Monday, 2013-05-13

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aps-sids~seen mithro00:38
tpbaps-sids: mithro was last seen in #timvideos 1 day, 20 hours, 12 minutes, and 13 seconds ago: <mithro> well, I'll be back shortly00:38
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CarlFKmithro: I see you arrived safely in .jp00:57
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CarlFKiiie: have time to walk me though doing whatever you did to reuse? one of the encoders?04:21
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iiieCarlFK: good timing, sure04:39
iiieSteps: 1) pick an encoder; 2) start encoder in ec2 / aws (I've been logging in, there is of course some way to do this through the API); 3) get the encoder's public dns / dns_name; 4) configure the collector's config line (manager/default/planet.xml) with the encoder's public dns (note: large assumption that all the user/pws are the same, they don't have to be); 5) restart flumotion on the collector, (re)start flumotion on the encoder04:47
* iiie is sorry for the novel, and is available for questions04:47
CarlFKpasting into install.txt :)04:48
* iiie feels like he's contributed :)04:51
iiieAny questions?04:53
CarlFKnot yet...  just startd .. um.. cd04:56
CarlFKwhat do we need to do to get the preview images?04:56
iiieturn on the preview instance, maybe point the domain at it04:57
CarlFKpoint the domain?04:58
* iiie isn't positive on that part04:58
iiieI think there is / was a preview.timsvideos.us04:58
CarlFKI wonder how much this is costing me now :)04:58
iiieit's mirthro's domain, logs and www should really be one instance, previews may or may not need their own instance.  That is how it was setup, I've mostly been an operator.04:59
CarlFKi hear ya05:00
iiiePretty sure www, logs, and preview are all the smallest instances you can get05:00
iiieall the encoders are pretty beefy, we probably should turn all but one off (we have mission and america running last I looked)05:01
CarlFKand now cd05:01
iiiethe encoders are $0.50/hr, I don't know the numbers on the rest.05:01
iiieI think www by itself may be in the free tier, but that may also only be for the first year (I don't recall)05:02
iiiebrb, phone in car05:03
CarlFKcan you add my public key to cd?05:09
iiieYes, just a minute05:10
iiieDone, added your key (dc10).  Added it to america too.05:15
iiieif we spin up others I'll add you to them too (mithro added me)05:18
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CarlFKmplayer   nothing :(05:25
CarlFKfa on both boxes show happy05:27
CarlFKdvsink-command gst-launch-0.10 fdsrc  ... plays sound05:39
CarlFKdisk isn't ful05:40
CarlFKah, log files...05:40
CarlFKsometing is spewing to the log file05:47
CarlFKoh, watchdog...05:47
CarlFKwd is all happy05:52
CarlFKDEBUG [ 4175] "/default/muxer-flv-low:default-bis" feedavatar        May 13 05:57:31      <flumotion.worker.feedserver.FeedAvatar instance at 0x306f8c0>: disconnected from <twisted.spread.pb.RemoteReference instance at 0x3054e18> (flumotion/twisted/
CarlFKI get the feeling some debug level has been left on06:00
iiieyeah, we should turn that down, I think I saw something in one of the configs06:02
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CarlFKiiie iiie_   hows your schedule today?21:21
iiie_eh, somewhat busy; meeting at 2:30 (PST; 4:30 CST) for probably 20 minutes21:22
iiie_what's up?21:22
iiie_What can I help with?21:23
CarlFKthe.. um.. image snap shot21:23
CarlFKand why my collector isn't straeming21:23
CarlFKwe have 2 working collectors. but I kinda want to not be confused when it doesn't work21:24
iiie_I don't have access to my VM just now.21:29
iiie_I'm at my office and my forward that I tested while at home, is not currently working.21:29
iiie_What about the image snapshot?  I'm running on virtualbox, and the vdi file is probably 20 GB (it can likely be compressed and would be in the export)21:31
iiie_CarlFK, can I get into your collector?21:32
CarlFKcoming up...21:38
CarlFKport 222321:42
CarlFKiiie_: i just restarted the mixer box, so in case there are errors about that.. that is expected21:43
iiie_one sec, meeting21:44
CarlFKI need to run to the bank in the next 24 hours.. 20 min round trip.. is now a good time?21:44
CarlFKk - bbl21:45
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iiie_CarlFK: found it, what's the mixer's name?22:45
iiie_and what using cd as the encoder right?22:45
iiie_I do see ndv-mx04 on the network, can I assume that's the right one?22:46
iiie_I also see ndv-mx0622:47
CarlFK6 is up too, but i don't think dvswitch is running on it.  I can see it on 0422:51
iiie_got it22:51
CarlFKcorrect on CD as encoder22:51
iiie_cd's encoder is happy (I started the watch dog in tmux)22:54
iiie_I don't think I can get any faster at this22:54
CarlFKhave you seen [email protected]:~$ flumotion-admin-text22:55
iiie_wow nice22:55
iiie_CarlFK, just to be clear it's working for you right?23:09
CarlFKI keep getting distracted looking for the streem url :)23:11
CarlFKCache fill:  0.00% (0 bytes)   nop_streaming_read error : Resource temporarily unavailable23:14
CarlFKthis is what I saw last night too23:14
* iiie_ can't confirm that that's the right place23:14
tpbTitle: Streaming for Grand Ballroom CD (at
iiie_I registered it23:14
iiie_cd is ec2-54-224-28-236.compute-1.amazonaws.com23:15
CarlFKoh crap.. I was using america23:20
CarlFKcan you make
CarlFKand maybe first...23:20
CarlFK station one (no spaces)23:20
tpbTitle: Streaming for PyCon 2013 (at
tpbTitle: Streaming for PyCon 2013 (at
CarlFKI am going to try to stream them tomorrow night23:20
CarlFKI would do pumping station one first ...23:20
CarlFKthat way once we think we have the process smooth, nodepdx will be cleaner.. less pixy dust23:20
CarlFKwifi wack.. did you see: (06:19:36 PM) CarlFK: that way once we think we have the process smooth, nodepdx will be cleaner.. less pixy dust23:21
iiie_sure, it's just the config.json file23:21
CarlFKyeah.. all of this is just 1's and 0s right?23:21
iiie_Oh, I just use 1's and xor, it's simpler :p23:22
iiie_I wish I remembered / had recorded the redeploy command23:24
iiie_what's the irc channel for pumping station one?23:24
CarlFK# pumping station one23:26
iiie_Got twitter handle / hash? and is title just "Pumping Station One" ?23:28
tpbTitle: Pumping Station: One (at
CarlFK Twitter: @pumpingstation123:30
CarlFK Twitter Hash: #psone31223:30
iiie_yeah, I don't know either, adding23:31
CarlFK312 is a chicago area code.. so .. yeah.23:31
iiie_room max length might be 10 :/23:33
CarlFKwhat is enforcing that?23:33
iiie_database something23:34
CarlFKthere's a db?!23:34
iiie_for the register, the view is hit....23:34
tpbTitle: Streaming for Pumping Station: One (at
apshi CarlFK , any idea when will mithro be back?23:57
CarlFKaps: nope23:57
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