Saturday, 2013-05-11

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CarlFKmithro pong01:46
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mithro<mithro> hey01:47
mithro<mithro> so how did thinkgs to at ChiPy?01:47
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CarlFKboing boin01:48
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CarlFKiiie: you here?01:51
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mithro<mithro> <mithro> hey01:59
mithro<mithro> <mithro> so how did thinkgs to at ChiPy?01:59
CarlFKgot it working02:00
iiie0I'm here yes02:00
* iiie0 wonders what happened to his nick02:01
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iiie0I'd asked carl about how the collector pulled a stream from dvswitch earlier yesterday too02:15
CarlFKwhen I brought the 2 machines home, booted, tweaked trist /etc/hosts, back to not working02:16
iiie0right, on trist, /etc/hosts fixt the IP address02:16
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iiie0or the line 42 change the host from ndv-mx04 to ndv-mx04.local02:17
CarlFKwell, did fix it...02:17
CarlFKwhen I brought the 2 machines home, booted, *tweaked trist /etc/hosts*, back to not working02:17
CarlFKI think I put the IP int plannet.xml02:18
CarlFKlemem check02:18
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iiieheaded home, back active in ~1502:24
mithroCarlFK, so...02:35
CarlFKmithro: so I still can't bringup my collector02:38
mithroyou have the dvswitch mixer running right?02:39
mithrothe collector has to connect to that02:39
CarlFKif we roll back about 24 hours...02:39
CarlFKhalted trist, started cnt3, and could not get the stream back up02:39
CarlFKcnt was working02:39
CarlFKI stopped it, tried to use trist, tried to fall back to cnt3, and could never get things working again02:40
CarlFKthe hostname thing doesn't explain that02:40
mithroso after you change anything in the planet.xml you have to restart flumotion right?02:41
mithroand on the machine you can telnet to the location specified as the URI?02:43
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ grep dvswitch /usr/local/etc/flumotion/managers/default/planet.xml02:46
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ telnet 200002:46
CarlFKConnected to
CarlFKer, missed the grep output02:47
CarlFK      <property name="uri">dvswitch://</property>02:47
CarlFKis that the right syntax?02:47
mithroI think so02:47
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mithroCarlFK, and?02:54
CarlFKtelnet connected02:55
mithrois it working?02:55
CarlFKdvsink-command streams to stdout.  what's a command I can use to verify it is getting a bunch of bytes02:55
iiiedvsink 192.168.242 ?02:56
iiie2000 is default right?02:56
CarlFKthere is no default02:56
iiiedvsink 192.168.242:2000 ?02:56
iiiemissed a 1. in there02:57
CarlFKiiie: huh?02:58
iiiedvsink --host= --port=200002:59
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ dvsink-command wc02:59
tpbTitle: dvsink-command - (at
CarlFKwhat command can I stream to that will show a running byte count02:59
CarlFKI need to ^c it to quit, which kills wc also I guess02:59
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iiiedvsink-command --host= --port=2000 |pv03:04
tpbTitle: pv(1): monitor progress of data through pipe - Linux man page (at
CarlFKthat is spewing the dv to my console03:05
iiiedvsink-command --host= --port=2000 |pv >/dev/null03:05
iiiedvsink-command --host= --port=2000 |pv -n >/dev/null03:06
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ dvsink-command pv > /dev/null03:07
CarlFK13.7MB 0:00:04 [3.43MB/s] [   <=>                                              ]03:07
iiiethat looks like a good one, we should write that down03:08
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ cat ~/.dvswitchrc03:08
CarlFKyou want that :)03:08
CarlFKthen there are the defaults you were asking about03:08
iiieyes thanks03:08
* iiie wanders off for snacking03:11
mithrostill not working?03:14
mithroCarlFK, once you have restarted flumotion connect with flumotion-admin and see if any of the components are hungry03:14
CarlFK * Restarting Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                       [ OK ]03:16
CarlFKfa shows 8 components, all happy03:16
mithroand it's still not working?03:17
mithroif all the 8 components are happy, it should mean it's streaming up to the encoder?03:17
CarlFKServer returned 404: Not Found03:18
CarlFKNo stream found to handle url
mithroconnect to the encoder with flumotion-admin and see if the components are happy03:20
CarlFKall are hungry or sad03:20
mithrosad component has crashed03:22
mithrothe watchdog will restart it03:22
CarlFKi think the wd is running03:22
CarlFKon the encoder03:22
mithrowhat IP address is on the collector for the encoder?03:23
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ grep ec2 /usr/local/etc/flumotion/managers/default/planet.xml03:24
CarlFK      <property name="host"></property>03:24
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ host ec2-54-224-159-216.compute-1.amazonaws.com03:24 has address
mithrowhat port?03:24
mithroand telnetting to on the gdp port works03:24
CarlFK      <property name="port">15000</property>03:26
mithrotelnet 15000 works?03:26
CarlFKConnected to
CarlFKEscape character is '^]'.03:26
CarlFKFGDP/0.1 ERROR already connected03:26
CarlFKConnection closed by foreign host.03:26
mithroOkay that is promissing03:28
mithrodoes the encoder have any disk space free?03:28
mithrosometimes the logs take up the whole disk03:28
mithroand then everything gets funky03:28
CarlFK/dev/xvda1      7.9G  7.5G     0 100% /03:29
* iiie shakes head03:29
mithroremove logs from /usr/local/var/log/flumotion03:31
mithrorestart the encoder03:31
mithrosee if things become happy?03:31
iiiels -l /usr/local/var/log/flumotion to see how big they are :)03:31
iiieor df -h again03:32
CarlFK-rw-r----- 1 flumotion flumotion 4.6G May 11 03:32 worker.default.log03:32
CarlFKthats why this:03:32
CarlFKchown: changing ownership of `/usr/local/var/log/flumotion/worker.default.log': Operation not permitted03:33
iiiecould be, but I doubt it, disk is full shouldn't stop you from changing permission on a file03:33
CarlFKyeah.. nm that03:33
iiiebesides that was on trist not mission-encoder03:33
CarlFKwell, ^^ that was on mission03:34
CarlFKi forget what the dbase was from03:34
mithrodbase was from?03:35
CarlFKstill no stream03:35
mithroare they all hungry now?03:37
CarlFKin tmux, how do I create a new shell?03:37
mithroCtrl-B c03:38
CarlFKoh, I bet I have to restart flumotion03:38
CarlFKor should watchdog do the same thing ?03:38
mithroafter fixing the logs, you definately need to restart flumotion03:39
mithrois the watchdog running?03:39
CarlFKrestarted wd.. most happy now03:40
CarlFKactually all happy if I read this correctly03:40
CarlFKthe stuff in white is just for.. um.. history / stats, right?03:41
mithrogenerally a good idea to restart the watchdog if everything is happy03:41
CarlFKk 0 all happy03:41
* iiie reports red and blue03:41
CarlFKand now the steam is up03:42
CarlFKwhew.. I can sleep tonight.03:43
CarlFKfor giggles, I am going to bounce trist03:44
mithrobounce trist?03:45
CarlFKreboot the colletor03:45
mithroahh okay03:47
mithrocan I go to lunch now?03:50
CarlFKyes :)03:52
mithroCarlFK, so I fly to Japan on Sunday03:52
mithroso probably not going to be around03:52
CarlFKer hold..03:52
mithrothink you have enough knoweldge for your event?03:52
CarlFKany idea of a player I sream dv into that should break?03:52
CarlFKmithro: er.. just barly ...03:53
CarlFKI don't know how to debug03:53
mithrogst-inspect-0.10 will give you info about the components03:55
mithroso, thinking about it - we have never used PIP with streaming before03:55
mithrobecause ryan hates PIP03:55
CarlFK  gst-launch-0.10 [OPTION...] PIPELINE-DESCRIPTION03:55
CarlFKany idea the pipeline?03:56
mithrosomething like03:56
mithrodvsource uri=..... ! dvdemux ! audioconvert ! autoaudiosink03:57
CarlFKIll bug #gstreamer03:57
mithrothat pipeline should work....04:00
CarlFKERROR: pipeline could not be constructed: no element "dvsource".04:03
mithrodvswitch maybe?04:04
CarlFKI can just pip to stdio.. what will read from it?]04:05
mithrothe gst-dvswitch module has doco04:07
mithrogst-launch-0.10 -v dvswitchsrc hostname= port=5000 ! dvdemux ! dvdec ! autovideosink04:07
mithrochange the04:07
mithrodvdec ! autovideosink04:07
mithroto the audioconvert ! autoaudiosink will probably work04:07
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ gst-launch-0.10 dvswitchsrc uri=dvswitch:// ! dvdemux ! audioconvert ! autoaudiosink04:09
CarlFKthat works04:09
CarlFKnow I can test out the pnp fix04:09
CarlFKwithout having to deal with the stream04:09
CarlFKmithro: any chance of you being around when the conf starts?  in ~5 days04:11
CarlFKworst case I fall back to icecast04:11
mithrowell, I'll be back shortly04:26
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CarlFKiiie: have you got dvswitch running?  (enught to test the collector)17:31
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iiieNot on a VM, my netbook might18:02
CarlFKyou think maybe you got it running, then forgot? ;)18:02
iiieI don't know what state I left it in; more or less.  checking18:03
rihnapstorhi guys18:03
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iiieCarlFK: no good. I've started a clone of my base vm for dvswich18:07
CarlFKdo you have dvswitch installed on the host?18:08
CarlFKim guessing running it in a vm may cause extra issues18:08
CarlFKI know vmware 's nifty video driver has a bug in it18:09
CarlFKplay something in totem, the image is not lined up with the window board it draws18:09
iiieI don't have it installed on the host.18:09
CarlFKwhich causes similar issues with dvswitch18:10
iiieI don't reinstall my machines often18:10
CarlFKbut.. I now have that line to test streaming from dvswitch, so that should help get that part worked out18:10
iiieSo having dvswitch on a VM is probably not helpful?18:11
CarlFKcrap shot18:12
CarlFKhelpful it it works18:12
CarlFKpersonally I would put dvswitch on the host - it is a small footprint18:12
iiieI was hoping to run dvswitch on a vm via xvnc18:12
tpb<> (at
CarlFKcan you run that on the desktop?18:15
iiieI'll try it.  Mint is the desktop's OS though.18:15
CarlFKshould work...18:15
CarlFKsudo apt-get --assume-yes install git automake autoconf libtool intltool g++ yasm ....18:16
CarlFKthat's the big intrusion18:16
CarlFKthe rest is all done in your home dir18:16
CarlFKoh yeah, create a ~/bin and add it to your path :)18:16
iiieyeah, it'd be nice if we logged what it really does (incase we need to start over -- reinstalling is a pain)18:17
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iiieRunning; "it" in this case being setup/melt/, but in general setup scripts18:18
* iiie considers choot / jails almost as good as VMs18:20
iiieMissing backend for phonon?18:20
iiiephonon-backend-gstreamer (recommended), phonon-backend-vlc might want to add those to the list18:21
CarlFKwhat list?18:24
iiieer, so I see FFmpeg cloning going, is this going to kill my normal ffmpeg?18:24
iiiethe list of packages to install18:25
CarlFKjust don't do sudo make install18:25
CarlFKit will create a sumlinmk from ~/bin/melt to the binary that gets built18:25
iiieyou asked me to run this sh file in your git repo which obviously runs as root18:26
CarlFKrun as user, it will sudo the apt-get - which os18:27
iiieERROR: Unable to configure FFmpeg18:27
CarlFKrun as user, it will sudo the apt-get - which isn't doing anything weird,18:27
CarlFKwell, for now I just want melt for creating red_blue.dv18:27
CarlFKtry apt-get install melt18:28
CarlFKa few weeks ago I was told "as of march, this works.." but that was for creating tones.  (which I am trying to put a soft beep at the end of the videos as a way to test that the encode finished ok18:29
iiiethat worked.  I don't have dvswitch installed on the desktop, what's the minimum for that?18:29
CarlFKdvswitch, dvsource, dvsink18:30
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CarlFK  creates red_blue.dv18:30
iiieapt packages work for those?18:30
tpb<> (at
CarlFKall you need is a way to stream red_blue.dv using the dvswitch protocol (a few bytes handshake, then cat red_blue.dv over and over18:32
CarlFKthe handshake is what you need dvswitch for18:32
CarlFKand that hasn't chagned ever18:32
iiiebah, from red_blue.mlt, so you need to clone the repo or get that too18:32
CarlFKit needs red_ blue.mlt18:33
CarlFKbut just clone the repo :)18:33
iiiehave it18:33
iiiehave red_blue.dv now18:34
CarlFKrefersh it - I just added the .sh a min ago18:34
CarlFKdo you have ~/dvswtitchrc ?18:34
CarlFKcat ~/.dvswitchrc18:35
CarlFK0000 = all interface18:35
iiieI have it now, what's next?18:36
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CarlFKdvswitch &18:36
CarlFK(or in a term.. or screen or tmux...18:36
iiieright, have that running, now for a loop source?18:37
CarlFKdvsource-file -l  red_blue.dv18:37
CarlFKside test...18:38
CarlFKgst-launch-0.10 dvswitchsrc uri=dvswitch:// ! dvdemux ! audioconvert ! autoaudiosink18:38
CarlFKdoes dvswitch have the vu meeter ?18:38
CarlFKgst-launch... should play the white noise18:39
iiieone sec on gst18:39
iiieno element dvswitchsrc18:40
CarlFKoh right...18:40
CarlFKtim's custom thingy18:40
CarlFKdoes the desktop have sound?18:40
CarlFKtry it over there18:40
CarlFKbut don't spend too much time on it18:40
CarlFKI just want to get a feel for how reliable it is as a test18:41
iiieI don't understand; this was on the desktop18:41
iiietry what over there (on the desktop)18:42
CarlFKgst-launch-0.10 dvswitchsrc ...18:42
CarlFKuri=dvswitch://192... dvswitch boxs ip18:42
iiieERROR: pipeline could not be constructed: no element "dvswitchsrc".18:43
CarlFKis the collector stuff intalled ?18:43
iiieNo, that's in a VM18:43
CarlFKtry it in the VM18:43
iiieah, okay18:43
CarlFKeven if there is no sound18:43
iiiehm, not sure what's going on now same problem, I may have rolled my VM back : (18:46
CarlFKyeah, I have trouble keeping track of my vms18:47
CarlFKvm is the only place you think you might have a collector setup, right ?18:49
CarlFKI do plan on bringing trist18:49
CarlFKbut I wold like your desktop setup, tested, etc too18:49
CarlFKI want some redundancy and familiarity (although you may be more familiar with trist than I am ;)18:50
iiiehe he he, yeah, well looking through flumotion's logs was the win there18:51
CarlFKI do plan on imaging a desktop and running the setup, connecting to the red)blue dvswitch, make sure that really works as expected18:51
CarlFKbut I am not touching trist in case there is some pixy dust we dont' know about18:52
iiieI copied out planet.xml and default.xml, just in case, but yeah18:52
iiieShould I be using your repo or tim's for streaming-system?18:53
CarlFKI think mine18:54
CarlFKI think there is still an outstanding pull request.. just asec18:55
iiieyesh, yeah, something is wrong with one of the scripts again, I think it broke the apt/sources.list again (we should just dump the expected values in /etc/apt/source.list.d/OURNAMEHERE18:58
CarlFK  not current18:59
tpb<> (at
iiiemuch better19:03
iiiescript is chugging away, I don't think it will take that long, compiling goes very fast here19:06
iiieI added a remote of your repo, and switched to master of that19:06
iiiegit rocks19:06
CarlFKthink we have time to eat lunch?19:07
iiieat the very least I know the command to try once all this is done19:07
iiieI think I'll try my hand at speeding up the install script sometime this weekend; there seem to be many different calls to apt-get install19:09
CarlFKthat will only save .. at most 20 min per install19:11
iiiehe he he, if we're repeatedly testing installing it's something that needs doing19:13
CarlFKI think 'now' we should focus on config mangement19:13
iiieERROR: Caught a segmentation fault while loading plugin file:19:13
CarlFKI want to make another layer of config generator19:13
CarlFKERROR.. in the VM?19:13
iiieyeah, running the gst-launcher command19:14
CarlFKoh my.19:14
CarlFKlet me finish this thought:19:14
iiieoh, maybe I can't run this headless19:14
CarlFKnot sure I want to do this for nodepds...19:14
CarlFKbut.. pertty high up is creating 2 files:19:15
CarlFK1. list of channels - which for this wil lbe one line: "nodepdx"19:15
CarlFK2, list of creds - which I think is just the user/pw for flumotion, and keys for amazon ?19:16
CarlFKoh oh oh...19:16
CarlFK1, channel and amazon instance ID19:16
CarlFKusing the ID and the keys we can get the hostname19:16
CarlFKgen that honken .json, which then uses to make plannet.xml19:17
CarlFKhand editing the xml makes me nervous19:17
iiieyou and me both19:17
CarlFKbut I am not sure I want to mess with generating them for nodepdx19:18
CarlFKI want to get a bit more familiar with debugging what we have .. not creating new things to debug :)19:18
iiiethat's fair, new automation should be tested first19:19
iiiesuccess on gst launch in vm, white noise heard19:20
iiiego eat!19:20
CarlFKyou got sound out of your vm?19:21
CarlFKimpressive :)19:21
CarlFKyeah, eat time19:21
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CarlFKi lunched.19:53
iiiesorry, back shortly, off line while I futz with the network connector...19:55
CarlFK   basically scp planet.xml [email protected]:/usr/local/etc/flumotion/managers/default/19:57
tpb<> (at
CarlFKI am positive that all I did to setup trist was ubuntu, git,, run that on my dev box where the master copies of the 2 xml files are19:58
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iiiegrumble and back20:22
iiieCarlFK: you back from lunching?  What's the next test?  Hook it into encoder-mission and see if we get a stream all the way through?20:50
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CarlFKiiie: back22:52
CarlFKiiie: lets use a different encoder - set it up for nodepdx22:54
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CarlFKwe can use trist+mission as  a fall back23:02
iiieAlright, can you PM me the password to ec2 / aws console?  It wasn't any of the three I tried.  Alternatively we can reset it (again)23:08
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