Monday, 2013-05-06

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shenkiCarlFK: it makes a self-signed ssl cert00:04
shenkiusing openssl00:05
shenkiman make-ssl-cert00:05
CarlFKso the setup script does this:00:06
CarlFKsudo make-ssl-cert /usr/share/ssl-cert/ssleay.cnf /usr/local/etc/flumotion/default.pem00:06
CarlFKbut it prompts for some input, which we just use the defaults00:07
CarlFKgenerate-default-snakeoil doesn't.  will it do the same thing?00:07
CarlFKor really, how can we get rid of the prompt ?00:08
iiieyeah, there should be two of those eventually, on in master (on the planet.xml)00:08
iiieno, the generate default is default for apache or the like, the command you have makes one at a given path00:09
iiiewhich is what flumotion will use for it's connections00:09
iiieI'm not sure that it makes a difference on the collector though00:09
iiieon the encoder it's important00:09
CarlFKssh [email protected] sudo mv /tmp/planet.xml /usr/local/etc/flumotion/managers/default/00:19
CarlFKseems I can't sudo like that...00:19
CarlFKsudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified00:19
CarlFKany idea how I can get planet.xml  where it needs to be?00:19
CarlFK * Starting Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                         [ OK ]00:25
CarlFK   shouldn't I see a stream?00:31
tpbTitle: Streaming for PyCon 2013 (at
CarlFK /usr/local/var/log/flumotion00:43
CarlFKRegistry file /usr/local/var/cache/flumotion/.flumotion/registry.xml could  not be created ! (flumotion/common/
CarlFKI am going to take a nap.  maybe that will help00:44
mithroI'm here now00:47
mithroCarlFK, the stream doesn't appear until register is run on the encoder00:49
iiieCarlFK, for future reference "ssh [email protected] -t -- sudo mv ...."01:07
iiie"-t" says give me a pty, "--" says no more options for ssh after this01:07
* iiie is off to dinner01:24
CarlFKmithro: looking02:00
CarlFKdang, missed you by 2 min before02:00
mithrooh well02:04
mithroI'm just about to go to lunch02:04
mithrowhere are you up too?02:06
mithrois flumotion running?02:06
mithroif so you should be able to use the flumotion-admin to connect and see if the components are happy/hungry/sad/etc02:06
mithroflumotion-admin is a GUI tool02:06
CarlFKImportError: No module named ''02:08
mithrosudo apt-get install python-glade202:08
mithrothat is only needed on the machine you are currently using02:08
mithronot on the remote machine02:08
CarlFKconnec to manger, or start manager ?02:11
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CarlFK(09:11:17 PM) CarlFK: connec to manger, or start manager ?02:16
CarlFK(09:12:40 PM) CarlFK: I tried connect.  user/pw ?02:16
CarlFK(09:12:45 PM) CarlFK: guessing one of the ones in plannet02:16
mithrousername / password in the planet.xml file02:47
mithroback now02:47
CarlFKthe user/pw that was run though htpasswd?02:51
CarlFKConnection to manager on [email protected]:7531 failed (Could not connect to host 'localhost' on port 7531.).02:55
mithrowhere are you running that command?02:56
mithroI doubt localhost is where you want to connect too?02:56
CarlFKon the collector box02:57
mithrodo you have flumotion running on the collector box?02:57
mithrocan you telnet to localhost 7531 ?03:01
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ telnet localhost 753103:03
CarlFKTrying   telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused03:03
mithroso flumotion is running...03:07
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ sudo service flumotion start03:10
CarlFK * Starting Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                         [ OK ]03:10
CarlFK(hour ago)03:10
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CarlFK(hour ago) [email protected]:~$ sudo service flumotion start03:26
CarlFK * Starting Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                         [ OK ]03:26
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mithrocan you telnet to localhost 7531 when after that?04:04
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ telnet localhost 753104:04
CarlFKTrying  telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused04:04
mithroso it's not starting successfully04:07
mithrowhat does /usr/local/var/log/ say?04:07
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CarlFKRegistry file /usr/local/var/cache/flumotion/.flumotion/registry.xml could not be created !04:11
mithroI don't think I've seen that one before04:11
Juggerr I would like to clarify about code that grabs the EDID information and upload it to the site.04:17
JuggerrAs I think it should be program that capture EDID information through the HDMI2USB device?04:17
mithrothere are two ways to capture EDID information04:17
mithro1) actively running a "get edid" like command on a person's computer04:18
mithro2) passively through HDMI2USB device collecting it while in usage at a conference04:18
mithrodoes that make sense?04:20
Juggerroh, but if you capture by running "get edid" will be it possible to capture from, for example projector, through the HDMI2USB?04:21
mithroSo the HDMI2USB sits between a computer and a "display device"04:22
mithroIE   computer<--HDMI2USB-->display04:23
mithrowhen the EDID information is sent from the display to the computer, the HDMI2USB will dump it out of the USB commport it presents04:23
CarlFKdrwxr-xr-x 2 root      root      4096 May  5 17:25 .flumotion04:23
mithroSewar, poke?04:23
CarlFKchown flumotion:flumotion ...  now it created /usr/local/var/cache/flumotion/.flumotion/registry.xml04:24
mithroJuggerr, part of making the website is also making a tool which people can run on their own machine to upload the EDID information to the website04:25
Juggerryeah, about that question I'm asking04:26
mithroso that is why I said there are two ways for the website to get information04:26
SewarSo the tool should support major os and HDMI2USB device, right?04:28
mithroSewar, you don't really need to support the HDMI2USB as that is totally different workflow04:28
Juggerrok, thanks, I'm just trying to understand how it will be captured, should I write own utility, etc.04:29
mithroJuggerr, I think a simple little C program?04:33
mithroCarlFK, any luck?04:55
CarlFKyes... I think I deleted the ssl cert file..  I was trying to create it without the prompt04:55
mithroJuggerr / Sewar: any other EDID website questions?04:55
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SewarTo clarify, EDID Grabber will be independent tool for each os?05:00
* Sewar needs to sleep05:01
CarlFKmithro: yep.. doh.  sorry about that.  Connected to localhost.05:02
mithroSewar, could be or could be one tool05:02
mithroCarlFK, can you connect with flumotion-admin now?05:02
CarlFKmithro: which of the 3 choices ?   recent connection, running manager, start new manager ?05:03
mithrorunning manager05:06
mithroif you have successfully connected previously, you could choose recent connection05:06
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mithroJuggerr / Sewar: any other EDID website questions?05:09
mithroCarlFK, checked?05:17
CarlFKConnection to manager on [email protected]:7531 failed (Unexpected failure.; Debug information: failure <class 'twisted.internet.error.ConnectionDone'>: Connection was closed cleanly.).05:20
CarlFKneed to look up pw again...05:21
Juggerrabout antispam, should there be some captcha or verification of format of the file is enough?05:25
mithroCarlFK, okay05:26
CarlFKmithro: ah, I stopped/started the ec2 box, so new hostname05:45
CarlFKbut still failing05:47
mithrohow is it failing?05:56
mithroare you connecting to the manager on the collector of the encoder?05:56
mithroand you are connecting with localhost:7531 and the username/password in the planet.xml?05:57
CarlFKin planet is the httpcrypt user:pw right ?05:57
mithroright up the top05:58
CarlFKoh hell, missed a trailing .05:59
CarlFKer, nm... htpasswd gives different hashs06:02
CarlFKstill failing06:07
mithroCarlFK, after you fixed the crypt thing?06:10
mithrowhat is the error?06:11
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mithrookay here is another problem06:23
mithroexceptions.SystemExit: Could not open certificate /usr/local/etc/flumotion/default.pem06:24
mithrotail -f manager.default.log  -n 10006:24
CarlFK-rw------- 1 root root 2681 May  5 21:38 /usr/local/etc/flumotion/default.pem06:26
mithrochown that to flumotion06:26
CarlFKah, I created it, but didn't .. that.06:26
CarlFKon it.06:26
mithrothe script does06:27
mithro# Create a SSL certificate used for encryption.06:27
mithrosudo make-ssl-cert /usr/share/ssl-cert/ssleay.cnf /usr/local/etc/flumotion/default.pem || true06:27
mithrosudo chown flumotion:flumotion /usr/local/etc/flumotion/default.pem06:27
CarlFKyeah, but I deleted it06:27
mithroI know, I'm just pointed out the script works ;)06:28
CarlFKtrying to figure out how to create it without getting the alogs06:28
mithroI think you want to put things in06:28
CarlFKi found flumotion-admin-text06:30
CarlFKThis component is configured for Flumotion 'flumotion' version, but you are running version   Please update the configuration of the component.06:32
mithroyeah, you can ignore that06:32
mithroso do you see any components?06:44
mithroand what state are they in?06:45
* mithro ponders if carl has fallen asleep06:48
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mithrohello igor_07:25
mithrocan I help you?07:25
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mithroobviously not07:26
Juggerrmithro, I have realized that creating website for EDIDs required too little time, I think I will done it quite sooner than needed, may be you have idea how to extend the project or I can take some task to addition?07:30
mithroJuggerr, you including proper testing?07:34
Juggerryes, and it still requires less than it needed, but may be I wrong due to lack of experience... I you think it enough work I will follow to your opinion07:38
Juggerrif you think*07:38
Juggerrfor example I do not clearly understand how i will write and testing program that will fetch EDID information without proper devices07:40
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rihnapstorhi mithro  :)08:40
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Juggerrmithro, I have update my proposal, I wrote that time lines that I think, you can check it and may be you have some comments or recommendation about it. I haven't fill all time that allocated. So may be you will have some proposition how to solve this issue, may be extend some time terms, or add some additional tasks.10:43
mithro-Juggerr, can you change the order of your proposal10:45
mithro-to have the detail first, then stuff about you second10:46
mithro-now we have two very good proposals for EDID website :/10:53
Juggerrdo you mean that someone else have good proposal for EDID website too?10:54
mithro-Juggerr, yeah - Sewar10:57
mithro-hence why I was also giving him the same information I was giving you10:57
JuggerrI see10:59
mithro-your both started an implementation too11:06
mithro-Juggerr, not interested in computer hardware :P11:07
mithro-I think we are going to get less slots then good students anyway - which always makes it tough :(11:09
Juggerrunfortunately hardware isn't my strong side =)11:17
Juggerryeah, anyway there possible situation when some student can be picked by other  organization, etc.11:20
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aps-sidshi mithro, can you tell how many slots are you asking for?12:07
*** hyades has joined #timvideos12:07
mithro-my guess is we'll get ~3 to start with, but I'll go begging for more12:29
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rihnapstorHello mithro  :)12:35
mithroheading home13:09
mithrognight people13:10
mithromight be back on, might not13:10
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rihnapstorgood night mithro :)13:12
rihnapstorCarlFK:  hi :)13:13
rihnapstorhi shenki :)13:18
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CarlFKhi all13:35
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yoctohi, mithro13:46
yoctomithro, are you online?13:46
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CarlFKmithro you here?14:01
yoctoHe maybe go to bed now.I will contact with him tomorrow.14:03
yoctoI want edit my proposal of GSoC, only mithro can enable my editing right?14:04
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Juggerrno, may be there are some other mentors14:05
Juggerrbut mithro can for sure14:05
yoctoAre here other mentor in this IRC channel?14:06
CarlFKsometimes.  I might become one ;)14:07
CarlFKanyone know of a #flumotion channel?14:07
CarlFKthat has more then one person14:07
*** Juggerr has quit IRC14:10
yoctoOK, It seems no mentors online now. I will contact with mithro tomorrow.bye,Good night :)14:11
CarlFKfound it: nm,  "The topic for #fluendo is: Flumotion..."14:13
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*** Jugo is now known as Juggerr14:19
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mithro-yocto, hey14:24
mithro-I just enabled editting14:24
mithro-CarlFK, your up?14:24
yoctothank you! :)14:25
CarlFKmithro im up14:25
CarlFKmithro-: fa (flumotion-admin) says all 8 processes are sleeping14:29
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CarlFKtool tip on all say "worker localhost is not connected"14:30
CarlFKhow comfortable are you using fa-text (fat!)14:30
CarlFKfat lets me cut/paste things, like  disk-loop: sleeping; encoder-audio: sleeping...14:31
mithro-I've never used it14:34
mithro-"worker localhost is not connected"14:34
mithro-means you havn't fixed the worker configuration14:34
mithro-CarlFK, remeber how I told you that the pusher generates two configurations per computer?14:35
tpb<> (at
mithro-  "scp %s [email protected]%s:/usr/local/etc/flumotion/workers/default.xml" % (worker_file, host), shell=True)14:36
yoctoI update my proposal now. add implement plan and update schedule.14:40
yoctoWhen you have time, give me some comments.14:40
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CarlFKmithro-: failure <class 'flumotion.common.errors.PipelineParseError'> at flumotion/component/ create_pipeline(): no element "dvswitchsrc"15:08
mithro-you need to install and compile that component15:08
mithro-guess I forgot it from the scripts15:08
rihnapstorHi mithro  :)15:09
tpbTitle: timvideos/gst-dvswitch ยท GitHub (at
CarlFKmithro-:  cloned, ..make, should I "make install"?15:14
mithro-think so15:15
mithro-./; make; make install15:15
rihnapstormithro-:  what can you ay about my proposal ?15:23
CarlFKmithro-: make install, flumotion restart, still get Reason: no element "dvswitchsrc"15:35
CarlFKhmm uptime 20.  makes me wonder if I really restarted it15:36
mithro-you have to symlink something15:40
mithro-ls /usr/local/lib/...... ?15:40
mithro-something with gst15:40
mithro-CarlFK, thanks for doing this15:40
mithro-CarlFK, always hard being the first one to try :)15:41
CarlFKyeah - that's why I dont' want to be the first one to do a show with gstswitch :)15:41
CarlFKbrb, I need to get a bowl of cereal15:41
rihnapstormithro-:  gi there! :)15:42
mithro-CarlFK, i've got Ryan for that :)15:43
CarlFKls /usr/local/lib/...... ?  eh?15:51
mithro-what is in that directory16:00
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ ls /usr/local/lib/16:00
CarlFKflumotion  gstreamer-0.10  pkgconfig  python2.7  site_ruby16:00
mithro-in the gstreamer-0.10 directory16:04
mithro-what is there?16:04
CarlFKdid you see my pm?16:05
CarlFKwhat is the process to  get a hdmi2usb prototype?   2 weeks to order the hardware - what is needed to .. um.. program it?16:09
mithro-to get a HDMI2USB prototype you need to order a Diglient Atlys board16:11
* rihnapstor brb16:11
*** rihnapstor has quit IRC16:11
mithro-$199 for Academic or $369 for us plebs16:11
mithro-they'll ship you one in ~2 days if your in the US16:12
mithro-you need a computer to program it16:12
CarlFKI think I have one :)16:12
mithro-which has the xilinix tools installed16:12
mithro-which is about 14g16:12
mithro-(to download)16:12
mithro-but we are working on making it so you don't need them16:12
CarlFK" cut a trace, git clone.. upload firmware, install linux driver on recording box."16:14
CarlFKthat sound right ?16:14
CarlFKif someone gave you 20k, how soon do you think the production run would be ready to be delivered ?   (don't rush, I think we can do with 2 or 3 prototypes for a few months)16:15
mithro-turn around, maybe 3 months16:17
CarlFKthats what I figured16:17
CarlFKso 6 months out is a safe/reasonable time frame16:17
CarlFKhmm.. 4 moths is when the next school session starts.16:17
mithro-My current plan is to have the boards in production so we can use production boards at LCA16:18
CarlFKoh well, premature discussion :)_16:18
mithro-but if there was someone who was pushing the timeline forward16:18
mithro-we could possibly do it16:18
CarlFKLCA is in Jan?16:19
mithro-so you want to link the file from16:24
mithro-/usr/local/lib/gstreamer-0.10 to /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/16:25
mithro-then a16:25
mithro-gst-inspect-0.10 | grep switch should give you something16:25
mithro-please update the documents / add a setup script for it :)16:25
CarlFKof course :)16:26
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CarlFK(11:25:00 AM) mithro-: /usr/local/lib/gstreamer-0.10 to /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/16:39
CarlFKboth the .la and .so?16:40
CarlFK /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/ just has .so, so I guess that.16:40
mithro-yeah the .so16:41
CarlFKInternal error in component UI's 'Input Volume' tab.  Please file a bug against the component.  ; failure <type 'exceptions.KeyError'> at flumotion/twisted/ get(): 'volume-volume in <flumotion.common.componentui.AdminComponentUIState instance at 0x39438c0>'16:48
mithro-you can ignore that16:56
CarlFKdam, pirate pad crashed.. it seems to do that..16:57
CarlFKwhere did I put the xml that comes from worker ?16:57
CarlFK(09:36:45 AM) mithro-:   "scp %s [email protected]%s:/usr/local/etc/flumotion/workers/default.xml" % (worker_file, host), shell=True)16:58
CarlFKthat.  right.16:58
CarlFKbut I save as text often, so have most of it17:03
CarlFKwill just edit local17:03
CarlFK  I see room for a vid..17:03
tpbTitle: Streaming for PyCon 2013 (at
CarlFKbut still no dvswitch image17:03
mithro-so everything on the collector is happy?17:05
CarlFKboto.connect_ec2(aws_access_key_id=None, aws_secret_access_key=None17:05
CarlFKwhere do I find  my id and secret ?17:05
Sewarin your aws account17:12
tpb<> (at
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rihenI am back17:18
mithro-CarlFK, you need to do what you did for the encoder too17:18
mithro-are all the flumotion components happy on the collector?17:19
mithro-and I really need to go to bed ASAP17:19
rihenmithro-:  mithro can you get my messages ,their seems to be no response on this channel ? :)17:20
mithro-iiie, can help you with the register commands17:22
mithro-iiie, can also help you with making the components happy17:22
mithro-(using the watch dog)17:22
mithro-CarlFK, you won't get previews unless the preview box is running and you ssh into it and run the preview capture command17:22
mithro-(preview isn't automatic yet)17:22
mithro-anyway I'm heading to bed17:22
CarlFKmithro-:  yes, all happy.  so thats something to make you sleep better :)17:24
rihnapstorCarlFK:  hi17:25
CarlFKhey rih17:26
*** mithro- has quit IRC17:27
rihnapstorwhy aren't you guys were replying to my messages ?17:27
CarlFKwhat messages?17:27
rihnapstorCarlFK:   actually I was asking for my proposal feedback ?17:28
CarlFKah, I am not officially involved - thats my reason17:28
rihnapstorok :) and what about mithro  ?17:29
rihnapstorhe didn't respond  :)17:29
CarlFKI have been keeping him distracted ;)17:33
rihnapstorok mithro  mithro- is same person ?17:33
aps-sidsrihnapstor, can you add comments on your proposal on SOC website?17:35
rihnapstoraps-sids:  hi ,why should i do so ?17:36
CarlFKyes and yes17:36
aps-sidsi'm asking is it possible to add comments now?17:36
rihnapstoraps-sids:  I think the comment block is for feedback people ?17:37
rihnapstorcan you ask people on #gsoc ? they are policy makers ultimately17:38
Sewaraps-sids: I always had the ability to add comments, and today I can edit the proposal again too17:39
rihenis the access available to all students ? Sewar17:40
SewarI'm just a single student, don't know about others17:40
rihenSewar: have you applied to hardware project I guess17:41
rihenohh then that database EDID one17:41
rihnapstorhow were you able to edit that ?17:42
rihnapstordid you requested  mithro  for that ?17:42
Sewarno, the editing link reappeared today17:44
rihencan I look at your proposal  please Sewar ?17:44
Sewarmaybe he enabled that today17:44
rihenok cool17:45
*** rihen has quit IRC17:51
CarlFKiiie: you around?   (12:22:03 PM) mithro-: iiie, can help you with the register commands17:54
CarlFKI need to go to lunch, either now or in 10 min...17:55
CarlFKbah.. Ill be back in an hour or so.17:55
CarlFKSewar: thanks for the ec2 thing17:55
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rihnapstorSewar:  ?19:28
*** iiie has joined #timvideos20:51
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iiieLet's try that again...21:01
CarlFK>>> ec2.get_all_instances(instance_ids=['i-b59966c7'])[0].instances[0].public_dns_name21:01
CarlFKisn't that beautiful?21:01
iiieCarlFK, sorry, we were leaving the beach house (yeah I know tragic)21:02
iiieWe really need to document some of these; I know I don't remember everything from pycon, we'll see if I took good enough notes -- or notes good enough to let me figure it out.21:02
iiieI'm talking about the register commands21:02
iiieI'm pretty sure they're in tools21:02
CarlFKno worries, I am guessing we are about 4 hours away.. so once tim wakes up21:02
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iiieBack later....23:31
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