Tuesday, 2013-05-07

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mithromorning peeps01:16
CarlFKhey mithro01:19
mithroCarlFK, get anywhere?01:22
CarlFKnot really, got some sleep though :)01:22
CarlFKand I can get the EC2 instance's host name via api01:23
CarlFK>>> ec2.get_all_instances(instance_ids=['i-b59966c7'])[0].instances[0].public_dns_name01:23
mithroAwesome sauce01:27
CarlFKonce I get things working, and checked in.. I am thinking of yet anther layer of config builder script01:27
CarlFKthat takes about 4 parameters01:28
CarlFKbut first I need to get everything working01:28
mithroyou got the collector all working right?01:34
CarlFKdont know :)01:35
CarlFKI have happy faces on the admin01:35
mithroyou got as far as seeing them all happy faces on the admin01:35
mithrookay great01:35
mithrohappy faces == good01:35
mithronext step is to get happy faces on the encoder01:35
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CarlFKSheila says it is dinner time01:44
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ flumotion-admin-text01:45
CarlFKConnection Failed: Could not connect to host 'localhost' on port 7531.01:45
CarlFKguessing something needs to be runnign there :)01:45
CarlFKIll be back in an hour or 201:45
mithroCarlFK, follow the steps you did for the collector01:45
mithroplus you want to run flumotion-admin on your local machine and connect to the encoder remotely01:46
mithroatleast that is what I do01:46
CarlFKum.. starting where?01:46
CarlFKmy step 1 is "nuke and install ubuntu" :)01:46
mithromy guess is that the configuration files are borked01:46
mithroor it could just be that flumotion hasn't started01:47
mithrops fax | grep flu01:47
mithro/etc/init.d/flumotion restart01:47
Sewarmithro: Since there're multiple proposals for the same project, what do you think will help to get better chances? ie. what is evaluation is going to be based on?02:27
mithroback now02:52
mithroSewar, good timeline and understanding of what you need to do02:52
mithroSewar, showing that you have the skills02:53
mithrosubmitting patches is always a good way to show your serious02:53
Sewarsounds right02:56
mithroSewar, suggesting and extending the idea in your own way02:58
mithroCarlFK, poke me when you get back and I can help you more with the encoder02:59
mithroproducing mock-ups of what the interface will look like03:02
mithroSewar, if you where selecting two students, what criteria would you use?03:09
SewarSkills and experience03:12
mithroand remembering both are easily forgable03:12
mithroI can say I've programmed in Python for 100 years03:13
Sewarright, the student should provide evidence to support his claim to be taken seriously03:17
mithroso what would you use for evidence?03:18
Sewarsome old code in python, especially if it's hosted somewhere neutral03:19
Sewar(but not 100 years old)03:19
Sewarby neutral I meant something like sourceforge, google code and gihub where dates are visible03:21
mithroHow do you make sure it's theirs?03:21
Sewarnick names? emails? if no full name was there03:21
mithro-Sewar, but I can say "Hi I'm Guido Van Rossum"03:25
Sewarprove it, say "it's me!!! mithro" in his g+, twitter, gihub or whatever Guido Van Rossum's known communication place03:27
CarlFKmithro poke03:29
mithro-CarlFK, okay03:30
mithro-so where are we up too?03:30
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ ps fax | grep flu03:34
mithro-did you try starting it with service?03:48
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ sudo service flumotion start03:53
CarlFK * Starting Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                         [ OK ]03:53
CarlFKall happy, except for http-flv-high: hungry03:53
CarlFKhttp-flv-low: hungry03:53
CarlFKoh, there is more once I scroll03:56
CarlFKmuxer-flv-high: sad muxer-flv-low: sad muxer-loop: sad03:57
CarlFKmithro - what can I point a media player at to see if the stream is .. streaming ?04:12
mithro-the watchdog will restart them if you start it up04:12
mithro-(the sad ones crash at start up)04:13
CarlFKhow do I start it up?04:13
mithro-If the "producer" component is happy then it's getting data from the collector04:13
mithro-it pretty much takes the same argument as the manager04:13
mithro-python watchdog.py -m username:[email protected]:port04:14
mithro-if you connect to that machine on port  :8080/04:16
mithro-just getting the full addresses04:16
mithro-    'hd': [04:18
mithro-      { 'file': server+'webcast-high.webm' },04:18
mithro-    ],04:18
mithro-    'sd': [04:18
mithro-      { 'file': server+'webcast-low.webm' },04:18
CarlFK/home/ubuntu/timvideos/tools/watchdog/watchdog.py  ImportError: No module named flumotion.admin.command04:18
mithro-in mplayer04:18
mithro-there is a wrapper04:18
CarlFKwatchdog_wrapper.py ?04:19
mithro-run that instead04:19
CarlFKwhat port ?04:21
mithro-same as the one you put in the manager04:23
mithro-something like 7531 or something?04:23
CarlFK7531 yep04:25
mithro-could be a good GSoC project04:28
mithro-rewrite the watchdog/register as a daemon process with web interface04:28
Sewartoo late ;)04:29
mithro-yeah I know04:29
mithro-i started doing it already04:29
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-86S> (at github.com)04:30
Sewarbroken link04:32
Sewaroh, my bad, correct link04:34
mithrogithub sometimes 404's my links05:15
mithrodunno why05:15
mithroI assume CarlFK has fallen asleep again05:16
CarlFKnot yet05:16
CarlFKbut getting there05:16
CarlFKsetting up a vm so I can copy/install/repeat quicker than installing to a real machine05:17
mithroI tend to send TimTams to people who write documentation :)05:17
CarlFKdo you know the kernel parameter that defines what video mode to use?  like I want it to say in 80x25 but it is flipping to a vga 640x480 which gives qemu heartburn05:18
mithroNFI I'm afraid05:18
CarlFKlol  Direct detection of chipsets is turned off by default (see CONFIG_VIDEO_SVGA in chapter 4 to see how to enable it if you really want) as it's inherently unreliable due to absolutely insane PC design.  https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/svga.txt05:24
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-87E> (at www.kernel.org)05:24
mithrolardee dar!05:33
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mithrohello rihnapstor05:36
mithroyou should have feedback now05:36
rihnapstorhi mithro :)05:47
rihnapstormithro:  I pinged you yesterday :) but you were busy05:48
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mithroyes I know05:50
mithroI read the backlog05:50
rihnapstormithro:  so what is your view on my proposal ? :)05:53
mithrogood, but not perfect - still needs work05:53
rihnapstorok thanks ,can you just pinpoint me where I fall short in my proposal ?05:55
mithro-rihnapstor, take a look at the comments I've already added06:10
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mithro-Now I assume CarlFK is asleep06:43
rihnapstormithro:  thanks for your detailed feedback:)06:44
rihnapstorand making the proposal  editable.06:44
rihnapstoryeah, I forgot to mention  test utility  to be included.06:47
rihnapstorin my earlier version06:47
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* rihnapstor brb07:23
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mithrohey hyades07:43
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rihnapstormithro:  you there ? I have some queries?08:29
mithro-ask and I will hopefully respond08:30
rihnapstormithro-:  about the proposal timeline, I should name weeks as week-1,week-2,... ? and then in square brackets[ ] ,I should say "this feature  gets implemented" ? what is your opinion on this ? Is this right way ?08:37
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mithro-think like the person reading this is tired and busy09:17
mithro-so bullet points are good09:17
mithro-anyway i'm heading home09:17
rihnapstorok mithro-  will you be back soome time later ?09:19
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Sidoknowiahi mithro, shenki...13:10
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