Friday, 2013-05-10

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iiieCarlFK: what's the mixer's IP addreess?00:26
* iiie thinks he found the problme00:26
iiietyping not included00:26
CarlFKndv-mx04.local (
* iiie wins00:29
iiiestreaming up through trist and mission's encoder00:30
CarlFKis it on timvideos?00:38
CarlFKno - don't worry about it .00:39
CarlFKis there any way to get stats?00:51
iiieif I run the register, it'll tell me client count00:59
CarlFKwhat's the chance something will catch fire?  :)01:01
CarlFKdo it, for science01:01
iiieif it didn't just catchfire, it won't01:03
iiie(6 clients)01:03
iiieI think I know the guy on screen01:03
iiieMy audio might be out of sync01:04
iiierefreshed and now much closer; was at 35 minutes run01:06
iiiehad my stream die, reload and now working01:10
CarlFKiiie: so what was the magic button?01:15
iiieconfig had a host name, so I added it tothe hosts file :)01:18
iiieand restarted flumotion on trist01:19
CarlFKhmm, that does explain why it wouldn't work here... cuz at home my dhcp and dns are cozy with each other01:20
CarlFKbut I dont' get why it stoped working at home01:21
iiieI don't know off hand, I don't think I changed anything else really01:21
CarlFKI am not sure what boxes I was doing what on.. but I may have bumped something messing with qemu networking01:22
CarlFKlike I brought up a bridge br0 interface, which I think does another dhcp reqest.. but that shoujldn't matter01:22
CarlFKim not too worried about it01:22
CarlFKso run the register thing that makes timvideo work :)01:28
iiiealright, I'll try that01:29
iiieSeems to be working01:34
tpbTitle: Streaming for ChiPy - Chicago Python User Group (at
iiieand and not just webm01:36
iiieI'm headed home though01:36
CarlFKsee ya!01:40
CarlFKand of course...01:40
CarlFKthanks tons01:41
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iiiehey mithro-03:45
iiiewe got a collector up and running!03:45
mithro-yeah, just reading the backlog03:47
mithro-sync issues?03:47
mithro-iiie, can you document as much as possible? :P03:52
iiieI don't know what to document about the sync issue.03:53
iiieI have a notes file that includes the commands run.03:53
mithro-I mean on your setup stuff03:54
iiieThe final problem was the collector not having a reference to the mixer (dvswitch); or rather the reference was the hostname, adding the hostname to /etc/hosts and restarting flumotion got it working.03:54
iiieEven got it to show on timvideos (not hard but the whole stack was up).  Only missing bit was the homepage, but I think that was the lack of schedule's doing.03:55
iiieOh, I'm still setting up my collector.  I may be in the same nation as Carl and the collector, but still at least 1.7k miles off.03:57
iiieCarl set it up on the black thinkpad03:58
iiieThat reminds me I need to consolidate some drive space by Tuesday.  Recording / streaming a week from now.03:59
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mithro-CarlFK, ping?05:36
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CarlFKmithro-: pong11:17
* CarlFK goes back to bed12:02
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CarlFKim up again13:22
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CarlFKrunning watchdog_wrapper on mission.. I see... ERROR:root:Starting the whole of flumotion ....   chown: changing ownership of `/usr/local/var/log/flumotion/worker.default.log': Operation not permitted14:57
CarlFKis this something I should care about?14:57
CarlFKtrying to get a test stream up again.  no luck.  fa on trist, all 8 are happy.  wd on trist, no output.14:58
tpbTitle: Snippet #227059 (at
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iiieCarlFK: I got the same as your dpaste, I didn't get watchdog working on trist.17:49
CarlFKiiie: huh.17:50
iiieI did look at the log files and they were all 640 flumotion flumotion; my guess is that the watchdog needs to run as flumotion, or root or not do what it's trying to do (check ownership before trying to change it)17:51
CarlFKwd(watchdog) restarts processes, right?  like "service flu start" might get everything running withtout needing to run wd ?17:53
iiieThe only reasons to change ownership is to edit (write), change permissions or delete (maybe move)17:53
iiieyes the watch dog is a sysadmin work around for the hungry status really meaning "we lost connection and need to reset"17:54
iiiethe flumotion service gets everything running, the watchdog just watches over it.17:54
CarlFKok, so *technically* we dont need wd to get the stream up17:56
CarlFKwhich might explain why we got it up even though wd didn't seem to be doing anything17:56
iiiecorrect, only thing is does is keep an eye on the service "restarting when obviously needed"17:56
iiieright, I did the work of the wd17:57
CarlFKthanks :)17:57
iiiemostly by watching the encoder in another window17:57
CarlFKhmm, so maybe the setup scripts don't have everything completely right yet17:57
iiieYeah, np.  Alright, off to my next thing (or rather late for it 11am my time, 1pm your time)17:58
CarlFKsee ya17:59
CarlFKmithro-: I am on the hook for streaming in 6 days.. would really like to get things smoother18:02
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