Wednesday, 2013-05-08

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Sewarmithro: Can you tell us how many slots you got?01:44
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mithroSewar, at the moment we have 2 slots, requested an additional 102:05
Sewargood start02:06
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mithroCarlFK, ping?06:01
CarlFKmithro: pong06:14
mithroyou get anywhere?06:15
CarlFKgot caught up trying to install everything into qemu  so I can test install scripts quicker06:15
CarlFK   route shows expect table headers, then "route: fscanf"06:15
tpb<> (at
CarlFKdid just secure the nodepdx show - wil have 5mbs of a 50mbs pipe06:16
CarlFK50 is $3k for 2 days.. installed at the venue, 10ish APs and a wire for me06:16
mithroso CarlFK06:29
mithroI go away on a holiday to Japan on Sunday06:29
mithroso we need to figure out anything before then?06:36
mithrohow happy are you that you can get stuff working?06:37
CarlFKmithro: I still don't have the public facing web page working06:39
CarlFKand I want to update the setup scripts with the additional setups06:40
mithrodid you get register to start up?06:40
CarlFKwhat is register ?06:40
mithroit's like the watchdog command06:40
mithroexcept it tells the webpage that an encoder is running06:41
CarlFKi guess not06:41
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CarlFKThere is a chipy meeting in 2 days.  more like 18 hours.06:47
CarlFKI hope to stream it06:47
CarlFKmithro: everything should work with 32 bit versions too, right ?07:14
CarlFKlike is there anywhere you assume x64 and didn't bother with 32?07:15
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CarlFKmithro: finally got my VM problem sorted.  back to register .. how do I start it?15:55
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CarlFK2am.. this can wait.. I have plenty to do getting the build scripts updated15:56
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rihnapstorhi mithro  :)17:48
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CarlFKhey iiie18:20
CarlFKmithro says  register .. how do I start it?18:20
iiieit's a .py in tools named iirc18:21
CarlFKwhat box do I run it on?18:21
iiiethis is on the encoder, the collector doesn't need to register18:21
iiiethere is an idea to have the collector register eventually, but not today18:21
iiieand of course it's in a directory under tools, not in tools itself18:22
iiieone second and I'll check my desktop18:22
CarlFKnot sure if you got CCed, but Troy can do $4500, so we are all good to go18:24
iiieI was and saw that yes.  WOOT18:25
iiielive run of what we've learned for streaming!  :D18:25
iiiepython streaming-system/tools/register/register_wrapper.py18:27
iiieI think.  I'm installing twisted now to get to the help18:28
* iiie shakes fist at no-global-site-packages.txt18:29
rihen_CarlFK:  iiie  where do I check the backlogs ?18:30
iiiepython streaming-system/tools/register/ -g GROUP -r REGISTER_URL -s SECRET18:30
iiiebacklogs is channel logs, I don't think it's being logged right now :/18:31
* iiie is checking18:31
iiieI'm pretty sure tpb logs; the site I expect to see the logs at is offline.  So the question is are the logs stored to that server or not.18:34
iiieExpected URL
rihen_thanks iiie :)18:39
rihen_iiie: are you a mentor ?18:41
CarlFKiiie: I am running off to llunch... bb in 9018:42
CarlFKbut I noted that one command.. maybe the last one?18:42
iiieThere's a fake register too18:43
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* iiie is back too21:21
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CarlFKnap time over22:56
iiiegoodevening CarlFK23:04
CarlFKhow do I get get this commit 57eb0cc85469a8948d1036ab830951e63aa32f66 ?23:37
CarlFKgit checkout 57eb0cc85469a8948d1036ab830951e63aa32f6623:44
CarlFKi think23:44
iiieyeah, "git checkout 57eb0cc8" (first 8 of the sha will usually do)23:46
CarlFKoh hell, that is the commit that broke it23:55
CarlFKhow do I go back one from there ?23:55
iiie"git log", then find the next one (I use "gitk --all" to track down commits, but you may not have that)23:56
iiieprevious one, the future is up23:56
CarlFKok, back to stream boxes23:59

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