Thursday, 2013-05-09

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iiieThat would be a good idea, but I doubt it.  I need to do a better job of documenting and not running around.00:01
iiieOh wow!  Yes, yes I do00:02
iiieI have Fake register documented in part at least00:02
CarlFKon the mission ec2 box, I started something (I think a and ^C isn't stopping it00:04
CarlFKgetting twisted.internet.error.ReactorNotRunning: Can't stop reactor that isn't running.00:04
iiieor ^\00:04
iiiesigsuspend and sigquit00:04
iiiesigquit will get you a core dump from python00:04
iiiesigsuspend stops the job00:05
* iiie is in the shell quite a bit00:05
CarlFKsigquit: command not found00:06
CarlFKkill -foo?00:06
iiieyou have ^C to denote Ctrl-c, sigquit is a Ctrl-\ and sigsuspend is Ctrl-z00:07
iiiecould kill -9 or kill -15 sure00:07
CarlFKpython  -m pycon:[email protected]:753100:08
CarlFKguessing that is what I did00:08
iiiekill -3 is sigquit00:08
iiieWhere do you want my notes on
iiieThey also include it's just two lines00:09
CarlFKpfft - here is fine00:10
iiieother than cluster ssh and tmux (all are just examples)00:10
CarlFKIll cut/paste them into my notes.txt00:10
CarlFKthis is more my notes so I don't have do dig through IRC logs looking for what someone said00:10
iiiepython tools/register/ --server="" --secret="your secret from config.private.json" --group=ab,av,mission00:11
tpb<> (at
iiiepython --group=mission,ab,av00:12
iiiewe still should turn the log viewer back on if its easy00:12
CarlFKany idea how?00:13
iiieI suspect its just an ec2 instance00:13
iiieI'm not really sure why that isn't on the same instance as the website though00:14
CarlFK<producer id="endtone" resource="ladspa.1047" 0="250" 1="0.5" in="0" out="    0" />00:37
CarlFKxml.etree.ElementTree.ParseError: not well-formed (invalid token): line 8, column 4800:37
CarlFKoh, I think 0 and 1 are not allowed as attirbutes ?00:38
iiiecould also be that it doesn't like the spaces in out, but yeah could be numbers starting attribute names00:40
CarlFK 25   <producer id="endtone">00:41
CarlFK 26    <resource="ladspa.1047" />00:41
CarlFKis that equivalent?00:42
CarlFKassuming I get the rest and clsoe it off00:42
iiieit should be for element tree yes00:44
iiiedoes it use the 0=250 and 1=0.5 ?00:45
iiierunning away, back on later00:49
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mithrohey CarlFK03:20
mithroso where are you at?03:23
CarlFKseconds just fired up dvswitch again with a better test stream03:23
CarlFKI wish I knew where your sprints loop was03:24
CarlFKoh well03:24
mithroyou want a link to it?03:25
tpb<> (at
mithroCarlFK, ask and you shall receive :)03:26
CarlFKany idea how big it is?03:27
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CarlFKso I am running the setup scripts in qemu so that I can reset back to a clean ubuntu install03:42
mithrookay cool03:43
CarlFKby cp the disk image file instead of a 20 min install to a machine...03:43
mithrowhich part is that?03:43
CarlFKwell, no.03:43
mithroyou could use COW disk03:43
CarlFKthe install is going slow in the vm, and pretty sure is way longer than the 20 min I save03:43
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CarlFKcould also be that I started with ubuntu-server  and now I need to install way more dependencies03:45
mithro-CarlFK, is this the collector or encoder?03:45
CarlFKso I have 3 boxes, including 1 ec2.  assuming they are all off, what is the sequence of turning them on and starting things?03:48
mithro-3 boxes?03:48
CarlFKassuming they are all configured03:48
CarlFKdvswitch, collector, encoder03:49
mithro-You mean the mixer, collector and encoder?03:49
mithro-the order doesn't matter03:49
CarlFK1. run dvswitch  - that one I am familiar with..03:50
CarlFKwhat else?03:50
mithro-once DV switch is started03:56
mithro-then start up the encoder03:57
mithro-and then the collector03:57
mithro-that order doesn't really matter however03:57
CarlFKstart up the encoder - is that just start flumotion?03:59
mithro-CarlFK, turn on the encoder machine in EC2, start up flumotion, start up watchdog, start up register04:02
CarlFKon the collector it is just start flumotion ?04:11
mithro-and the watchdog04:11
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mithro-btw this channel is logged04:21
mithro-but the logs arn't published anywhere04:21
mithro-iiie, I've got no idea why I put the logging bot on a different machine to the website04:21
mithro-I think because last year I just reused one of my existing machines to do logging04:26
mithro-or maybe I wanted different caching or something04:26
mithro-I have NFI04:26
CarlFKso if I have committed and pushed, and I want to add another change to the commit...   what do I do?04:27
mithro-git commit --amend to change the last commit04:33
mithro-and git push --force to be nasty and rewrite history04:33
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tvCommitBot[streaming-system] CarlFK opened pull request #40: collector setup (master...master)
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CarlFKbing.  you have pull request04:45
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tvCommitBot[streaming-system] mithro pushed 5 new commits to master:
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master 35eea91 Carl Karsten: use apt-add syntax that works with precise04:46
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master ccb709e Carl Karsten: Need to install apt-add-repos in order to use it.04:46
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master 3ffcdd6 Carl Karsten: Add -ex to all setup/ scripts.  We went to see what we are sudoing and stop on errors.04:46
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mithro-CarlFK, merged :)04:46
CarlFKif I want to quit the ^c?04:51
CarlFKit didn't seem to like that04:51
mithro-then kill05:01
mithro-~seen banainie05:01
tpbmithro-: I have not seen banainie.05:01
mithro-~seen bananadine05:02
tpbmithro-: bananadine was last seen in #timvideos 6 days, 14 hours, 5 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: <bananadine> hey mithro, you around here?05:02
CarlFKis there a way to kill the last process? (so the one I just ^Zed?05:02
mithro-CarlFK, type jobs05:02
mithro-then kill -9 %<id>05:02
mithro-normally %105:02
SewarJust updated my proposal one more time :)05:15
CarlFKran watchdog on the collector - it didn't print anything.  is that expected ?05:21
mithro-it should continually print stuff05:24
mithro-like the watchdog does on the server05:24
mithro-green means good05:25
CarlFKwell.. nothing. ;/05:27
mithro-what command line did you run?05:28
CarlFK[email protected]:~/streaming-system/tools/watchdog$ python  -m pycon:[email protected]:753105:30
CarlFKfa shows everything happy05:31
mithro-that looks right05:31
mithro-fa shows the system has multiple components?05:32
CarlFKtmux - how do list sessions?  like screen -ls05:34
CarlFKlooks like watchdog is already running on this box05:34
mithro-I see your test video05:44
CarlFKcost of running this over night is at most $10 or so?05:49
CarlFK$1/hour I seem to remember05:49
iiieyeah, I remember $4 per expected sleep time05:55
iiiebut that was with more servers05:55
mithro-I think it was $4 per server05:56
CarlFKIll take my chances :)05:56
CarlFKmithro-: how consistent is the white noise?  it should go from 0 to full, then fade back to 005:58
CarlFKI am hearing hicups like audio drops out for .1 second here and there05:59
CarlFKbut I am playing on my laptop that is pretty loaded up right now05:59
mithro-seems pretty horribly consistent here05:59
mithro-CarlFK, can you send me a schedule of your upcoming events?06:00
mithro-running two watchdogs on the same machine is a bad idea06:00
mithro-we should add code to it so that it will die if it detects a second watchdog06:04
mithro-do you have a google calendar tracking that?06:11
CarlFKvery loosly06:11
mithro-could we start one? :P06:11
CarlFKshared with you..06:18
CarlFKhuh, stream died.  I may have hit q somehow06:22
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CarlFKI am off to bed - 2am, early tonight :)07:03
mithro-CarlFK, okay07:06
mithro-CarlFK, can I get the ability to add the events here to it?07:14
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CarlFKim up12:20
CarlFKand the stream is still going to.  yay.12:20
CarlFKI kinda knew it would.. but had to verify12:23
CarlFK+ git submodule update12:47
CarlFKfatal: bad config file line 1 in /home/juser/streaming-system/.git/modules/tools/flumotion-extra/config12:47
CarlFK[email protected]:~/streaming-system/.git/modules/tools/flumotion-extra$ cat config12:47
CarlFKhuh.  wonder how that happened.12:48
CarlFK[35542.102889] EXT4-fs error (device sda1): htree_dirblock_to_tree:587: inode #278646: block 1057973: comm updatedb.mlocat: bad entry in directory: rec_len is smaller than minimal - offset=0(0), inode=0, rec_len=0, name_len=012:49
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CarlFKyocto: I suspect he was reacting to my broken file system13:33
yoctooh. I am just log in,I mistakenly think I miss something.13:35
CarlFKah, yeah...13:38
CarlFKI made a qemu vm to test installs... and I get this:13:38
CarlFK[email protected]:~/streaming-system/.git/modules/tools/flumotion-extra$ cat config ....  ~�i�8�}����....13:39
CarlFK[35542.102889] EXT4-fs error (device sda1): htree_dirblock_to_tree:587: inode #278646: block 1057973: comm updatedb.mlocat: bad entry in directory: rec_len is smaller than minimal - offset=0(0), inode=0, rec_len=0, name_len=013:39
CarlFKmithro or anyone.. can you check my stream and tell me if you get sound?14:00
CarlFKI added a 2nd source to dvswitch, flipped to it, I see good level on dvswitch vu meeter , but no sound on the streem14:01
yoctono sound..14:01
CarlFKoh oh14:05
CarlFKmithro ^^^14:08
CarlFKoh weird14:08
CarlFKdvswitch pnp breaks sound14:08
mithropnp breaks sound?14:09
CarlFKI have 2 dvsource-files -l14:09
CarlFKtest.dv (what you saw/heard last night)  and red_blue.dv14:10
CarlFKI added red_blue (rb) without stopping dvswitch, so the stream hasn't been interrupted14:11
CarlFKI switched A to rb, swiched audio to rb, made test.dv a pnp in the upper corner14:11
CarlFKcame back to my mplayer http://...  no sound14:11
CarlFKdisabled pnp, now we have sound14:12
CarlFKdvsink-commenad ffplay = sound14:13
CarlFKmixer box is one of the laptops from pycon, haven't touched dvswitch14:14
mithroI don't think we have ever tried with PIP14:20
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CarlFKand we have a sync problem...14:23
CarlFKthere should be noise when it is red14:24
CarlFKwhen I looked at my test loop this morning it seemed not right.14:24
mithrowe have never had it running for more then 8 hours14:26
mithrodo all the feeds exhibit that?14:26
mithro ?14:27
CarlFKthat one does14:30
mithrothey all exhibit the problem?14:33
mithrothere are low as well14:33
CarlFKI don't know what any of the URLs are ;)14:33
CarlFKthat one too14:34
CarlFKdo you have some html I can use to put a player on the front of
CarlFKI am hoping that will be quicker than fixing up timvideos14:36
mithroit's a complex set of javascript14:37
mithrowhich figures out which bits video you support and such14:37
CarlFKI can do a simple video tag for one stream - that will be good enough for tonight14:39
CarlFKdo you want to try and get timvideos setup too?14:39
CarlFKmeeting is in 10 hours.  I am mostly out of time - need to get my car inspected so I can use it to bring gear to the meeting :)14:40
CarlFKactually meeting is in 9.  no sleep for you.14:40
mithroCarlFK, what is wrong with TimVideos?14:40
CarlFKthe stream I am streaming isn't on it14:41
CarlFKand it as pycon tweets14:41
CarlFKand logo14:41
mithrooh14:42 is a monthly thing?14:43
CarlFKtoday I just want to hack up whatever is quick14:43
mithroif you log into the website you can quickly change the tweet bit...14:43
CarlFKyou mean if I log in and ask you waht to do next :)14:43
mithroit's in the config.json14:44
mithroyour not running register at the moment?14:44
CarlFKI have no idea14:44
mithroI don't see the stream on timvideos.us14:44
CarlFKif you can do it, that would be good.  I don't have time to mess with it14:45
mithroadd a section which is like this14:45
mithro        "mission": {14:45
mithro                "channel": "#pycon-mission",14:45
mithro                "irclog": "",14:45
mithro                "preview": "",14:45
mithro                "title": "Mission City",14:45
mithro                "justintv_user": "pycon2013_mission",14:45
mithro                "flumotion-mixer": "",14:45
mithro                "flumotion-encoder": "",14:45
mithro                "flumotion-collector": "",14:45
mithro                "": ""14:45
mithro        },14:45
mithroreplace with your info14:45
tpb<> (at
mithrowhats the username/password for the website?14:46
mithroI can't remeber :P14:46
CarlFKum...  I think roman added my public key14:46
mithroahh www14:46
CarlFKiiie: waKE UP!!!14:46
mithromy key was there14:46
mithrodoes chipy have an IRC channel?14:47
CarlFK#chipy feenode14:47
mithrookay added a ChiPy group14:48
mithrosorry all lowercase14:49
tpbTitle: Streaming for ChiPy - Chicago Python User Group (at
mithrowhat is ChiPy's hash tag?14:51
mithro#chipy ?14:52
mithroCarlFK, run register with a group of chipy14:53
mithroand it will appear at14:53
tpbTitle: Streaming for ChiPy - Chicago Python User Group (at
CarlFKI have no idea how to do that14:53
CarlFKbb in 20 min14:53
mithroiiie had the command somewhere14:54
mithroit's something like14:54
mithropython -g chipy -m pycon:[email protected]:753114:55
mithroCarlFK, can you tell me which encoding machine?14:55
mithroiiie should be able to help with that14:55
mithroI need to sleep14:55
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iiiebah, reading scroll back15:53
* iiie is mostly caught up15:56
CarlFKsounds like something that needs to be added to the setup instructions :)16:08
iiieProbably!  As to the register_wrapper command, I think it's pretty close to the fake register command.  Some of the parameters come from config.json or config.private.json though (which needs to match between collector and encoder)16:24
CarlFKyeah, all of these commands are similar...  you run them at the command line and pass parameters :)16:27
iiieI've logged into the encoder, it's running a slightly behind version of the streaming repo (still named timvideos there).  Should still work the same (looking up the secret, will pm you16:32
CarlFKsee what you can do to get it working - I am only 1/2 here16:33
iiiesure for connecting the encoder to the website, is the collector connecting to the encoder fine?16:35
CarlFKi guess so16:36
CarlFKremember the little black thnkpad from WTD16:37
iiiesorry yes encoder shows as happy, just need to register it with the website16:37
iiieyes I remember the little black thinkpad16:37
CarlFKI just installed ubuntu, git clone;  streaming-system/tools/setup/runall.sh16:38
CarlFKthe plan is to move the 2? config files from the currrent collector to it16:38
CarlFKW: Failed to fetch  Unable to find expected entry 'precise/source/Sources' in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)16:38
tpb<$5> (at
CarlFKand stop.16:38
CarlFKsudo apt-add-repository ' precise-security multiverse'16:43
tpbTitle: Index of /ubuntu (at
CarlFKI bet that is wrong16:43
iiiewhat does /etc/apt/sources.list.d look like?  hm, yeah not sure why you'd add precise-security, checking local...16:45
CarlFKtim had bunch of bash that did what "apt-add-repository muntiverse" does16:46
CarlFKif you use the current version.  the one in precise does't support aht16:46
CarlFKSo I kinda guessed at what his bash did16:46
CarlFKand used some not so good judgement :)16:47
CarlFKto do what needed to be done, based on what I thought the bash was trying to do, even if it didn't work in all cases16:47
iiieah, then yes that's the issue at hand; the ppa though needs to not be precise16:47
iiieppa still needs to be lucid, as there isn't a package for precise (which is it's own kind of scary to me)16:48
iiiethanks to mint for me finding that out16:48
CarlFKHmm... I fixed it b removing deb-src precise precise precise-security precise-updates precise-backports16:55
tpbTitle: Index of /ubuntu (at
CarlFKdo we need -src?16:55
CarlFKthats only if you do a apt-source, right ?16:55
iiieright, but precise precise precise-security is probably the issue with that line16:55
iiiehm, CarlFK what's the domain name / URL that I should be looking at?17:00 ?17:01
iiieis the website setup somewhere else or is it still?17:03
CarlFKwhat website?!17:04
iiiealright, lets backup, what are we doing today?17:04
iiieI thought we had a stream to a collector and a collector to an encoder17:05
iiiethe encoder I thought was mission and that needed to be connected to the website to see the stream there17:05
CarlFKI am trying to make sure works for tonight17:06
CarlFKif someone other than me can get to show that, great17:06
CarlFKbut i want to stay focused on the parts needed to make that 1 url work17:07
CarlFKcuz right now it isn't happening17:07
iiieI see blue and red, static and not17:07
CarlFKwell, I don't want to drag a desktop to a user group meeting17:07
iiie*white noise and not17:08
iiieand that's coming off the desktop?17:08
CarlFKand it should be noise when it is red.  but after 8 hours sync drifted.17:08
iiieand you want it to run off the black thinkpad17:08
CarlFKdvswitch laptop running -source -loop redblue.dv, desktop runing the collector17:09
CarlFKI want to replace the desktop with the thnkpad17:09
iiieIs flumotion installed on the thinkpad again?  (yes I [now] know that's what we've been discussing)17:12
iiieYou got the video tag working to your satisfaction?17:14
CarlFKwhat tag?17:16
iiiethe html video tag, you're embedding this somewhere right?
tpbTitle: Playing Videos in HTML (at
CarlFKthat is someone elses problem :)17:17
CarlFKI stop at making sure this works:17:17
CarlFKI am trying to make sure works for tonight17:17
iiieto that end what's the latest error on thinkpad's install?17:18
CarlFKstill sources.list17:18
iiiecan you pastebin that?17:18
CarlFKwell, you will either not have any idea, so no, or you will want me to try something, but I have already hacked it.. so no.17:19
CarlFKsetup a vm, run the script, get the error, try to fix17:19
iiiewill do17:20
iiieyou still on ubuntu server image 12.10?17:20
CarlFKer, desktpp[17:20
CarlFKbut it should work on server17:20
CarlFKguessing slicehost doesnt have a desktop option17:21
iiieprecise is 12.04 right?  so 12.04, desktop?17:22
CarlFKDescription:Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS17:23
CarlFKso yes.17:23
iiieAlright, downloading that17:23
CarlFKoh hell.. looking like apt-add-rep doesn't do well when run mutiple times or something17:29
CarlFKor I fu the parameters17:29
iiie: /17:29
CarlFKdeb precise precise restricted main precise-updates precise-backports17:29
tpbTitle: Index of /ubuntu (at
CarlFKthat doesn't look right at all17:29
iiieno, not so much17:30
iiieone fewer precises17:30
CarlFKwee.  coped a sources from a good machine, put it in place, finaly -update doesn't barf17:32
CarlFKnow to slowly try these add-repo..17:32
CarlFKsudo apt-add-repository    " precise multiverse"17:35
tpbTitle: Index of /ubuntu (at
CarlFKhmm, maybe i need the deb17:36
iiiealmost done installing 12.04.2 desktop 32bit on a vm17:39
* iiie finally generates a SSH Identity on his home machine...17:40
tpb<> (at
CarlFKlines 5,6,7 should be all you need to do.17:42
CarlFKdon't forget to snapshot your fresh install image :)17:42
iiieyeah, that would be no fun.  I'm using virtualbox, gui and all17:43
iiie* so snapshots are easy17:44
CarlFKwoo, script finsied!17:50
CarlFKI thought there were 2 config files I needed to drop in17:57
CarlFK/usr/local/etc/flumotion/managers/default/planet.xml  and a similar path/planet.xml17:57
CarlFKi wonder what happens if I run a 2nd collector...17:59
CarlFKlets not find out today.17:59
CarlFKsudo cp streaming-system/tools/flumotion-config/pusher/collector.xml /usr/local/etc/flumotion/managers/default/planet.xml18:04
CarlFKi bet that...18:04
CarlFKer, this? /usr/local/etc/flumotion/workers/default.xml18:05
CarlFKlooks like a copy.  I bet a symlink woudl be good18:06
CarlFKer no it isn't18:08
CarlFKit just needs the user/pw set18:08
iiieright, workers and managers18:15
tpb<$> (at
CarlFKcp_pla.. needs to be renamed.. and the 2 xmls it pushes..  have passwords in them18:16
CarlFKso no gitty.18:16
iiieso, ubuntu 12.04.2 needs a bigger disk than 8GB, I'm trying 20GB now : (18:16
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CarlFKhmm, I wonder what the propper way to halt a box is?18:22
CarlFKjust stop flumotion ?18:22
CarlFKold collector rebooting, new one.. not happy... i think18:24
iiieyes, "sudo service flumotion stop" "sudo poweroff" if you're going for the whole box18:26
CarlFKwelp.. new box didn't take over too well, going to flip back to the old and see what happens18:27
CarlFKno help18:27
CarlFKguessing the encoder needs to be kicked ?18:28
CarlFKhow do I flip screens in tmux?18:28
iiieencoder thinks it's happy18:30
iiiekeys in seq [ctrl-b] [n]18:30
CarlFKi guess collector needs to connect to the encoder18:30
iiiethat second one is me18:31
CarlFKah, watchdog on the encoder18:31
iiieright, the watchdog on the encoder is 0:python, 1:python is the register wrapper, I'm not clear that it does anything for us without the web site18:32
iiie2 clients it says18:32
CarlFKrebooted cnt3 (desktop that was working)  started flumotion, started wwatchdo18:36
CarlFKno output from watchdog18:36
iiiehow did you start the watchdog?18:39
iiietry restarting the watchdog on the collector, I may have been interfering on the encoder...18:41
iiie(I've stopped the register wrapper on the encoder18:42
CarlFK^Z... [1]+  Stopped                 python -...18:43
CarlFKhow do I kill it?18:43
CarlFK(12:02:25 AM) mithro-: then kill -9 %<id>18:43
CarlFK(12:02:28 AM) mithro-: normally %118:43
CarlFK%1?  um.. ok :)18:43
iiiejobs will tell you18:43
CarlFKkilled, started, still no output18:44
CarlFKand no stream18:44
iiieYeah I see no stream18:44
CarlFKwant to ssh into the collector so I can eat lunch ?18:45
iiieWait a second, does watchdog run on the collector, I thought that was the encoder18:45
CarlFKwd runs on both18:45
CarlFKsec.. setting up port forwad18:46
iiieCarl for when you get back, can you restart the dv stream?19:06
iiieI think the collector (cnt3) and encoder (mission) are working, but tailing the three logs in /usr/local/var/log/flumotion I see the working saying we have a discont on eater muxer-audio-video19:09
CarlFKrestart dvswitch?19:09
iiieand input volume doesn't have uiState19:09
iiieunless there is another piece that runs on the mixer to send to the collector (in which case that's the bit to restart)19:10
CarlFKdvswitch listens to a port19:12
CarlFKand can take multiple conenctions.. but it won't hurt19:12
iiiesure, and I understand souces connecting in to dvswitch, I still don't get sinks connecting in to dvswitch though19:14
iiieI guess that makes sense after all19:15
CarlFKyou get how a sql client can *GET* data from an sql server, right? :)19:16
CarlFKtook me a while to grip that a server had a gui and the client's didn't19:17
iiiehm, so the collector's watch dog isn't showing anything, and the encoder's watch dog isn't happy19:25
iiieit's hungry19:25
CarlFKlast night I ran the wd on the collector, same kinda blank.  Tim thought "maybe it is already running?"19:27
CarlFKwe never really concluded what was going on19:27
iiiehm I'll look19:27
CarlFKfa (-admin) is just for us to debug and see what is going on right ?19:28
CarlFKit isn't needed to make stuff work19:28
iiieI think I see a second one on the encoder...19:29
iiieare you sshed in to the encoder or are you using tmux?19:29
CarlFKumm  maybe both19:29
CarlFKI dont know how to disconnect from tmux19:29
CarlFKcnt3 or trist ?19:30
iiieI was on mission, looking at cnt3 now19:31
CarlFKhmm, cnt2 is antother desktop I was testing on,19:31
CarlFKI see [email protected]:~$ sudo service flumotion start19:31
CarlFK * Starting Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                          [ OK ]19:31
CarlFKso maybe it is trying to connect...19:31
CarlFKand jamming things up?19:31
CarlFKIll shut it off19:32
iiiehe, I got to head in to the office and have lunch, but I'll be back on later (~ 2:30)19:34
CarlFKhow many hours from now?19:35
CarlFKI may relocate everything to the venu19:35
CarlFKyeah, it is 230 here19:35
CarlFKmeeting at 719:35
*** parx has quit IRC19:37
*** parx has joined #timvideos19:43
*** Juggerr has quit IRC20:53
iiieCarlFK: sorry, back21:16
CarlFKpacking now21:17
CarlFKboxes will be off in 5 minish21:17
iiieno worries, I'm working on the vm on local21:21
CarlFKdo you have dvswitch up with a test feed?21:26
iiieI don't; it does not work all the way through yet for me21:28
CarlFKdo you have my ?21:30
CarlFKprolly need a .dvswitchrc file21:30
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ cat .dvswitchrc21:30
CarlFKthat makes life much easier21:31
CarlFK237 git clone git://
CarlFK./testit will get you stuff to setup streams21:31
CarlFKsee ya21:31
*** CarlFK has quit IRC21:31
*** CarlFK has joined #timvideos22:14
CarlFKat venue.. un packing.. will setup laptops first22:15

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