proposal,timeline part is left to complete still and 1,2 diagrams maybe.11:53
rihnapstorI have started with my exams.2 subjects completed.11:54
mithrogood luck with the rest of them11:56
rihnapstoryeah thanks mithro  :)12:04
* rihnapstor brb12:27
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rihnapstorhi CarlFK15:25
CarlFKhi rihnapstor15:27
rihnapstorI met mithro today in IRC,he is in japan.15:27
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