Sunday, 2013-05-12

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iiieCarlFK: I'm clearing the log on encoder-america (disk is full)00:32
CarlFKdoh :)00:33
iiieat least we know to check for that apparently common problem now...00:33
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rihnapstorhi aps-sids12:29
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rihnapstorhi CarlFK15:42
rihnapstorwhere is mithro ?15:42
CarlFKhmm.. I suspect the /topic is not correct for the next week15:46
rihnapstorCarlFK: when willhe back ,any idea ?15:53
CarlFKdon't know.  I suspect between 1 and 2 weeks15:54
CarlFKI also suspect he will check email often, so he isn't completely gone15:55
rihnapstorhow can I contact by email or mailing list ?15:55
rihnapstorI dont have his email id.15:55
CarlFKgsoc channels send him email15:55
rihnapstorok .then ?15:56
CarlFKbrb - 15 min I think15:57
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CarlFKiiie: ah, "To restore full Phonon multimedia capabilities, install.." throws a dialog.  preventing the dialog is a good reason to install that stuff :)17:06
iiieyes, that's those two I'd install the non-vlc one for preference, but I think either will do17:08
iiieis that only for mint? or is that "new"17:08
* iiie feels less alone17:09
CarlFKDescription:Ubuntu 13.04 Codename:raring17:11
CarlFKwow, goog has 12k people selling adds17:12
iiielike in house?17:15
CarlFKdvsink-command gst-launch-0.10 fdsrc ! dvdemux ! audioconvert ! autoaudiosink17:15
CarlFKnot sure I showed you that..17:15
CarlFKplays the audio using gs , no custom dvswitchsrc componenet needed17:15
iiieNo, I think I had that without the dvsink on it17:16
CarlFKheard the 12k figure on the radio.17:16
iiieway to go marketers17:16
CarlFKI am guessing it means in house,  given the next ring out would be way bigger17:16
CarlFKnot that I know what the next ring out is defined as :)17:17
* iiie suspects at least one person at work could be in the next ring out17:17
CarlFKthe context was "so what if youtube isn't turning a proffit, the cost of operating it is nothing compaird to the revenue goog makes from their overall add sales"17:18
CarlFKand some chatter showing how huge their add sales dept was17:18
iiiehmm, "an anchor is still and anchor"17:19
CarlFKwhat should we tell Troy about directing people to "the stream" ?17:19
CarlFKputting a player on the front of was pretty cool, but I think it is better if they get to the timvidoe super page17:20
CarlFKtempted to say iframe!17:21
iiieif it's frame-able (expects no anti-frame, but there might be)17:22
CarlFKoh!!! the 5 sec jpg preview on nodepdx, click on it and it takes you to timvideos17:23
iiieMaybe an embed code could be a "quick task" sometime in the next 9 months.17:23
iiiethere you go17:23
iiiewe should turn on previews then17:24
CarlFKit doesn't even need to update.. just gets a single image when the user hits the page17:24
CarlFK"This is what's happening now"17:24
iiiethat is easiest, there is a latest image always17:24
* iiie speculates that there is a channel for nodejs and nodepdx already17:25
CarlFKnodepdx yep'17:25
iiiehm node and nodejs are almost empty... which would be weird if they didn't have another irc network that they push for the community17:27
iiieI'd forgotten17:27
iiieoh and I setup nodejs on my VM and/or desktop17:27
CarlFKshe and i are walking to a diner for breakfast... bb in ..hour or so17:29
CarlFKsee ya17:29
iiiesee ya, I'll be on later and checking here & email17:29
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rihnapstorCarlFK: you there ?17:30
CarlFKrihnapstor: yes, but just leavif for breakfast with my wife ..17:31
CarlFKso bb in hour or so17:31
rihnapstoryeah can you answer about how many slots we have got for gsoc ?17:32
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