Wednesday, 2013-05-15

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CarlFKiiie: help... can't ssh into cd01:04
CarlFKnm, wrong user01:05
CarlFKhmm... floundering...01:31  is CD now01:31
CarlFKsshed ... flue start.. flue-admin  hungry hungryu...01:32
CarlFKhappy happy now01:37
CarlFK  no streammm01:38
tpbTitle: Streaming for Pumping Station: One (at
CarlFKoh hell... does something need to connect to it?01:38
CarlFKiiie: I think  the /psone page needs to be pointed at the new ec2 hostname?01:44
iiieregister on the encoder, with group psone01:54
iiiewhich encoder you using?01:55
iiiesry, reading01:55
CarlFKstream is up01:55
CarlFKchoppy as hell playing it back here01:56
iiiethree clients, and should be working01:58
iiievery choppy here too01:59
iiienow at 5 clients02:00
iiieVout = Vin (r2/(r1+r2))02:01
iiie4 clients02:01
CarlFKhows the camera mic aucio?02:02
iiie3 clients, I disconnected02:02
CarlFKI am one02:02
CarlFKdo any of our robots count?02:03
iiieaudio was chopy too, firing back up02:03
iiieonly if they are pulling a stream02:03
iiieauddio quite choppy02:05
CarlFKhmm... even 100mb should be ok02:07
CarlFKomg I had something else..02:11
CarlFKoh, just a playuer02:11
CarlFKit might get better02:11
CarlFKdid you hear all that?02:25
iiiesorry no, I haven't been running it02:43
iiieaudio still unusably choppy02:44
CarlFKI guess I should do a bandwidth test02:44
CarlFK8Mbps down, 6 up02:46
iiiestream may have just died02:51
CarlFKi Just un/replugged in the network02:51
CarlFKit was in 10/100 ports, moved it to 1g02:51
CarlFKthat is connecting trist to mx0402:51
iiieah, it'd be nice if the collector / encoder / player recovered from that02:52
CarlFKyep.. I guess I need to thump it02:52
CarlFKnot sure the 1g ports are .. partitioned ?  some 48 port switch tning02:54
CarlFKmeh.. I give up02:55
CarlFKhmm.. let me use my little 1g switch02:55
CarlFKflu.. restart.. happy everywhere again.  streem back02:59
CarlFKstream here looks better03:11
CarlFKok, I am going now03:11
CarlFKer, print recording seets first03:11
iiieaudio and vido much better03:14
iiiehello there03:16
iiielooks good03:17
iiieoffset, not zoom03:18
iiieand repeat03:19
iiieslow invinity03:19
iiieCarlFK: ^03:19
iiieCarlFK: I can type to myslef!03:20
iiieCarlFK: yeah I'm seeing and hearing :)03:20
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