Tuesday, 2013-05-14

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CarlFK$ find ./ -name models.py00:03
CarlFKso the irc #chan should be in there...00:03
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-$SH> (at pumpingstationone.org)00:05
iiie_what mailing lists and IRC channels you should join00:05
CarlFK 46     # Strings are stored in another table because they are often expensive.00:06
iiie_that's silly00:11
CarlFKwhat's the symptom of trying to do #pumpingstationone irc chan?00:13
iiie_Oh?  I don't think that's the problem at hand, also I've broken static media; almost fixed00:24
iiie_I ran a sudo aptitude install package-list on the wrong box :(00:26
iiie_removing the package deleted a needed directory00:26
iiie_that had the static files, I was able to track down the dependencies so I've got it back up00:27
iiie_also freenode is getting DOSed (or was)00:29
iiie_so webchat is likely down from / for that00:29
CarlFKhttp://www.timvideos.us/psone so psone not pumping... ?00:36
tpbTitle: Streaming for Pumping Station: One (at www.timvideos.us)00:36
CarlFKi don't really care.. going to add a url to the ps1 wiki00:36
iiie_I can change it to pumping, in a meeting just now though01:03
CarlFKpumping...  = pumpingstationone  bah.. too many characers.  leave it as is/01:06
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iiie_  Done with meeting02:03
iiie_Anything you need me to do?02:03
CarlFKum.. not that I can think of02:04
CarlFKreally?! :D02:04
CarlFKoh.. the frame grabby thing02:07
CarlFKbut low priority02:07
iiie_preview?  I can see if turning that back on does what we want (I'll change the config.json to match the amazon issued dns name, as I'd be amazed if we had access to repoint preview.timviedeos.us)02:09
iiie_Headed home for the moment, will probably be without _ when I get there02:44
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CarlFKstill _04:45
iiieyeah I don't count that one05:00
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CarlFKiiie: can I stop/start the instances ?15:48
CarlFKer, the encoders..15:49
CarlFKmainly want to make sure I can get them up and fictional, and I think I am spending $50 a day with 4 of them running15:49
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iiieyes you can stop/start them15:52
iiiethey should only be $0.50 per encoder per hour15:52
CarlFK"Warning:  Please note that any data on the ephemeral storage of your  instances  will be lost when  they are  stopped.         "15:53
iiiefunctional I hope ;)15:53
CarlFKI get how it can work..15:53
iiieright, "sudo poweroff" from inside the instance15:53
CarlFKoh.. so I shoulnd't use the management console?15:53
iiiealso stop not terminate15:53
iiieephemeral storage is okay too15:54
iiielike /tmp15:54
iiieor ram disks15:54
CarlFKamerica mostly full 4k left15:57
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ ls -lh /usr/local/var/log/flumotion/worker.default.log15:59
CarlFK-rw-r----- 1 flumotion flumotion 4.6G May 14 15:59 /usr/local/var/log/flumotion/worker.default.log15:59
iiieyeah, I'll figure out how to turn down that log, or we'll just truncate the file repeatedly...16:00
iiiethere is debug on, and we need it off.16:00
iiiewhich one are we leaving up?  mission?16:01
iiieonly need one up per stream, I'm quite confident that I can reconfigure any working collector to use any encoder and register any encoder to any group / room16:02
iiiethat said, the restriction of one collector per encoder and one encoder per room16:03
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iiieCarlFK: I never did turn on preview (aws instance) in case you were looking to turn it off19:15
CarlFKno prob19:16
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